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  1. 2900 miles on the bike. Yes, I did start the bike 3 times only for the purpose of the video. The initial startup on the video was after a week since the last startup. Before that thing a month ago it had never struggled. I have to check the things out. I am reading and "listening" carefully to all suggestions.
  2. I have not tried. I am going to run the battery tender now and see if it helps. Thanks!
  3. It started a month ago. I wanted to go to the dealership to have it looked into, but the consultant on the phone said I should "burn the fuel" first and then see. I did that, I filled the tank again at another station (Shell) and this is even getting worse. What do you think it is caused by?
  4. Yesterday I was able to install them without manual. Maybe they are installed correctly. BTW: I picked them up for under $300. Barely used. Complete with one (1) key.
  5. Too much $$$ difference not really justified by advantages.
  6. 2017 FJ here. Originally I had some stability issues. At the 1st service (ca. 600 miles) they adjusted the suspension. Now it is almost gone. Then, back in July, I took a 2018 Tracer for a spin (back in Europe). What a different machine! No stability issues. I rode it at 200+ km/h on an autobahn. No problems at all. And the suspension was set to quite soft (I guess - I am heavy - 195 lbs - European riders are lighter, I guess, so the suspension was set to their average weight). Sincerely considering an upgrade to 2019/20 Tracer (non-GT) after one more year.
  7. Does it make a difference whether I put the thing in from the front / the back? Both mounts have similar "fittings" for the screws/bolts. I think I will get longer (slightly) screws and the thing will work. Somehow.
  8. Yes, the will the mounts fit, you think? I tried but was afraid of cracking them... I canceled the return, will try fitting them tomorrow. But I don't think the mounts will "budge" at all...
  9. And I am returning the handguards to Amazon + requesting the right ones.
  10. Ok, I am finally able to resize/upload the photos. Plus, when I google the KTM parts it shows: https://m.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/ktm-handschuetzer-art-603-02-180-110/1060829486-306-2901 Though, I ordered: 603. - Amazon.com: NEW KTM HANDGUARDS 2015 690 1190 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE ABS ENDURO 6030217910030: Automotive WWW.AMAZON.COM Buy NEW KTM HANDGUARDS 2015 690 1190 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE ABS ENDURO 6030217910030: Handguards - Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible... Amazon seller sent wrong item.
  11. I do not know what is wrong with my KTM handguards and/or my bike. I tried to fit the thing but the mount seems too small for the bike. The part number is 603 02 180 110
  12. Vulcan Classic 900. I changed because: - it was too heavy - riding position was affecting my tailbone area - it was too heavy - it was loud - it was too heavy - it had lots of understeering - it was too heavy - it had no ABS/TC and it was too heavy. Otherwise it was a good bike.
  13. I only purchased the V-Stream. At the lowest position - no buffeting, pleasant ride with some noise. At the highest position - no noise, but an unpleasant "sucking" sensation on my helmet + lots of buffeting. After 3 hrs lowest-position drive - I did like the windshield totally.