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  1. If you have bad surfaces on a regular. The Pirelli scorpion trail 2 have been outstanding tires. Drove through 4.5inch water crossings ( flooded roads) when I got caught in a thunderstorm. No issues at 35mph. Handles gravel well. 45mph b mode 3rd gear all day. They are dual compound. Only had them on in the summer so far. Haven't had an issue with loss of traction. Better than the michelen road 4. Never been on the road 5s.
  2. Welcome. Im over in Lafayette. There is a couple owners in northern Indiana.
  3. Its has quite a bit of support I thought about it. Didn't feel like stuffing a babydoll in the tank bag for nearly 4.5hrs I was on the bike total. And it was 96° outside. To hot humid for those kinda shenanigans. I start at 5am right now. Everyone wouldn't be out to see it.
  4. Bought a new infant seat fot the baby in July. Road curvy roads with it behind me. Hit not legal speeds and pasted alot ppl. Alot of double takes. Done almost 600 miles this new tires, like them alot.
  5. Hit 50mph on the loose gravel roads I live on coming home from work. With the new tires it feels the same as 25 with the stock tires. 40mph is pretty solid.
  6. Is the lettering a safety yellow or green or a mix?
  7. The only 90/10 tires i could find in the right size are the pirelli's i got, bridgestone ae41 and continental trail attack 3. The 17inch front is the limiting factory.
  8. Possibly, im also a type and send while talking to ppl around me person. So words go to the wrong conversation alot
  9. N+1 formula is the one I use for alot of stuff. I have 6 motorcycles. Will be getting ride of a few though
  10. I did NOT install my new tires. Called friday asking the shop about them. They were waiting for the angled vavle stems(supplied is on back order, covid19). Told them I needed them back. Doing 120mile commute right now(covid19 as well). I wasn't available to pick them up Saturday. So I sent the wife. They didn't give the wife my crush drive or my front tire back. So I have to wait till Monday after work to get them. Pissed. I spent extra money at a dealership to have them change the tires instead my self and it was a hassle. First service work I have had there. Only ordered parts before. And they show up in 1-2 days and same price as online. So probably wont do service there again Pirelli scorpion trail II Daughter walked in on the shot and got her shadow.
  11. I was going to order tires this week. I had planned on commuting this coming week though. Im at 8400 miles on stock tires. Not much left they hit the wear bars this week comuting. Doing 120 miles in a day.
  12. Well my ride down to brown county and meet the wife at the inlaws to pick up the daughter didnt go a planed. About 30 miles from the house. On the interstate heard a pop and all of the sudden the bike got wallowey. Pulled over and discovered this. Wife had stopped for gas and was a few mins behind me. She saw me and had to turn around to get me. So we are now heading back to the house to get my truck. Fun day