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    Love the beak.
  2. Been in the new house a year now. Always lived with well water. Never had a new house and some reason ppl dont put filter in the house and just have crappy water and sediment issues. So every house I have owned I have to install them. Well the cheap guy I am, been waiting for a deal like this. Found a under the sink reverse osmosis system for $60 NIB on Facebook Marketplace. So I rode the bike 30 mins east to get it. By far not the largest thing I have ever put on a bike. But the squarest for sure. Lol. Did 75mph no problem.
  3. Had the x-grip now have this. Much better
  4. GIVI Trekker Series GIVIUSA.COM Trekker series - GIVI have ventured into the adventure touring market... 33 for the side and have a 52 for the top box
  5. Sorry to hear it. It always sucks. I would suggest the same as bowlin01. A motor slider would cover and protect at the same time and be replaceable. They are less intrusive then bars or a cage. But I would go with a brand name, that way the plastic inserts can be ordered later and can be found easily.
  6. I have the givi and never hit the bags with my boots. You can seen where they sit on the bike.
  7. Sorry but everyone that hates 3 wheels is a old man who hates anything new. Pull the sticks out of your ass, and get with the times. 3 wheels (outside the nike low numbers) are helping float the failing motorcycle industry in the usa. Look at sales numbers. Brp just launch the Stryker line. Do think they would launch a mass production vechile(im motorcycle terms) with out some research. I live on miles and miles of gravel roads. More roads in this world are not paved than are. And most of the paved roads in the usa are crap and old. Most of the usa (and a good part of the world)has to put there bikes away for the winter season because of road conditions are t safe for 2 wheels. 3 wheels would allow alot more ppl to ride throughout the year. Making a viable mode of transport for more ppl since more contact patch and more stability means a safer ride. With autonomous vechiles coming in the near future(less than a decade), 2 wheels wont be around much longer. A 3 wheel vechile is able to be made nearly 100% autonomous now. 2 wheel will almost never be. multiple Cameras, sensors, vehicle id becons, top down 360 views, not falling over at a stop, controlled braking in emergency situations in bad weather or bad road control are just a few of many issues 2 wheels face for autonomy. Then you have the whole physically disabled bunch( amputees, diseases, age, etc) with a population of over 300 million in the usa there are more ppl than ever who cant have 2 wheels but want something close. Im seriously considering a niken gt right now. But im young and never gave a shit about style and other ppl opinions
  8. Well talked to the dealer, they said the brake light from Yamaha is on back order till may 16th. So wonder if it no a common issue and they have a new part to replace the old one that failed.
  9. Called the Yamaha shop closest to me(over 1hr away). They ordered the part, they should have it next week. Been wanting to add a second brake light on my top box, just havent ordered one yet.
  10. Noticed the other day that my brake light seems off, looked at it today and saw that some of the leds in the brake light are out. Seems odd. So i guess i need to take it in for a warranty claim. Wonder how that works at a different dealership than i bought it. I havent done any electrical mods of than factory Yamaha fj09 heated grips.
  11. Its all in the correct postion. Just went through the whole proscees again to make sure. I can flex the seat by hande on the bike. Thanks. Lol I'm 255 lbs with out gear and 6'1" I order alot of my givi stuf through them. But the seat says tracer so a, no go for me. Thanks for the pic.
  12. Are those 2 piece or one? They website wont load for me
  13. Got my first bit of corners with fj. Notice the factory seat flexes alot under my tall fat ass. So while im moving around the rear tab pops in and out quite a bit. I getting a aftermarket seat. The corbin looks ugly but they are 1 piece, so wondering if it will eliminate the issue. What about the terry or sargent being one piece still do the same? Has anyone else had the issue as well, does an aftermarket seat fix the issue? I keep mine in the high position.