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  1. I hand figured every tank till about 2500 miles and it was always darn close. 0.1 or 0.2 off. so I hand figure rarely now. you say your at 68mph. I'm at 78-80. over 75 I don't get the "eco" mode in the dash to light up no matter the throttle mode.
  2. This is the exact one I ordered. Still a Chinese product, but from a USA basee supplier. That way it only took a few days for shipping. The only instructions are the ones in the lisiting. Says it is only for the '15-'18 years Beak Extension For Yamaha MT-09 Tracer FJ 09 2015-18 Body style Front fender USA Type:Front Beak Extension Fender. For Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Tracer...
  3. With the one I order, i had to remove to the front small phillips screws and replace them with the supplied screws. No drilling. Just finished right before I typed this.
  4. On interstate riding (over 75mph) I get better mpg in "A". less throttle input to get to the same speed. According the the dash read out. Under 60mph things probably change though.
  5. Rode to physical therapy for my bicep tendon surgery. (Came yesterday too for my doctor appointment)
  6. I start and end my day in "B" mode. I live on rough gravel roads so the latten throttle response is good. The intersection where the payment starts I will change to "A" depending if im running late or got a need for speed. If an average day it is in "standard".
  7. Rode the niken gt again. I rode the niken and niken gt in june. I want to buy one, probably will. Went to the indoor rraces Saturday. Rode 7 different bikes sunday. Tan tan 200, niken, versys 650, royal Enfield 650 interceptor and 500 classic, Africa twin dct and lastly a Harley breakout 114. Harley let u take your own route no guided setup. I got real silly with the Harley. That new 114 has so much torque. Did the same route royal enfield does, which was 18mins or so with a guided group. Did it in 8 mins with the Harley. Fun expensive bike.
  8. Take the fj. The h2 se sx, the one with bags sounds like something fun to ride.
  9. Worked at dealership for a while. When you aren't trading in and only selling. They give you nothing. It adds to the sales for inventory. And means cash money(profits) spent on something. not just loan payments on new vechile inventory. Especially if it is a brand they dont carry.
  10. Well I can ride. Plan on heading out Saturday morning. Any one else going?
  11. Funniest take on niken styling yet, for sure.
  12. Any body making to aim expo. Yamaha has a big booth there it seems https://aimexpousa.com/ I would like to make it, but I dont know if I can. I had surgery on my arm at end on August. Will find out this week if I can ride. Never been, listened to podcast of ppl talking about being able to demo every motorcycle from the manufacturers. Would love to ride the niken again. And havent been on the newer tracer to see how much better it is. Thoughts?
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    Love the beak.