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  1. About 3 years ago I decided I only wanted shaft drives on my motorcycles. But the bikes I wanted were chain driven, so I decided to go ahead and get a bike with a chain drive but maintain it like a shaft - meaning minimum maintenance. I put 8000 miles on a Triumph Bonneville and I adjusted that chain once and it was good when I traded it in on my Tracer. I have a KTM Super Duke that now has 5000 miles on it and I have not adjusted that chain, not once. I use PJ1 Blue Label clear wax spray can at about 500 mile intervals. I use Simple Green to wipe off the rear wheel with paper towels at about 500 mile intervals. I am pretty happy with this procedure. It's simple. It's easy. The chain lasts. Modern o-ring chains are indeed low maintenance.
  2. runnerhiker

    Fog lights from SUV to mount on motorcycle

    I have a 90 watt heated liner that I use in the winter, it is not a problem for the charging system on my GT. That would be like 1-1/2 of your lights, my guess is that you are ok if you don't also have other high wattage pieces like a heated liner. Edit add: I could not find the watt spec for the charging system, but I found that the plug for the optional heated seat is 7.5 amps or 90 watts, so you should be fine with a 120 watt light system.
  3. runnerhiker

    fJ09 bang for the buck

    I also have a '17 Super Duke R, parked next to my Tracer 900 GT. It's a great bike, enjoy your SD GT! Check out this forum: https://www.ktmforums.com/forums/
  4. runnerhiker

    GT Corbin Seat are coming!

    And I have confirmed that the '15 Tracer seat does not fit the GT.
  5. From what I can tell, Michelin has the best reputation on motorcycle tires and they are able to charge a premium price. And I have had some PR's and they are very good. But I usually get Dunlop RoadSmart 3 because they work just as well for me and are about 20% cheaper.
  6. runnerhiker

    Locations with names

    That's what I do
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    Oh no! What happened here?
  8. runnerhiker

    Which scanner ?????????

    Is a scanner the same as a diagnostic tool? To read faults recorded by the ECU? Just curious, I have no info to add here.
  9. runnerhiker

    replacing grips on 900 gt

    Ditto my experience with Grip Puppies. However, on my Tracer GT I am thinking of going with Grip Buddies Smartskin Lite because they'll be easier to install and they are not as thick as the Grip Puppies, which on this bike I would prefer thinner puppies. originalgripbuddies.com
  10. runnerhiker

    GT niggles?

    I forgot one important plus for the RS - electronically adjusted suspension. I can vary the preload and dampening with the press of a button.
  11. runnerhiker

    GT niggles?

    I am 5'-10" with a 32" inseam and standard length sleeves on shirts and jackets. The RS handlebar grips are further forward and lower than the GT, I put 1.5" risers on the RS (and 1" closer to me) and the GT grips are still closer to me for a more straight up riding position. The pegs on the RS are a little more forward than the GT. I consider these ergonomics differences minor, basically, in the RS the torso leans forward a few degrees and in the GT it seems the torso is straight up. The RS is more bike, for the situation you mentioned, I would choose the RS.
  12. runnerhiker

    GT niggles?

    RS is better at: engine power and torque, wind protection, stability at highway speeds, has a shaft drive, larger panniers, TPMS, self cancelling turn signals, 3 year warranty, GPS control at handlebar wheel works very well, quick shifter is up & down, the control buttons layout on the handlebar cluster is excellent (no desire for any design changes). The GT is better at: $7,000 less although it doesn't have all the features the RS has, I like the TFT instrument better, smoother shifting transmission, it's 95% as good as the RS in anything the RS is better. Not a pro or a con, but the character of the engines are really different. I like revving the GT engine better than revving the RS when I am riding fast. And believe it or not, I like running low RPM's on the GT better when I am just plodding along. And the power of the GT seems about 90% as good as the RS even though it's 105 HP vs 125 HP. Let me know if there is something specific you'd like for me to say more about.
  13. runnerhiker


    The FJ and MT are listed at cycle-ergo but the Tracer GT is not listed yet.
  14. runnerhiker

    GT Corbin Seat are coming!

    I am thinking the same way. I am not getting a seat until I have strong evidence that it does not tilt forward.
  15. runnerhiker

    High Speed Wobble

    Perplexing indeed. Get the normal Road Attack 3 now and keep the current RA3GT as a spare.