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  1. I also vote for Dunlop Roadsmart 3 with similar experience to Kingfisher. I've had two sets of Michelin PR's with excellent results but they are more expensive than the Dunlops.
  2. I think you should ride the bike for a few weeks before going for a screen. I had a similar first experience as yours on the demo ride and the first few rides so I ordered the Yamaha touring screen. But the Yamaha touring screen was not much different and after about 1000 miles I put the OEM screen back and I have forgotten that I didn't like it at first - I can't really explain why it turned out this way for me, after all the touring screen is much larger. Bottom line, if you must try another screen, try something other than the Yamaha screen.
  3. BMW plug = Powerlet I agree with chitown, I have used powerlet many times in the past but currently I prefer a coaxial pigtail, with a 15 amp fuse. The location of the pigtail here is perfect for heated liners, as well as the battery tender.
  4. No, don't alter the outlet. If you try to get 15 amps through an 8 amp circuit, you will blow a fuse. If you want to run an air compressor, install a pigtail directly to the battery and run the compressor from there.
  5. I have 4500 miles on my GT now and the handlebar buzz is less than when new. I had a 2008 FJR that also got smoother as the miles piled on. Do a search for Grip Buddies, they are like open ended Grip Puppies that make for an easy installation on a bike with hand guards --> one end has velcro/tape that sticks to the grips, the other end has Velcro. Clean the grips, attach one end, wrap the Puppies around the grip, secure with velcro, and done. SMARTSKIN™ OGB-AC-SS High Quality American Made, Foam Rubber Neoprene Aftermarket...
  6. Fred, what you wrote is exactly my experience. OEM not good, Yamaha Comfort better but not good enough, and not sold on Corbin. I have had three Corbin seats and liked two of them and sold the third one. The one I didn't like was a one piece seat that replaced the two piece rider and passenger. That's why I am reluctant to get the Corbin for the GT, like you, I think it will move me back too far. The two Corbins I liked were a rider seat only on an FJR and on a BMW R1200, those were good. The GT seats I've seen all lean forward and push me towards the tank, this happens because of the narrow front of the seat to reach the ground on this tall bike. When Sargent comes out with their seat, or when Corbin comes out with a single rider seat, I might go for one of those. In the meantime, the Yamaha comfort seat is just barely good enough.
  7. I have three bikes, the other two have up/down quick shift. When I get on my Tracer, I have to keep reminding myself that it doesn't have down QS. I have gotten used to it and I like it, if I could make all my bikes work the same, I would be willing to spend some money to do that.
  8. I am very interested in the cruise control mod where it works in all gears. What about modifying the quick shifter to work on downshifts also? Does anybody know if this is possible? Or done by Ivan or anyone else?
  9. I am at 4,000 miles on my D222 and I'll probably run them to 6,000 miles. They are adequate, they get the job done, good enough that I won't discard them early for better tires. I live in Colorado, near lots of curvy roads, my chicken strips are about the thickness of a plain yellow lead pencil, not the lead, the whole pencil. I am not good enough to slide the tires in a curve. And I am not crazy enough to go down. I cannot claim to be a good judge of what a sticky tire does, but confidence is in the mind. If I have confidence in a tire, I will push it more.
  10. He is being pretty hard on the dealer, yet, he damaged the bike, the dealer did not.
  11. Lots of good tires available today. I have used PR4's with great results, but my favorite are Dunlop Roadsmart for great price/performance. I've never tried Shinko, but I see your point, no sense in changing what has worked for you in the past.
  12. I worked in the petrochemical industry for many years, product transfer across all boundaries of the industry are measured very precisely, all parties involved are interested in accuracy. At the gas pump, the state's agencies are the last link in the chain and they protect the consumer by checking pumps. It's not just a matter of catching bad actors, but bad actors are severely punished.
  13. I have had numerous vehicles with instantaneous and average mpg calculations and displays, cars and motorcycles. ALL of the average readings are optimistic, all of them, usually by 10%. My 900 GT is also 10% optimistic, it reads 55 mpg and my calculations are 50 mpg. That's the way it is.
  14. I also have a Kendon trailer, I can't quite see where you're tying down the front of the bike, I want to know. Please describe or post a picture.