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  1. I bought my Tracer GT last August, seven months ago, and I have zero regrets. I have not owned any previous iteration of this bike - no FJ 09 nor MT, etc. So I can't give you the comparison you are asking for. But this Tracer GT has a lot of equipment for $13k, I think it is very much worth it, and I think a more satisfying bike than putting $4k into your FJ-09. I would buy the new GT.
  2. I wear earplugs when I ride, do it all the time, I don't like the wind noise. On any bike, with any helmet, with any shield. So the bottom line is that I can't help you, I don't hear it on my Tracer GT with either the OEM shield or the Yamaha Touring shield.
  3. I get around 52 mpg, the computer shows around 57 mpg, it's 10% optimistic. I get the low fuel light around 200 miles per tank. I ride solo, with panniers, no top box, and probably average 60 mph in the Colorado canyon roads and county roads. Given your conditions, you will get less mpg and fewer miles per tank, or you tolerance to running to empty is greater than mine.
  4. yammi What country are you in? I don't see that GPS mount listed in the USA site. I am using a RAM mount but that bracket you showed in your picture looks like a very nice setup.
  5. I don't see any problems moving the fork legs up and down. I do see a lack of mentioning pluses and minuses. If you move them up you improve "this" but you make "that" worse. There is no doubt in my mind that you get both when moving the forks up. nhcris, I would suggest changing your question to add, if I were to raise the forks, what improves and what gets worse? I am sorry I can't add more details about the good vs bad, I don't have the experience and knowledge on this topic to expand.
  6. I also run a heated liner (torso and arms) plus gps, no problems. BTW, Yamaha sells an accessory heated seat with about the same power requirement as my liner + gps. Just to give some supporting data.
  7. Removing the peg feeler on the left side worked for me. Easy fix.
  8. I think we are very lucky today to have so many fine motorcycles to consider: the Tracer GT, the FJR, the Kawi Versys, KTM SuperDuke GT, and on and on. I could just keep adding to this list. But there is no substitute for our own personal feel, I would not buy any bike today without a test ride first. Before this Versys SE LT+ came out and before I got my Tracer GT, I test rode the Ninja H2 SX SE, fantastic bike! Fantastic engine! Fantastic electronics! But the ergonomics were a deal breaker for me, something I could not fully appreciate just by sitting on it in the showroom floor. I hesitate to ask for a test ride on the new Versys SE LT+, it is bigger and more expensive than my GT, it's uglier too. But I suspect that the engine will be smoother and more powerful than the GT, anytime I feel that temptation coming over me, I take my GT for a ride and remember all over again what a fine overall bike it is, and how lightweight and how much satisfying power Yamaha is able to get out of that 850cc triple.
  9. Ted, I put 30k miles on a 2008 FJR and I now have 4K miles on my 2019 Tracer GT. If you are riding solo, the Tracer GT is a viable bike, it will work for your intended purpose. Go and test ride one before you make a decision. The GT is definitely smaller, lighter, easier to manhandle, and sportier. The up quick shifter is a great feature you will learn to love while sport riding. Modern o-ring chains are almost maintenance free, the FJR gets a slight advantage for upkeep with the shaft drive. The FJR has a slightly longer gas tank range with that huge gas tank, but the GT gets much better mileage (premium gas) and it might only be 20 or 30 miles fewer per tank than the FJR. The ergonomics of the GT are fairly upright with lots of leg room, maybe even roomier than the FJR. I didn't like the OEM seat on either bike and purchased aftermarket seat; the biggest problem with the GT seat is that it tilts forward pushing me into the tank: I didn't like that at all. The OEM bags are the same on both except the GT has smaller lids that reduce capacity a little bit. Yamaha does not recommend using both the panniers and the tail trunk on the GT, I believe there are people that ignore that advice and do both w/o any known problems, you are on your own on that one. As you probably already know, the FJR is available with electronically adjustable suspension and the GT is not, that is a non issue for me, your opinion might vary, I am going to throw another one at you. I think you should consider the new 2019 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT+. It pretty much falls in between the FJR and GT in size, weight, and engine displacement. I bought my GT in August 2018, but if I were buying today, I would ride the Versys and GT back to back and pick the one with the best engine and ergonomics for me. The GT is a little buzzy and 850cc displacement works quite well, but it is not a 1050cc inline four like the Versys. The GT is $5k less money but the Versys has comparable features to the $18k FJR ES. If there is something about the GT and FJR I have not mentioned but you would like to know, just ask.
  10. I confirmed this the hard way: I ordered an FJ seat for my 2019 Tracer and it did not fit. I got a refund but I had to pay to ship it back.
  11. I have used this for many years with great success. I get to ride year round here in Colorado, the sun never gets very high in the winter and this sun blocker is indispensable. Mine has never fallen off.
  12. I would be interested in one, if and when they come out with one. Here is my Tracer seat on an FJ09, you can conclude that the JF09 seat is too long for the Tracer.
  13. Yes, these work, I have a set.
  14. Yes, I have these Kathy's liners. They are made for the FJR, but however "too large" that they might be, it's not noticeable. They work. I suppose the only warning might be that one should not fill them up while unmounted. I like them, they are well made, they are good value for the money, and they work.