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  1. I've been using Maxpedition duffels, a smaller one for day to day and a larger one as needed for trips. The Soloduffel (pictured on bike) is 22L, converts to a shoulder bag (it is 2 point or 3 point, one strap over the shoulder and another that can attach to that strap at the waist for more stability - easy on/off). The Unterduffel is 38L, converts to a backpack. I also got the raincover for it and it has successfully withstood some downpours. With the carabiner bungees looped under the seat and another set over the protruding pillion handles, it is a very quick and easy on/off. Undo the front carabiners and it slides right off the back.
  2. Is a pair required? One for the left, one for the right?
  3. These LEDs have the hyper flashing problem. While I understand how a resistor would fix that problem, and it seems the simplest to install, it is also undesirable IMO. I'd rather not have the energy go straight to heat in a resistor if I don't have to. For example it'll just chew through the battery faster if the hazards are on while the engine is off. How does one install a relay to fix this problem? any good instructions, and any preferred relays?
  4. I installed the Proton 500 Flushmounts. The website lists them as a fit for the FJ-09, the Tracer 900 (GT) is not listed. Indeed they are flush, small and *bright*. I do have the concern that because of new signal position on the T900, below the "fold" of the side panel (compared to the FJ-09 which placed them above the fold, as was discussed some here), these are now nearly invisible from dead on in front of the bike. They hide behind the front of the side panel. The GIFs are not to time scale (they flash faster). Also, the off state is misleading because the running lights are dimmer by having a fast strobe, not visible to the eye but the camera catches the true off state. Not sure what to do with this. Aesthetically OK, and I can now sneak the bike around the back end of the car into the garage without scratching the car with the bulbous signal. But it is not 100% satisfactory from a safety perspective. I'd rather have the signal in the old FJ-09 location. Does an FJ-09 side panel fit on a T900?
  5. There is a little computer in there. It is trivial for the program to have a small calibration table adjust for the odd fuel container shape. I consider this about the most annoying thing about the motorcycle (after fixing the foot peg crowding problem), because it asserts itself with every ride. It's also impossible to upgrade. Yes, one can work around it. Not bad for a "most annoying thing".
  6. It's not that hard to find on the Yamaha website. 2PP-F84G0-V0-00 https://www.shopyamaha.com/product/details/hard-saddlebag-mounts?b=Search&ls=yamaha-motor-company
  7. Ride on over to San Diego with the wind screen, I'll hand you the cash, and we can head up to Mt Palomar.
  8. Sorry, I don't know the part number. I went to Fun Bike Center (dealer in San Diego) and talked to someone in the parts department, who ordered them for me.
  9. I've exchanged emails and a phone call with them. They said they've been having problems with the website since Friday. I made the order on the phone. Funny that you guys can get through. I've added my work laptop to the mix of devices that don't work for me. Somehow my account must be screwed up. I set up the account Sunday, during their claimed web site problems, so maybe it was corrupted.
  10. Failure on both desktop (Windows/Firefox/Time Warner) and smartphone (Android/Chrome/Verizon) leave me pretty sure it can't be my end. All I can think now is that it is my account (started Sunday) at TT which is corrupted.
  11. I can't find it. It is not on page 4-24, the only place referenced in the index. On page 4-11 the display is described and it says "If a problem is detected in the quick shift system, this indicator will turn off and the quick shift system will be unavailable." Nothing about operator shut off. When I read the manual, my understanding was that it can't disabled, and I was surprised. I was looking for it, but it is still possible that I missed it if it is not indexed.
  12. OK, this sounds nuts but is anyone able to use the Twisted Throttle website to buy anything? I've been trying for the last 30 hours. I can't load the cart or the checkout pages, I just get a completely white blank page. That's on a Windows machine with Firefox. I've restarted Firefox, rebooted, tried Windows Explorer, and disabled aspects of the firewall. All the same. Then I tried on my Android phone, Chrome browser, connected to Verizon Wireless (bypassing our home Time Warner ISP) and got the same result. A completely blank white page. No ability to check on the cart or checkout. So, I finally decided on the MRA Sport Screen for the bike. But Twisted Throttle appears to be the only distributor for the US. I've never used TT before.
  13. I went for a ride yesterday (Sunday), from Scripps Ranch to Idyllwild and back. As I approached Ramona east bound on SR-67, I swear I saw my bike's twin going the other way. Was it you?
  14. How in heck would one figure that out? Great tip.
  15. Glad you enjoyed, but mostly glad you survived!!