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  1. So one persistent niggle I have about this bike is the front turn signals. I don't mind the non-LED pumpkins as much as others, but I don't like how low they are and how far they stick out. They are almost as wide (30") as the handlebars (33") but significantly lower, giving another thing to worry about when passing through tight spots. I dislike it aesthetically, it's been pointed out they'd break right off in an over, and I find them awkward sneaking my bike around the rear end of my car in the garage. Unfortunately I scratched the car with these a few times before I really got the hang of it; it is still a slow awkward creep into the garage. Never an issue with my prior (smaller) bike. Too illustrate, I did a quick and dirty photoshop job sourced from here. I prefer the modified look. I am not likely try something like that, but I was wondering if anyone tried a flush mount signals like these at Revzilla (but maybe DOT compliant?) and had it work out well, aesthetically and visibly. Something that sticks out less.
  2. How many horsepower does that two-wheeler have?
  3. you say tomottow, i say tomorrow ... 🎶
  4. Anti-fog would be good. I have pinlock, and the face shield never fogs but my glasses do. I've used Cat Crap on my glasses with limited success. If I leave the filmy mess on the lenses it helps a little bit, but not 100%. The glasses sales-lady said anti-fog coatings also require some kind of periodic application and don't work much better than Cat Crap. I'd definitely be interested if people have other more successful experiences with anti-fog for glasses.
  5. Not sure if you are referring to Yamaha parts for the side cases, or after market. I have installed the side case supports for the 2018 FJ-09 on the 2019 T900GT successfully. It works out perfectly for the 2019 T900GT side cases, and it improves the horrendous foot crowding problem of the stock T900GT given the pilot foot peg to passenger foot peg distance. It changes the pilot's foot clearance from ~7.5" to ~9". IMO that is still a little crowded, but I expect I'll get used to it with my US 9 size feet. I can get on the balls of my feet now. I may leave it with no passenger foot pegs, or add 2018 FJ-09 passenger pegs, or even try FZ-09 pegs.
  6. This might well fix the issue for me. I went for a brief 15 minute ride (before the rains we expect in San Diego today), and while there could be a little more room I think this is at a level where I would just get used to it. 2018 FJ-09 passenger foot pegs could be installed over these, but would still result in some reduction of pilot foot room since they'd fill up the outside of those brackets. I don't carry a passenger, I don't give a hoot about passenger comfort, but it does seem like a useful thing for emergencies. So I was thinking of seeing if the FZ-09 passenger foot pegs could be installed over these side case brackets. We'll see.
  7. The stays end up in the same place and support the side cases. Looks like no problems to me. Here are some pix with the side cases on. 2019 T900GT side cases with the 2018 FJ-09 side case brackets.
  8. Of course this is a riding style thing, some won't mind at all, but it really bothers me that I am not able to move my feet around. I find it a rather nutty design by Yamaha. So, two major things have happened since my last post. 1. I bought the bike! Eyes wide open, with full knowledge that I had to do something about the foot situation. 2. I tried out the previous mentioned idea ... 2018 FJ-09 side case bracket (with or without the actual FJ-09 passenger foot pegs, at the moment I don't have them) It works! and it buys about 1.5 inches.
  9. I am looking for the older FJ-09 set up. But you are making legit connections ... I am really wondering if I could use the FJ-09 side case bracket mounted directly to the Tracer 900 GT frame and remove the T900GT passenger foot pegs altogether. I have posts on the T900GT subforum about how the passenger foot pegs crowd the rider pegs and make the bike a no-go for me. Trying to figure out a solution giving my feet enough room and keeping the side-cases. I never do two-up riding.
  10. Say texscottyd, could you please also show a picture where the side case bracket mounts to the frame, and how that relates to the passenger foot peg bracket mount to the frame? I am trying to visualize how the side-case bracket could be attached to the same holes (I assume) without moving the foot-peg bracket.
  11. Thanks for your reply and helpful pictures. I am amused that your avatar picture is of exactly the structures in question!
  12. I am looking for the instructions for installation of the OEM side cases for the FJ-09. In particular, for the support bracket. The specific question I want to answer is: can the side case support bracket be installed if the passenger foot pegs are removed? Or does the case bracket need to attach to the foot peg bracket?
  13. So far I haven't bought the bike simply because of this issue. In fact, I recycled the whole list of bikes I've thought of (Versys 1000 LT, Ducati MS 950, Triumph Tiger 800,...). My initial parameters, with "fun" presumed as a given, were simple: <500lbs, >90HP, and reliable with readily available parts. I've gone in a circle and come back to the Tracer 900 GT. So I have an idea. Can I use the FJ-09 side case bracket and then either an FJ-09 or FZ-09 passenger foot peg? Does anyone know if these will fit? From pictures, it looks like the FJ-09 side case bracket mounts directly to the subframe, not the rider foot peg bracket, is that correct? If so then it looks like it should work. Then FJ-09 passenger foot pegs would be a compromise (more rider space, moderate passenger), or FZ-09 would be maximum rider space and minimum passenger space (but still able to take a passenger in a pinch).
  14. Can you explain this some more? Do you have a link to the accessory you are talking about? I can't find anything like this. Thanks!