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  1. Also seems significant that it is a 1250! They gave it a name from cubic cm instead of cubic inches! It is like entering the 21st century (or really, the 20th century for most of the world).
  2. It is definitely interesting. This is one I'd really like to see available for rent from Eagle Rider. If wide spread at ER, it could finally give a chance for a decent ST rental at the 100-200 USA locations of Eagle Rider. It could be an exciting development.
  3. I think I wouldn't have expected Texas to freeze and go dark in February!
  4. Hmm ... perusing old posts, comparing PNW weather with Texas weather in mid-February.
  5. @Rhino177Well, it was worth a shot. Someone out there must want to provide a new home for the screen! I've enjoyed the wind with a wee Puig. I don't have a naked alternative to take out in the San Diego back country in August ...
  6. Not a great picture but you see it here. Left is OEM, middle is MRA Sport, right is Puig Racing. I have settled on the Puig. My experience as I've move to smaller screens is that the screen has to be large enough to send the air over your helmet, or short enough that you get clean air on the helmet. Nothing in the middle has worked for me. The Puig is just about right for my 5'11.5" frame. Even that one, I could see it being a wee bit better if it were .5-1" shorter. Many discussions of screens on this forum. One suggestion that is often made is remove the screen and try it out.
  7. I have the MRA Sport wind screen for sale. we're close, you could take it for a test ride. I'm in Scripps Ranch. 🙂
  8. Wait a minute ... the Salish Sea, Salish900. What's going on here?
  9. When I replaced my MRA Sport with the Puig Racing, I took this picture. You can see the relative sizes. Left: OEM (2018 T900GT) Center: MRA Sport Right: Puig Racing
  10. FOR SALE! MRA Sport Wind Screen, for the Yamaha Tracer 900 (or 900GT). In good shape, no scratches or damage, but does have about 1 year and 8000 miles of use on it, and the associated stubborn bug splat residuals. $70 plus shipping ($150 new from Twisted Throttle in July 2019).
  11. I have the Puig Racing smoke, and I recommend the black. I have concluded that the main thing is the screen be either tall enough to put you in the bubble, or short enough to put you in the clean moving air. The bad thing is to be in the middle, with the helmet in the turbulent transition zone. The Puig Sport is short enough to put my 5'11.5" frame in the clean air if I sit up straight. If I slouch, I get some turbulence on my chin, but still better than my prior experiences (stock, then MRA Sport). If any screen actually provides a smooth transition zone (between the still bubble and the clean moving air), I'd love to know. I suspect that a compact transition zone is the best that aerodynamics can really achieve. At least make the turbulent area small.
  12. Welcome, and hello from San Diego!
  13. Our clothes drier came with our house when we bought it in 1999, and I think it must be original from 1978 or so. It keeps ticking. Our LG clothes washing machine is only 7 or so years old, and already had a clutch failure a couple years ago. In a fit of stubbornness, my wife bought and installed a new clutch assembly (the repair man said it wasn't worth it to fix it), and the thing is still running. I didn't help much at all, just brawn when she needed more muscle. She's resourceful when she sets her mind to it.
  14. I can explain the cheap front tire, at least. He intends to make this more dirt worthy and sort of an adventure bike for dirt roads and light trails. I don't know what all he intends to do to make this a more dirty bike - it is not really a dual sport and I made that clear, it has a 17" cast front wheel, etc. But he had no interest in a street front tire. If I got a Michelin Road 5 (my usual) he'd have just torn it off with only a few hundred miles on it. The tire was a loss for me in the deal. But I considered it the price I paid for the fun delivery and fond farewell.
  15. I used Dynaplug ropes once without success. Must have put 5 in there, it still wouldn't hold air. I may have been unlucky. i ended up getting a tow home. I then got the Stop and Go mushroom style. I carry both with me. I'll try the mushrooms first, if that does work then the strings. But I haven't had the second opportunity to try. Almost 50,000 miles now in 5+ years, one flat (knock on wood). Curious, what is a miles per flat ya'll seem to get?