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  1. I see. I meant to say engine brake and then pull the clutch in.
  2. I normally disengage the clutch around 3k, then it starts doing the whole stuttering thing as the bike slows down
  3. Definitely not an expert myself, but like you said - it still happens when I engine brake with the clutch pulled in. Braking feels fine at higher speed. I will still look at the rotors just to be sure, but would be surprised if this was the issue
  4. It has always done this since the day I bought it. An ECU flash is on my to-do list.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a 2017 Fj-09 with 6400 miles. Every time I engine brake or use front brake to a stop, bike stutters (almost like stalling - jerking forward and backward) at low speed with the clutch pulled in. This can be alleviated or resolved either by feathering or totally releasing the brake. Doesn't happen with neutral. Bike runs ok otherwise. Anyone has any suggestions?