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  1. The place is absolutely AWESOME. Allow 2 full days if you really want to see "all". The grounds are also very impressive......
  2. Too bad those turn signals are so crazy expensive! 😌
  3. Just ordered up all the parts to do this on my new ride.......an EXCELLENT thread! Thanks to all 👍
  4. I have used the Yamaha branded ones on a couple of bikes now, and they work perfectly. One of the first things I ordered for my "new to me" 2019 Tracer 900 but unfortunately they are currently on National backorder (or so my dealer said).
  5. I would love to add cruise to my 2019 Tracer 900 (non GT)....... hoping this really works! 😎
  6. $1.65 to $1.80 a gallon here in West Michigan as well...............I tell everyone it's a GREAT time to own an F-150! 😎
  7. SAD sign of the times, thanks for posting!😩
  8. Come to Michigan, USA Stew.....you will probably feel right at home! 🤥 Thanks daboo for sharing the pics. I too would like to ride out your way. Only been to the PNW once and Crater Lake was the high point of that car ride!
  9. Here ya go..... Dans' Adventure Cycle 362 Snowy Owl Lane Fairbanks, Ak. 99712 (907)457-4259 dans40xc@hotmail.com My riding bud and I used him for new front tires and LOF this past June on our epic 11,000 mile round trip from Michigan on our FJR 1300's. Dan knows his stuff and was very fair on the labor. Highly recommended!
  10. Was there earlier this year on my FZ-10......no place like it!
  11. Never say never on the "last bike". I said that about my Gen2 VMax, and that was 3 bikes ago! 8-)