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  1. Where did you get the gold chain? And did I see you mention before that you added two links when changing to the plus 2 rear sprocket?
  2. I'm about to turn over 18,000 miles on my bike and the chain still seems to be okay.
  3. I've had mine for a year and a half and have not seen another one in that time here in central North Carolina. When I picked it up in Charlotte it was the only one they had on the floor, don't know if they had any more in the back.
  4. I've been using one for almost a year and I agree it is a great phone mount that easily and securely holds your phone without the need for special phone cases.
  5. I can reccomend this mount, easy one handed mounting and removal of the phone and a secure grip that allows you to use it in either horizontal or vertical orientation. After losing an expensive phone on the highway because of a cheap mount, I bought this Tackform mount and have been very pleased with it. Wish that I had gotten it to start with.
  6. Learned to ride on an old Triumph 650 back in 1974. It was one my brother bought from someone when he was in Air Force. It was a raggedy old piece of junk, some previous owner had tried to make a "chopper" out of it. Had extended forks and a tiny little fiberglass fuel tank. Kick start only, with the primer buttons on the carbs, rear brake pedal on the left and gear shift on the right. Some kind of electrical problem where it would misfire and bog down around 4500 rpms then pick up and run fine past 5000.
  7. Holding the throttle steady and tapping the brake pedal works good to disengage the cruise control. I tried the long button hold to see if I got the 5 mph change and it doesn't work with mine. I have the original McCruise switch.
  8. Here's how I mounted mine on my Givi bars. I got a cheap set off of Amazon and couldn't get the clamps to hold tight enough so I made my own clamps. As you can see I have them mounted high and forward, 2and3cylinders on this forum has some mounted on the lower part of the bars which would put them probably 8 to 10 inches forward of the stock pegs and about on the same level. I might have to give that position a try sometime.
  9. No software adjustment, the instructions that come with it will tell you how to turn it on after you get it installed.
  10. I have a 2017 FJ also, just recently bought the Yamaha quick shifter off of Amazon. It was approximately $147 with free shipping. The 2017 model does have a connector under the back of the fuel tank just waiting for you to plug your new quick shifter in. Makes for a very easy installation.
  11. Kudos to captainscarlet for his write up on this installation. I finally installed my K-tech Razor today after putting it off for a couple of months. The captains technique was ok for removing the original shock, but there was no way I was going to be able to "fiddle" that front bolt into place. I couldn't even get the front of the shock to go into position. I finally gave in and removed the fuel tank. That made all the difference! Actually had room to get in there and place the bolt and tighten it up.
  12. It really shines when you're accelerating hard, don't let off of the throttle at all and it will be some of the smoothest shifting you've ever done!
  13. I'm not aware of what is involved with fitting it on the earlier models. I was thinking it just required a modification of the reflash, but I guess you don't have the the spare plug just waiting to be used. I only got to try it a bit yesterday...and I liked it!! Like everyone says you don't "need" it, but it does make some smooth, fast almost unnoticeable shifts on my bike.
  14. What did you guys get your bike for Valentines day? I put a new Yamaha quick shifter on my 2017 FJ09. 😁