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  1. Made this stainless pad to give the side stand a bigger footprint. It has a little bit of swivel to let it adjust to different angles. And as an extra benefit it makes a neat swivel point for swinging the bike around on the side stand if you want to make a quick turnaround.
  2. I did this today. I know it looks a little dorky, but even though I like my Corbin seat it is slippery and has a little forward slope that had me constantly fighting sliding forward, instead of sitting comfortably in the big butt pocket. I wanted to build the front up a little to get rid of the forward slope, so I got this 20" x 20" sheepskin car seat pad from Amazon for only $26 and folded the front 5" back under to thicken up the front section. A little trimming, and sewing on some retaining straps and this is what I wound up with. It doesn't really make the seat any softer, but it definitely got rid of the sliding around and the forward slope. I like the way it sits now.
  3. I just checked and see that you are already on the map.
  4. Welcome darkfyre! Fellow North Carolinian here. Plenty of mod suggestions and farkling to be found here! Be sure and pin yourself on the member map. I keep looking to see if our little cluster of 9 members in NC has grown.
  5. I have one in pristine condition $40 plus shipping and it's yours. PM if interested.
  6. I finally got around to putting my rear LED turn signals on today. I had installed the front ones a few weeks ago. The rear ones were a lot more trouble, then I accidentally shorted two wires which blew the fuse and took out half the LED's on the two front signals. An expensive mistake, now I have to spend another $62 to replace the front ones again! 😥 Here's some pics that show the rear ones versus one of the fronts. I also did away with the reflectors on the rear that stuck out so far past the license plate. I think I'm one of the few on here that actually likes the "flying" tail light assembly, I have no interest in using a tail tidy.
  7. Yeah, seeing @betoney comments about them is what convinced me to give them a try.
  8. I only have experience with the Madstad windscreen, but I love mine. I've commuted with it all winter and it does an excellent job of blocking wind and turbulence. I got the dark smoke 24 inch. Their mount allows you to adjust both height and angle. It does such a good job I'm thinking about getting some kind of smaller screen for the hotter summer months so I can ride a little cooler. But first I guess I can try changing the angle and height to see if that will suffice. My bike is also the Galaxy blue.
  9. Welcome, I got the 2017 model too! I'm sure you will enjoy it. Be careful visiting this forum, these guys will entice you into making all kinds of changes and modifications Haha! Before you know it you will be dropping another 1 to 3 thousand into this bike! The 17 model came in White or Galaxy Blue which did you get?
  10. They are hand guards for a 650 Vstrom. They aren't a direct fit , takes a little modification to make them work. I like them, they fit very close to the hands and provide decent coverage and excellent clearance to the wind screen.
  11. I've not really had any complaint with handle bar vibrations, but I did replace the hand guards and made some heavy stainless steel bar ends with a step down that keeps the transition from grip to bar end from being so extreme.
  12. I've seen people on here saying that unless your turn signals have 3 wires you can't use them as running lights. When I recently hooked up my new CNC Racing front turn signals I cut the connectors off the original signals and soldered them onto the new signal wires. I connected the red wire from the new signal to the blue wire on the Yamaha connector, then you have to pick one of the other two wires to connect to. I guess I got lucky with the one I picked because the new signals come on as running lights and blink as turn signals. I was surprised because from what I had read on this forum I wasn't expecting it to work that way. So if yours don't work as running lights try hooking it up to the other wire.
  13. Finally got around to installing my Evotech radiator guard and the CNC Racing LED turn signals.
  14. The Givi crash bar makes a nice handle to grab hold of to assist with the lift onto the center stand.