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  1. I bought my GT late Oct 2018 and traded it off in Aug 2019 with 34,400 kms (21,400 miles). One front tire and two rear, plus a chain and sprocket kit.
  2. The edit button disappeared from my original ad, so please note this update. The service manual is SOLD. Many other parts still available.
  3. Wow Mingo, that’s a smoking deal considering I got $9000 for my used GT with 35k on it. $9500 CDN is about $7100 US. This does bring to light how difficult it is to sell a Tracer in Ontario, our insurance rates have really killed a lot of sales of sport bikes. I was paying 50% surcharge and about double the rate of my SuperTenere. I enjoyed riding the GT for 8 months but the cost of insurance and the PITA chain drive took the fun out of it. I have some parts and accessories in the for sale section....... shameless plug!
  4. I've updated my ad with lower prices. Thanks for looking.
  5. I’m enroute to AZ now. I have the lids and manual with me and hope to sell them over the winter but will bring them north in April if you want. Email gardar@wightman .ca to discuss further.
  6. Traded my GT in august, it’s for sale at Stratford Cycle in case anyone is looking. Great bike and lots of fun but fed up with chain drive. Accessories listed in the for sale section.
  7. Still closed as of last week when I rode by.
  8. They will not, unless you also use rear footpeg mounts from 2015-17.
  9. The Tracer has the top saddle bag mounts moulded into the rear bodywork. You still need to buy the lower mounting brackets. Stock FJR panniers and city bags will then fit directly on.
  10. I agree completely, my DCT after 6000 kms of wrist-pain-free riding.
  11. I have hand and wrist issues as well (arthritis) and recently traded my Tracer for a DCT. During the negotiations with the Honda dealer I offered my bike with or without my accessories and asked him to quote me a price both ways. The quotes were identical, no allowance for my accessories. So I removed my carefully selected and meticulously installed bits and did the deal, parts are listed in the for sale section. All the best to OP with surgery and possibly bike trade.
  12. Mostly Tracer accessories, some will fit other models FZ, FJ, XSR 900. Specific to Tracer....... Yamaha luggage rack/trunk mount SOLD California Scientific medium windscreen $140 Yamaha factory service manual SOLD Fits Tracer and other models ....... Yamaha brake pad set, new never opened $75 Chinese rubber top driver footpegs SOLD Givi BF23 tank bag ring $10 Tusk bar risers 25mm $10 Cycle Guys Fastpack rear seat luggage pack $15 Yamaha FJR saddlebag lids, with hinges and latches SOLD Fits FJ, FZ, XSR, Yamaha chain and sprocket kit, 110 links, 16t, 45t $175 - chain 94582-31110, sprocket 5ps-17460-00, sprocket 1rc-25445-00 All prices in USA dollars excluding shipping. I plan to be in Arizona Nov 1 to April 1 so shipping from USA until April. For Canadian buyers I will carry items to Canada in the spring and ship then to avoid duty and broker fees.
  13. I have the little plastic tool pouch under the seat, it has the helmet lock cable and one 12&14 open end wrench in it. Is there supposed to be any other tools in the pouch? I do have the Allen key, screwdriver bit and handle attached to the seat.
  14. I use the Givi xs308, 20 litres, it has over 150k of use and has stood up well. I just snap it onto whatever bike I'm riding and have my essentials with me, a few pair of gloves, suspension adjusting tools, tire repair, ear plugs, extra glasses, kick stand foot, multimeter, map, and room left to store my jacket liner. It is sturdy enough to lean down on if I want to tuck in behind the windshield.
  15. Yes, but only when it is closed. 😁