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  1. Interesting and entertaining! The irony here is that Fortnine sells all those special chain lube and wax goop, and the gear oil shown is Canadian Tire brand.....
  2. Yukon Yamaha in Whitehorse is THE place to go for tires or anything else motorcycle related. I ran Mitas E07 tires for my entire 20,000 km trip plus another 10k after I got home, but sadly not available in Tracer sizes. Alcan and Cassiar are paved all the way but count on several areas of construction. If you are set on getting to Prudoue Bay then by all means do it, but the ride to Tuktoyaktuk is a blast and you get to ride your front wheel into the Arctic Ocean. Can't do that from Alaska. You can then ride the Top of the World over the Chicken and explore Alaska from there!
  3. Not everything is more costly in Canada, the Tracer GT is $12999 state side which when converted at .74 would be $17500 Cdn and the bike is only $14500 here. Taxes are higher here but USA dealers tend to add more fees. This is typical of all motorcycles, some Harley's are $8000 less in Canada. I spent the winter in USA and did plenty of comparison shopping, the only way to save money is from an online discounter with free shipping and no tax, otherwise it was usually cheaper to just buy bike parts and tires in Canada. I do agree there is better availability of stuff in USA, and having the stuff shipped to Canada sucks, the broker fees, taxes, and duty takes all the fun out of that.
  4. I'm heading out to Royal and 2 Wheel on Saturday too, maybe see you if our paths cross. I have to be home by 4pm so likely head out mid morning.
  5. Really? This didn't work for me, and I don't see anything in the service manual about it. Edit: I tried it again and it does work on my bike. I guess I wasn't lifting hard enough or I counted too fast.
  6. Let's see some photos of gooless and Tracerless panels. May help a few of us to decide.
  7. I'm using Mitas E07 Dakar tires on my Tenere, they grip well on dirt and pavement and wear very well. Available from Twisted Throttle and eBay.
  8. Don't count on it. Make yourself a prop stick or hope another rider has a block or will hold your bike as you pull the axle. I hear a lot of concerns about tires, but I've always left Ontario with new tires and got there and home without doing anything except checking pressures. Stuff can happen tho, but having new tires in Whitehorse won't prevent a flat in Inuvik, so I just wing it. Last year I ran Mitas E07 Dakar on my Tenere, previous trips were on my Kawasaki cruiser with Michelin Commanders. I know these won't fit your FJ, so not much help. I shudder when I see riders loaded with heavy gear and carrying 2 spare tires heading up the Dempster, it would be very poor handling in already tough conditions.
  9. I can vouch for Yukon Yamaha, I've been there several times over the years on my northern trips. Last year I stopped there to change my oil after a ride up to Tuktoyaktuk, they have a concrete patio for customers to do their own tire & oil changes and repairs. Riders of all brands go there, but if you expect them to do any work for you an appointment is needed. There is usually a long lineup of riders waiting as they open each morning, appointments get priority and all the others have to wait in turn. They don't loan tools, but did provide me with a drain pan.
  10. This is not what you are looking for, but works great for me. It is the RAM 9 mm mirror mount, places the GPS high and easy to reach and see.
  11. I have these on my GT, 15 mm rise and the bolt distance is correct. Made by Tusk, also available in 30 mm. The shape doesn't match the stock clamp very well but can't see that while riding.
  12. My GT does the same thing, I've determined it is operator error. The switches in the clutch lever and shift lever are sensitive, and I was inadvertently touching the shift lever after shifting which kills the engine. I shortened my shift linkage a bit to slightly raise the lever from my foot and just pay more attention to getting my boot away from the shift lever after completing each shift. And using the quick shifter more often reduces the problem too, and more fun!
  13. The rear peg mounting arms are interchangeable.
  14. Is the passenger saying the rear foot pegs themselves are too short, or they are located too high providing 'short' legroom? If the pegs are too short then rear pegs from a Super Tenere can be installed, they are longer and have a rubber grip. The GT has longer rear peg mounts which position the pegs lower and allow for more leg room, the peg mounts are interchangeable.
  15. It's the voltage regulator/rectifier, and the exposed fins are required to dissipate heat. They don't need to be shiny clean all the time but I'd clean it if it get clogged with mud.