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  1. gv550

    900GT Top Case mounting

    See my photos above, posted Nov 26. The lock and latches work fine, my bride says it makes a good backrest, and I haven't noticed any handling affects up to 115 mph. But..... no way, no how will it hold 2 full face helmets.
  2. I'm following the owners manual oil change interval for the first year, when the warranty expires I will go with 10,000 km intervals. Did the same with my Super Tenere, 3 years old with 85k and running fine with 10,000 km intervals although I do replace the filter every time. I use Yamalube semi-synth 10w50 and Yamaha filters.
  3. gv550

    New member, not owner yet

    I've had my new GT three months and riding every day. 1. The GT has a longer swingarm and much improved suspension compared to earlier models, for bumpy roads you can reduce preload, damping and rebound to smooth the ride. 2. I find the engine to be very tractable, it runs smooth without chucking even when slowing through a town without downshifting, and then add throttle to accelerate back up to speed. Obviously, not much power on tap when revving that low but the engine never bucks or complains. At 100 km/h in 6th it is likely revving 4500 or so, it runs just fine but not much power available. 6000 to 11000 is the happy zone. 4. I'm 63 with 32 inseam and find it quite comfortable. I did add 25mm bar risers to take some weight off my wrists. 5. The fuel tank needs to be removed, along with some plastic panels.
  4. I have a Super Tenere and have always used a homemade manometer (clear vinyl tube with ATF) to balance the throttle body. Being a twin cylinder it was quite simple to do. Now that I have a triple I'm wondering if I can use the same method, just balance #2 to #1, then #3 to #1, then check #2 to #3. As an alternative I could add a T fitting to the bottom of my manometer and an extra length of tubing to have all 3 cylinders connected and a column of ATF for each. Has anyone tried either method, or should I just buy the Motion Pro Synchronizer? Also. I learned from the Tenere forum that engine runs better if both air screws are backed out 1/2 turn from the factory setting, then sync from there. Has this been tried on the CP3?
  5. I'm interested in the FJR side cases if they become available without the bike. Good luck with sale, it sure looks great!
  6. gv550


    That's a smokin' deal on a new GT, they are in short supply and not many dealers are discounting them. MSRP in Canada is $14600.
  7. The quick shifter is more useful, it outperforms throttle shifting because the QS is, well... quicker. I also use the the QS when riding around in B mode with my bride on back, just hold the throttle steady and bump the shifter, the bike shifts smoother than I can with the clutch.
  8. My Voyager was a 2009, first year for the 1700 motor. It was (and still is) a very good bike, had 680,000 kms on it when traded and the new owner has added another 10k without issue. That's six hundred and eighty thousand kilometers, not a typo. I also had a 2005 Nomad, rode it 239k and traded it for the Voyager.
  9. I seem to be getting many un-earned likes, I'm really not that popular.
  10. I traded a 900 lb Kawasaki Voyager for my GT, quite a change for sure! More power and a lot less weight = fun, fun, fun.
  11. gv550

    What is this hole?

    There is a special titanium bar that slides through the holes and attaches to a tow bar................... to tow your buddy's BMW back to the dealer. Edit.. to tow your buddy's Harley Livewire to an electric outlet every 2 hours.
  12. It's a Yamaha, more reliable than BMW. But I guess you still could run out of gas or get a flat tire................. I have AMA roadside assistance and have used it for a broken hub on my trailer, have never needed for my bikes, but then they are both Yamaha.
  13. Done, I'm on the map. FWIW didn't work on my iPad, had to log on with laptop/windows.
  14. gv550

    Ontario owners??

    Where did you buy yours? I lived in Clinton for many years and I've known Donald since before he opened Platinum. He's a good guy, I've done business with him but have never had him work on my bikes. I do all my own wrenching. I did inquire at Two Wheel when looking for a GT, they told me 2 were on order but none showed up as of Oct 25 when I picked mine up at Brian's. Inglis had a grey one in their showroom in Aug-Sept and we looked at it a few times but decided to wait for black.
  15. gv550

    Ontario owners??

    Brian's Service Center, in Hensall. Last time I spoke with him he was getting another GT for stock this winter some time.