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  1. Yes, but only when it is closed. 😁
  2. +1 on placing the shim in the valve keeper and making sure it is seated, and no magnet when installing the bucket. My dealer doesn't stock Yamaha shims, only had the Hot Cams kit and I found them to be slightly larger than OEM and it took more effort to install them as they easily get cocked a bit crooked in the keeper. I expect they would eventually settle into place with the engine running but maybe not when cranking the engine over a few times to verify the clearances. Also, in the photo earlier in this thread shows the shim in the bucket with the number exposed (toward the valve). The shim should be installed in the keeper with the number up, touching the bucket. It not likely makes any difference in performance but the valve stem is smaller than the spotface in the bucket and may wear away the number.
  3. I just completed a valve clearance check and adjustment on my 9 month old GT, well before the recommended 42k. All intake valves were within spec, .14, .16, .16, .16, .15 and .14 mm clearances, spec is .11 to .20 mm. All 6 exhaust valves were tight, .15, .20, .18, .20, .20, .20 mm clearances, spec is .26 to .30 mm. Swapped one shim and bought 5 new ones to end up with .28 to .30 so should be good to go for a while. I'll likely check them again in 20,000 kms, sure not comfortable letting them go to 42k. I combined this job with a chain replacement and steering bearing service, having the front wheel and forks out of the way sure makes this easy.
  4. I'm fuelled and heading out shortly, even washed my bike for the occasion!
  5. There isn't enough room for a front pulley, and since a belt doesn't have a joiner link you would need to hacksaw a slot to get a belt inside the hole in the swingarm.
  6. I've done it on a 900 lb cruiser with street tires and the GT would be more capable. It's paved all the way and lots of pavement in Alaska, leave the dirt roads to the adventure bikes and you'll be fine.
  7. Orangeville area sounds great, July 27 works for me, count me in. Thanks for herding the cats.
  8. I've been shopping around too, the Tracer GT is classed as a sport bike by every company I contacted in Ontario. The best price I have is $875 (full coverage) from Harley Davidson insurance, powered by Aviva. The website says they will insure any brand of bike provided one bike is a Harley, but they quoted me for 2 Yamahas.
  9. Hi, I'm all for a meetup with fellow riders, and all those dates are open but....... I'm a simple country boy and have no desire to ride anywhere in, near or through Toronto. Sorry for the mini rant! If a more rider friendly location can be agreed on, count me in. 😎
  10. If Yamaha treats the Tracer the same as Super Tenere, then oil change intervals are 10,000 kms for European and Asian spec bikes, and 6,000 kms for North American spec bikes. I use the longer interval when my warranty expires, bike runs fine.
  11. Lots of advice in previous posts here, grip puppies, bar weights, clamps on backwards, etc. If your bike is brand new you will likely find it smooths out a bit with use. Also check drive chain tension, throttle body synchronization, and wheel balance. All that said, it is a transverse mounted three cylinder engine and some vibration is inherent with the design, no matter what brand.
  12. The Tenere is more comfortable due to extra legroom, smoother ride and less engine vibration. Wind protection is better and longer fuel range and shaft drive make it a great touring bike. It's 100 lbs heavier and carries it's weight way high so can be quite a handful . The seat is higher but a low seat is available along with lowering links for the suspension, but I have long legs so not an issue for me. The Tracer is just way more fun! More power, less weight, crisper handling, quick shifter, and ooooh....... the sound of that CP3 when on the throttle! After riding Tracer for a few days makes the Tenere feel like a slug.
  13. I have a GT and a '16 Super Tenere that I bought new. The Tenere has better suspension, much smoother ride on rough roads and more adjustments to accommodate loads and conditions, also 2 inches more travel front and rear.
  14. I found mine on ebay last year, $21 with free shipping at the time. Universal Powersports LLC was the vendor. Just search Tusk Handlebar riser Kit, select 1 1/8 bars and 15 mm rise.
  15. 215 km before the gauge moves from full, 300-320 before the low fuel begins flashing, 50+ on reserve. Average consumption says 4.3 L/100 km but calculated is usually around 4.8. Low fuel flashes when fuel consumed says 14 litres but usually takes .5 to 1.0 more litres to fill. All this at 100km/hr indicated which is 92 by GPS. Wick the speed up and all those numbers head south quickly.