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  1. my best was 335km and ran out of gas but the thing is I cant resist to floor this bike alot so yeah i could probably do better 😂(did some pass a 220km/h on a ¨closed cicuit¨ 🙄) on that tank
  2. I'll be interested to hear it after you tried them I'm very tempted to get them too !
  3. Bunch of upgrade For the GT Radiator guard by evotech black & blue lever from ebay Trank pad by totalstickers3d flasher OEM yamaha carbon Half of a fender delete from ebay Screen protector from ebay phone holder & charger from Amazon and something for me AGV K5S Marble 2.0
  4. Bought these from ebay they work well no need to buff them but i find them a little too loose on the brake side
  5. I've used the metal part that was holding the oem plastic tail... but I didn't like the result so I took it off im thinking of buying the integrated tail light and go without flasher
  6. I have no idea how i'll make it fit 😭 ( the 2 lines are the distance between the panniers)
  7. so I bought a fender eleminator on ebay and it was looking all good until i tried to put the panniers on so I went with plan B for now but I'm trying to find something that would look good and fit with the panniers
  8. as the title post some picture of your fender eleminator with the oem side luggage if possible ! I need some inspiration !!
  9. Damn I wish I saw that before, ahah but anyway they dont ship to canada
  10. So i wanted a fender eleminator but i loved the oem piece arm so i designed a fender eleminator for it. I might take it into production but not sure yet. Its pretty simple 2 parts in stainless steel painted black.The upper part is for a cheap plate light that can be found on ebay for 8$us I made it that yamaha led flasher would fit perfectly even with the luggage. The wires would be still hidden in the oem arm. What you guys think
  11. Hi, French speaker here bought the bike in june 2018 first order of the tracer GT 2019 in canada I had time to do 3000km before the winter and had a blast with this bike even coming from a kawa 636 ! I'll do some mod to my bike soon. Can't wait for the snow to melt :\
  12. do you have the link for the side tank pads they look wayy nicer than any i've seen Thanks for the list I might steal some of your upgrade idea also how do you like your akrapovic ?
  13. Your bike look amazing man can you list your upgrade ?!