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  1. rodb47


    Nice rack! No pun intended.
  2. Put on the replacement stock exhaust. Flutter is gone at 4500rpm. So I believe I was right about the dent making the noise. Bike runs great. Also added a voltmeter and the SW Motech skid plate. Back to riding again.
  3. rodb47

    Helmet stink

    When I was in the National Guard, my flight helmet would get so nasty smelling from sweat that I started spraying it with Lysol after every flight. This probably not something you want to do but it is a suggestion. Also, there are specifics products for this as mentioned previously. You might have to deal with a chemical smell if it's better than stank smell. Good luck.
  4. I did this exact thing. What I noticed was a strong flutter or pulsating of the engine at 4500rpm. I'm in the process of installing a second hand OEM exhaust ($90 from FB Marketplace). Waiting on the new gaskets and nuts. I just got the SW Motech skid plate to prevent anymore stupid stuff.
  5. The engine pulls great. No other noises or issues.
  6. Did a throttle body sync check. They were perfect. I figure that a dent in one is causing a pressure differential between the three at that rpm and making the pulsing.
  7. Yes. Lowest header, middle I believe. Don't have a pic right now. I caught the edge of the woodshed floor driving it in. Ramp was too steep. Did a quick check but didn't notice the dent. It's a pretty good dent.
  8. To close out this post, seems that if you put a golf ball size dent in an exhaust pipe it will cause the motor to pulse at the above mentioned rpm. Found a used exhaust for pretty cheap and will swap it out. I looked at the exhausts available for the bike and they are way too expensive for me.
  9. I searched through topics and didn't find anything like this problem. I took my 2017 out yesterday after changing the sprockets and chain (Florida was in the 80s yesterday). I noticed, in 4th gear, while accelerating between 4500 and 5000 rpm the engine would make a fluttering or pulsating noise. It reminded me of Chris Farley saying "Luke, I am your father" into the metal fan in Tommy Boy. Had that type of modulation. It was very prominent and noticeable. I've got almost 17,000 miles on it and have never heard this before. It only happens in 4th gear. Very strange. I'm going to pull off the tank and check the airbox and filter. I synced the throttle bodies about a thousand miles ago. Anyone ever heard this before? Thanks.
  10. Damn. I just put a pair on my bike. What the hell.
  11. I wear earplugs and for some reason it blocks everything but the transmission noise. Almost seems to amplify it. The few times I drive without plugs, never noticed it.
  12. 16,000. Rear sprocket still looks good. I'll be checking this more often. I figured the rear would go before the front. I was wrong.
  13. Got the Lightechs installed. Look good. Hopefully they are a quality product and do their job. Waiting for the new axle and nut to arrive. Pulled the cover off the front sprocket to clean and saw the teeth were toast. Now I have to order new sprockets and chains. I miss my shaft drive.