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  1. bike1.jpg.828b5b9f8cfa091eb9081baf94ec6aaa.jpg

    My favorite photo spot. Trying to figure out how to make a gallery so I can post these.

  2. Just found this post. Shouldn't have read it at work. Got to let my eyes dry out for a minute.
  3. Did 8000 mile service, new plugs, synced throttle bodies, got ECU flashed by Vcyclenut. Drove it to work and it's like a totally different bike, in a good way.
  4. Someone previously mentioned Dave Moss. He is the man when it comes to suspension tuning. Tons of YouTube videos.
  5. A little late to this post but i just wanted to mention that I bought my FJ used with the eBay pegs already mounted. I have put 5000 miles on the bike and the rubber is tearing on the left peg. i am already missing a large piece of the lateral raised strip of rubber. I'm OK with this seeing as the pegs are inexpensive but I thought I'd let everyone know. This might be because I mount and dismount the bike from the peg, not the ground. Not as flexible as I used to be.
  6. Mine is blue without cases. Travel that route a lot. Live in Flagler.
  7. Done a bunch of stuff to the bike but most of it is already posted by others. I did see some home made mud flaps on here so I made one. Actually tested it today after two days of rain. I live on a dirt road so lots of sand, mud, and puddles. Worked great. Kept the shock clean.
  8. I can wheelie in TC1 but not 2. I've got an 17 FJ. Not sure what you have.
  9. First post. Testing it out.

    1. Cruizin


      Cool cover pic. Hint, click on anyones profile cover to make it full size. 

    2. rodb47


      Thanks. This was on the Loop in Daytona during Biketoberfest.