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  1. This forum is fantastic. It is a wealth of knowledge. So it looks different than before. Want memes? Go to Facebook.
  2. I had my FJ a week and a girl almost t-boned me in a gas station parking lot at night. I have Hiviz gear with highly reflective stuff all over it. Ended up putting Custom Dynamics red and amber Magic Spot LEDS on the sides of the bike. Super bright at night. No problems since.
  3. I'm going to try this on my 17. I won't have any numbers to go by so It's going to be a trial and error thing. I'm going to mark the current position so I can go back to it if I have to. I'll post results. Actually, I should get an ODB II cable since I have a reader. That would probably be the smart thing before I try it.
  4. The simple answer is no. Unless you are an electrical engineer, I would just do as they say above.
  5. My PC 800 had self canceling signals. Took me forever to get back in the habit of shutting them off. I like the STS but not the price.
  6. I mentioned on Facebook how the new BMW 900 XR looked like it was copied from the Tracer and I sure pissed off some BMW fanbois. It sure looks more like the Tracer than the 1000 XR it supposedly is from. I think that is an attaboy for Yamaha. Good design language.
  7. This is from yesterday. Testing it out. Need to upgrade my computer to handle the video. This was made with the GoPro app on my phone. Pardon the crappy music.
  8. I put a mark on the riser and bars with a sharpie to realign after maintenance.
  9. First commute Shinko 705 tire review. I'm not a tire expert so take this for what it's worth. I commute 90 miles one way. The first mile and a half is on sand and gravel road. Drove across some wet grass in my driveway first. Not so great traction, but it's grass. Tires feel great on the sand and gravel. Sand is hard packed since it rained yesterday. This is why I bought them and they work as advertised. I have no plans to offroad the FJ. The rest of my commute was 2 to 4 lane roads and about 10 miles of freeway. The tires are fine on asphalt. Hit speeds over 70 with no issues. Slight hum from the treads but nothing annoying. The few curves I had were no issues grip wise. The bike actually wants to turn in easier probably because the back is a 170, not 180. Just a guess. Feels more flickable. Hard breaking feels normal. You can feel the front treads when you are slowing to a stop but no other time. There feels like a little more vibration in the handle bars but it seemed to get better during the ride. Used the word feels a lot, lol. I feel like I got more than my money's worth. Great tires. I'll update if there are any issues.
  10. I don't drive her hard or have curvy roads near me. If they don't last or work well on the road I'll probably go to the Michelin Road 5.
  11. I live on a 1 1/2 mile long dirt and gravel road. Tired of driving less than 10mph.