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  1. Great thread. Going to switch back to the OEM plugs next service.
  2. Very nice setup with the laser tool.
  3. Here in the motorcycle state of Florida, I get waves from everyone with a few exceptions. I'll get waves from 1 out of 10 Harley riders. About 1 out of 5 for BMW riders. Guys riding Japanese cruisers wave all the time. When I get the Harley waves, it usually catches me off guard.
  4. I've seen five other than mine here in northeast Florida. But I'm in Harley country for sure.
  5. Rustled Jimmies. I want to change my user name to that. LOL
  6. I had it flashed by Vcyclenut. The flash was great for engine decel, speed limiter, and general smoothness. Unfortunately there is almost like a dead spot until you have an 1/8 inch of throttle in. Very abrupt like a light switch. That's why I checked the resistance on the APS/TPS. I've already talked to Dave and will probably send the ECU back for reflash. It may just be my bike.
  7. Just an update. After I adjusted my 2017 using the OBD2 tool, I set it back to the original settings as I previously posted. I pulled all the connectors in the YCC-T system, inspected for corrosion and installed dielectric grease in the connectors. I used this video and the manual to check resistances which were good. I was specifically looking for dead spots or resistance spikes in the sensors. After that I did a throttle body sync, replaced the air filter, and adjusted the chain. The bike runs much better now with the abruptness being barely noticeable. I believe the only way to get rid of it is to reflash the ECU with custom settings or sell the bike lol. I did ride it with TCS off and didn't notice any difference in the throttle.
  8. We don't have the amount of bike theft other countries do. That's my guess for not having an immobilizer. I don't think I've even seen one on any brand in the US except Harley. Back on topic, I wonder if a 17 ECU from an FZ, MT, or XSR would work? Same engine.
  9. I have one and I personally think it's fantastic. Just the flash modes alone make this worth every penny but I really hated the OEM not lighting up all the way in running mode. I see what you are saying about brightness but I think the flash modes will overcome your concerns.
  10. Voice. I had to look twice once you started talkiing. If Rowe retires, you're a shoe in.