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  1. I'm going to consider this for my 2017 FJ. I had a flash done which helped a lot but didn't fix the low speed aspect. I am not happy with the on/off properties of the throttle.
  2. I did this same thing with my Puig Touring screen and got zero benefit. Went back to stock hardware.
  3. Yes. Especially if the hardware is attached to wheels and or brakes. There is a reason for torques. Not to mention it's a motorcycle so you only have two wheels holding you up. If you've gotten away with German torque, more power to you.
  4. Check the bolts that hold the risers on the triple tree. One guy on Facebook had one come out when he was riding. Somehow didn't crash.
  5. I like how the slow transition looks and I see you have it shining through the tank vent panel thing. Looks good.
  6. I used to think this was tacky an only belonged on Goldwings. But after almost being broadsided a few times at night, I'm thinking about doing this.
  7. Just saw this. Is this a "Hey try this" or an actual reset from yamaha?
  8. Synching the throttle bodies is super easy on a tracer. You should get the synch gauge. You just have to remove all the body work and fuel tank yourself. That's the hard part. I bought this one but there are other brands out there. Lots of how to videos too. CARBTUNE PRO 4 COLUMN CARBURETOR SYNCHRONIZER BALANCER W/ TOOL POUCH! | eBay Find great deals for CARBTUNE PRO 4 COLUMN CARBURETOR...
  9. Mine does it. Never had a problem with it. Throttle works fine.
  10. He's saying he's an old guy in that.