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  1. On a recent ride near Caldwell, Ohio I discovered a small park by accident. The historical marker tells an interesting tale.
  2. The weather forecast for NEOH wasn't the best and reality turned out to be worse. High on a ridge northeast of Coshocton my intrepid group of 4 saw rain in the valley that stretched to the horizon. We turned around and wandered under a blue sky with fluffy clouds in east-central and southeast Ohio. We got in roughly 400 winding miles, depending on where each rider began the day. At lunch time we found a picnic shelter alongside the Muskingum River. It was a great day.
  3. My first reaction is to check the rear wheel - chain adjusters and axle nut - to see if anything is loose. I recently thought I had a front wheel wobble and found it to be a flat rear tire.
  4. Welcome! I spent a week riding out of Springdale a few years ago. Our club was there for a rally. We found some good roads and had fun.
  5. I have the K-tech setup and I've been very happy with the improved handling on rough roads. Yes the front was stiff at first, I guess I've grown accustomed or the damping has eased up a bit and may be ready for a fork oil change. The shock manual says to service every 10k miles - that's one year for me, a ridiculously short amount of miles for a sport-touring bike, IMO. The only inconvenience is that the Razor R shock's remote reservoir is mounted where a chain oiler would mount., so no oiler for me.
  6. Should definitely say "escaped."
  7. Today I overheard a guy say that he has 7 bikes and I thought, "That's too much maintenance." I've never had more than 3 and that's what I have now. I'd like it to be two: a primary and a backup. Maybe one for SPORT touring and one for sport TOURING.
  8. Welcome, Mike! You'll find a few Ohioans on the member map. I'm in Pataskala and I have three rides planned next week, if you're interested.
  9. I use a torque wrench just to be sure, but DAMN the manual calls for a lot of torque. Other bikes have specified 70 lbs*ft, this one calls for 108. I carry a small but fairly complete set of tools because the unforeseen happens not just to me but to others along the way.
  10. Guilford Lake State Park 32220 Co Hwy 411 Hanoverton, OH 44423. Coordinates 40.802889 N, -80.895389 W - Ride to eat, ride some more. There are plenty of picnic tables on the lawn along Teegarden Road, some in the shade. The shelter was closed last weekend. Central Ohio riders can meet at the Circle K in Johnstown at 8 am. We will take a scenic route.
  11. I have occasionally had the same thing happen. Turning the ignition switch off and on again resets it. I have no idea what the problem was.
  12. That's my problem with inline 4's. They keep telling me "this is boring, go faster." I do not get that from the triple, twins or singles.
  13. It was a beautiful day - cool and partly cloudy. Nine people eventually showed up for lunch. One forum member, angusmcoz, made the scene along with 8 MSTA members. I managed 370 miles and no rain. Stay tuned for July's lunch ride. Hey Joe, thanks for coming. It was great to meet you.
  14. I can't win my own challenge, can I? I think it shouldn't count. Maybe I'm mistaken.
  15. Doesn't count, but the weather radar looked good in this direction, so... I give you the Mothman.