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  1. We have quite a few DR's in the club, including mine. 🙂
  2. August 19-25 is this year's Fly-by Week in Marietta, OH. Why? The great roads of southeast Ohio and West Virginia entice 100 or so riders to ride all day and kick tires all evening. Planned routes help you find the good roads and If you are looking for someone to ride with, we will have sign-up sheets for each day so you can choose a group based on desired riding style. We have cookouts Friday and Saturday nights. Most people are there for the weekend. If the hotel fills up, there's another across the street. Open to non-members. 2019 MSTA Fly-By Week
  3. Another happy K-tech customer here. I went down a very rough road in the rain last year and my front tire was off the ground a couple of times. Not a good feeling. Went home and made a call to JD Hord. He did the K-tech installation and flashed the ecu to smooth the off-idle throttle abruptness and delimit A-mode. Now the bike is composed, even on rough roads. It's a joy to ride.
  4. Welcome, Colin. I have a friend who'll be traveling by moto in the Alps this summer, but by car in Scotland. He's 76 years old and that's too old to rent a motorbike in the UK. No available insurance.
  5. Welcome, Jakob! I hope the Tracer is a good match for you. I enjoy my FJ09, but I also have an old GS that I can't let go.
  6. I spent last week in Bristol, VA and vicinity for the MSTA's STAR 2019 event. Over 300 MSTA members showed up to ride all day and kick tires and tell stories all evening. One lucky member won a new Gold Wing. Western Virginia, east Tennessee and northwest North Carolina provided great riding on ultra-curvy roads. I rode just over 1800 miles, returning on a balding front tire. We rode the Back of the Dragon(4x) and the Claw of the Dragon, but were unable to find the Gall Bladder or the Cloaca of the Dragon. Maybe next time. 😉 My new favorite number is 80.
  7. I ziptied the two cables together and pulled them through. Wiggling and cussing were not required. Easy.
  8. Mine are only rated at 300 lumens and appear less bright than my headlight. I consider them DRL's. I have no problem running them at night. If they were as bright as my high beam headlight, then I'd install a switch or link them to the high beam wiring.
  9. Good one! I was about ready to ride to the bookbindery in Columbus, which I hear is still operating. What's the next challenge?
  10. Thanks for the coaching! Much appreciated. 👍
  11. That is how I do everything in the garage. 😀
  12. I barely made it home today. By the end my clutch would not fully disengage, even though I had adjusted the cable several times. I had to stop and start clutchless at two Stop signs. I have the new part ready to go. Haines manual says to disassemble the whole damn bike to remove the clutch cable. I must say I'm skeptical of that. I will look at it later.
  13. Not on my FJ yet, but I tried a Shinko 003 Stealth on my R1200GS a couple of years ago! Long story short: I suffered a damaged tire and could only find one tire in the region where I was traveling that would fit the rear of the GS. The Stealth worked great. I never noticed that I had anything unusual on the bike. It handled well and lasted 4k miles including over 200 miles of gravel roads and a trip to South Dakota and back. Not bad for a tire marketed for "production racing, drag racing, or serious sport riding" on a fully loaded adventure bike. I want to try a pair of Shinko 016 Verge x2 to see how long they last on the FJ. But I have Dunlops on deck.
  14. Great pavement and little traffic on 16 this weekend. We rode out from an MSTA event in Sparta. It was part of a 260 mile loop in which 16 was not the twistiest road (Burke's Garden Rd. was).