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  1. June Picnic Lunch Ride - Sunday June 14. The destination will be the rest stop in Fly, OH. Plenty of tables and shade, a view of the river and a central location in the "Sweet Spot" between Marietta and Woodsfield make this the perfect place to hold a picnic version of a ride-eat-ride day. Be there around noon and bring your own lunch. The Fly rest stop is located at the intersection of state routes 800 and 7 on the Ohio River near the Sistersville Ferry. Central Ohio riders can meet at the Duke and Duchess (south side of the freeway) at OH 310 and I-70, the Etna exit. Ready to Ride at 8 am. We will take a scenic route.
  2. Oh no! The full "Ralphie." I've dropped mine lens down on pavement, but that's as far as I've gone. Bummer.
  3. I rode a friend's FZ-6 and enjoyed it very much. It's a badly underrated bike IMHO.
  4. Two weekends ago...doesn't count.
  5. Yes, that Hawk was a great first bike. I rode it everywhere until I wanted something better suited to touring. The GPZ was vastly improved by a Spiegler LSL Superbike Bar kit.
  6. I don't have pics of every bike I ever owned, so I found some on the internet for 1, 4 and 5. 1. 1978 Honda CB400T Hawk Type II (Mine was also blue, keithu) 2. 1983 Yamaha Vision XZ550 3. 1989 Honda Hawk GT NT650 4. 1993 Kawasaki KLX650 5. 1995 Kawasaki GPZ100 (ZX1100E) 6. 1999 Suzuki SV650 7. 2002 BM R1150R 8. 2005 Suzuki DR650SE (current) 9. 2005 BMW R1200GS (current) 10. 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 (current)
  7. The pavement on 26 is pretty good, not new but not bad. 536 is a favorite and it has not reached the need for new pavement yet, though there is one slip.
  8. I spent today riding in the sweet spot between Woodsfield and Marietta, Ohio. Bike ran well on fresh oil and a used up rear tire (5100 miles on a Roadsmart III and it's on the wear bars). Deer were no threat to me, nor were turkeys. One dog tried like hell to catch me. One cager crossed way over the center line on OH 536 while looking over her shoulder. She never knew I was there until I had slipped past her. If I'd been driving a car, it would have been a head-on collision. Otherwise, no worries. I packed a lunch and ate at the rest stop in Fly, watching the river from a shady picnic table.
  9. Last weekend I got in 300 miles each day in south central Ohio. I rode with two different groups and had a picnic lunch on the same table each day. Rode by the Otway Bridge the first day and had to check it out the second.
  10. I wave or nod when my hands are occupied. I find the wave during overtaking to be awkward, but I try. I drove a VW bus years ago. The Brotherhood of the Microbus always waved to each other. 😉
  11. Speaking as the former owner of a Yamaha Vision, Honda Hawk GT, Kawasaki KLX650 and GPZ1100E I do not see the FJ-09/Tracer as unpopular. It has already had a major revision and been in the Yamaha line up for twice as long as those other bikes. Maybe that's a skewed perspective. 😉
  12. No names. The only time I talk to vehicles is when I curse at them. 🙂
  13. It's been a long time since I had a pet that didn't meow at me, but when I did he was fast. This is Alex, a whippet who didn't make it as a show dog. He would tire of chasing a tennis ball and let my Spaniel mix, Boo, retrieve it. Twenty feet from me Alex would tackle Boo, take the ball away and bring it to me. Smart, funny, fun and fast.
  14. The contact between metal surfaces within the switch could be lost. I've seen it happen in winter when the metal contracts. One of those maddening problems that goes away after the repair shop brings the bike into the garage and it warms up. You might try turning it on and off with the inconveniently located key and see if the problem persists. or... A similar thing happened with the fuse box on my 1982 Yamaha Vision - in the cold the copper parts would lose contact with the fuses. I had to replace the box with inline fuses.