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  1. Yes just 1 mistake and !!!!!!!! I worked at a Motorcycle Dealership for 20 years, and one day a mechanic greased and wiped a chain with the bike running in gear very slowly, but for a split second the rag got caught and he lost a finger between the chain and rear sprocket. He sued us for £10,000 ...... for not ever being told it was dangerous. What a World we live in.
  2. Hi Guys, My 2018 UK Tracer 900 GT has just started " Spluttering " it is not bad petrol as I have refueled 3 times with Super Unleaded from 3 different Petrol Stations. It is only very slight and only at fixed speeds, twist the throttle and it accelerates clean and fast, cruise and it splutters. It has also cut out just a couple of times for a split second when riding off when the engine is cold. Has anyone else had this problem ? Cheers Edgar Jessop
  3. Thanks every one for your replies, glad it is not just me had a problem. The factory chain is rubbish, but not X ring as some people think. I only lightly clean my chain and don't spray WD40 onto the chain but use a rag. As for never cleaning a chain, all the dust and road grime that sticks to the chain acts like grinding paste !!!!! I will replace it with a Gold DID X ring chain. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  4. Hi, just been cleaning my bike ,UK 2018 900 GT, it has done 13,000 miles, and have just found tiny little bits of rubber coming out of about 7 chain links, also found one O ring stuck in chain lube on the Swinging arm....... I only clean the chain with WD40, and use a Top Class chain lube. This is my 42nd bike and never seen this before. Has anyone else had this problem. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  5. Hi, Has anyone fitted Lower pillion foot pegs, found some but says NOT for 900 GT !!!!! I don't want to move them backwards just Lower, so cannot see why the pannier brackets would be a problem. My bike is a UK 2018/19 tracer 900 GT. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  6. We are all different, but I run mine as loose as possible, and clean and lube it every 600 miles. After my first chain adjustment at Factory settings, WOW , I took the bike off the stand and sat on it, my mate checked the chain and it was VERY VERY tight. I am 12 stone 10 pounds.!!!!! With a pillion on I think it would have totally wore out the output shaft bearing. Once adjust to tight the damage is done, I like it a little loose. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  7. All I am going to say is go onto Sargent Seats website. They are hand made and NOT cheap. But explain why GEL a none porous material that SWEATS is not a great improvement. There seats are carbon and the covering is different types of shaped memory foam. They can be even HARDER but surprisingly more comfy !!!!! It is much down to the shape of the seat and there secret building. I bought one at great cost for my Honda FireBlade 20 years ago, when it came I was worried been ripped off ...... it was very HARD !!!!! But after only a 500 mile run in period. WOW FANTASTIC....................and had them now on other bikes as well. Email them, they are very helpful. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  8. Yes the jog wheel is just a bad idea .. end of. And at 74 I can work it ok...................but not on the bike.............have to stop and fiddle. Hahaha
  9. If it is in M.C.N the Beano of the Motorcycle world it is bound to be wrong. The worst paper going, all adverts and best buys, paid by the supplier that wants the best results. Gets all the racing results wrong and misses out the major things. Had it for 30 years , now not had it for 28 years . Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  10. Hi Guys, I must be very different hahaha. and OLD. I take months sometimes, and ask owners etc all about the bike I am interested in. Plus would NEVER buy a bike without a TEST ride as we are all different. And can honestly say at 74 years old, never bought a bike that I did not like. But have REGRETED selling a couple that I should have kept. Love my Tracer 900 GT, and it is the slowest bike I have had for 40 years. Cheers Edgar Jessop. U.K.
  11. Hi, I am in the U.K. and every bike I have owned , when I put it away for winter, I give it a really good clean after a big service. And have always put the spray tube on a tin of WD40 and poked it into the tiny hole under both the handlebar switches and given them both a full blast , covering the tank with a cloth to catch the dripping over night. Never a problem works great, been doing it for 55 years. I now use GT85 as it has P.T.F.E. in as well. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  12. Cheers Guys, The Motul 300V is fantastic oil , and you can feel the difference in the smoothness of the transmission , NOTHING else though. And there is no difference in the oil change periods whether £20 a gallon or £60 a gallon. But cheap oil is definitely not as good as quality oil. I am 74 years old, and need to get a grip and realise my flipping age. this Tracer 900GT is the slowest bike I have owned for 40 years. And I absolutely love it. I got recommended to use Motul 300V at the Isle of Man TT races years ago, 1 race is 228 miles at an AVERAGE speed of 135 mph, as I am a self confessed anorak of the TT races 1964 to 2019 never missed until Covid Virus stopped it. I also did track days ....... But not done one for 2 years and will not be doing one again. So I much appreciate your comments thank you all. I am now changing to Motul 7100. But as for money prevention is better than cure. I also emailed Motul and got a brilliant helpful reply 👍👍 Edgar Jessop.
  13. Hi, Just a heads up. Do any of you use Motul 300v Fully Synthetic Racing oil in your Tracer 900 GT. I know it is VERY expensive , but I have used it for the last 10 years on my Honda FireBlade and Kawasaki Ninja ZZR1400. I am not sure I heard someone say not advisable for use in the Tracer 900 GT ......... I could be wrong. at 74 ....I usually am Hahaha. And also anyone use 15-50 in stead of 10-40 ? I only ride in summer . Cheers. Edgar Jessop
  14. I run Fully Synthetic 10-50 Race oil Motul V300 VERY expensive. Have done for years on my last 3 bikes. Brilliant oil the smoothest gear changes ever. But £60 for 4 Litres. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  15. Hi, I have fitted the Lust lowering bones, and dropped the forks 8mm, no need to shorten the side stand, did my lowering 2 years ago and have never had a problem. Apart from the centre stand slightly catching on some corners when doing spirited riding, or a pillion on board. Sorted this by cutting the buffer rubber for the stand in half, tiny changes but a world of a difference. I also have a lower seat. Enjoy.......... Cheers Edgar Jessop.