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  1. Hi Guys, Well after 57 years of riding and 72 years old , All my Supersport bikes have now been sold. I know there will be older guys still riding Supersport bikes but my time has now come. Bought a Tracer 900 GT and SLOWLY getting used to it, had some good help from guys on this site thanks, Would like a new exhaust Yoshimura or Akrapovic ?? Got a new K&N Air filter. I am in the U.K. and would also like my E.C.U. Flashed. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  2. Hi, does anyone leave their traction control on 2 all the time, as it does not do anything unless you hit a patch of diesel or something , or a thunderstorm happens. So there is no need to switch it off, plus it is already there should you need it. Don't see the point of having a switch . The bike should just come with it on. Plus less electronics to go wrong. And the less switches the better.😀😁😂. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  3. It doesn't, I meant to say you must get more miles to the gallon using TC , because I cannot get 193 miles on a full tank. 😁 😊.
  4. Has anyone fitted lower handlebars to their Tracer 900 GT. ?? Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  5. The Yamaha lowering kit is very poor , just plain alloy bones with holes drilled at each end, and not very much lower. I got LUST RACING ones C.N.C machined stronger carbon steel and powder coated, plus 5mm lower than the Yamaha ones. Brilliant............ but do cost more. Edgar Jessop.
  6. Glad it is not just me, never had a bike with a fuel gauge on the dash. Just a yellow warning light that comes on brilliant, my Honda FireBlade did 25 miles when the Yellow light came on with normal riding you could get 30 miles if you rode it very slowly NO problem. Had loads of sports bikes the same and never run out of fuel. My Tracer 900 GT does 130 miles and the fuel gauge has not moved from full ........ !!!!!!!!!!! 15 miles later it is on 1/2 full, ........ 15 miles later it is on 1/4 full then you dare not take your eyes of the dash. WHAT milage have you got left ( about ) when you drop to the LAST FLASHING BLUE SQUARE on the fuel gauge. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  7. UMMMMMMMMMM........................ unless it is raining why have you got TC2 on ????? and with that milage you must ride very law abiding. As TC makes the bike use more fuel. I never use it unless it is raining or sometimes TC1 with a pillion on.
  8. I think it is the weight with the panniers on as they are standard equipment.
  9. Thanks a lot guys. It is very strange. And it has not done it since I asked about it. Hahahaha The oil looks like it is on the very top line in the sight glass, and as it has only happened first thing in the morning the temperature is not even up to normal........ but all looks ok now !!!!! If it happens again I will put a 1/4 pint of oil in !!!!!!!!!! and if it still did it straight round to the Dealer. Thanks again.
  10. Hi, my dash Red warning light for oil level and temperature on my 900 GT ( UK Model ) started to come on after riding off first thing in the morning after about half a mile, I would stop and pull over and after about 15 seconds it would go out, set off again and half a mile later the very same thing. Then can ride all day and it never happens again, even if I stop for a few hours it does not come on again. Then the next morning the very same thing Even though I know it is not low on oil and the temperature is correct. I frightens me and I have to stop. Then as I said is all right all day. Cheers Edgar Jessop .
  11. Hi , Has anyone fitted the Genuine Yamaha Billet touring rider foot pegs . And if so are they any good. Cheers Edgar Jessop
  12. I am in England, and had the same problem, the tail tidy was fitted on my 1st service, and as I do not use panniers , only to go to the Isle of Man TT, it was not until 5 months later I found out the panniers do not fit............. was bloody mad. Also the dealer and myself knew nothing of a extension bar !!!!!!!!!!! plus why bother if it is nearly in the same place as the standard one. Went on line and bought a R & G Racing one, brilliant does the right job with or without the panniers. Want my money back from Yamaha........... now 9 months and 7 emails from them saying sorry up to now , with the promise of giving me my money back........ still nothing CRAP SERVICE.
  13. I agree with most said on this subject, apart from the B.M.W. S1000XR, even though I am 72 I have always had Super Sports bikes all my life, and lasted years longer than all my friends........But it has caught up with me , and I had set my sights on the B.M.W S1000XR on paper it was the only bike for me...............then I tested one " gutted" much to tall and the induction noise was bad, also you had to rev the bike hard to get it to go !!!!!!!!! and with a pillion on slowing down the bike slightly weaved at about 10 mph to stopping !!!!!! Tested the 900GT BRILLIANT not made as well as the B.M.W and the gearbox on the B.M.W is better. up and down on the quick shifter. But also over £5000 more money. A few mods and the GT will be FABULOUS.
  14. The GT is a GREAT bike, I am 72 and have just sold my Honda FireBlade and my Kawasaki Ninja ZZR1400 Sports. The only reason I sold them was I was uncomfortable and the 1400 was a LOT to heavy. I loved them both. People seem to class themselves as OLD at 55/60 ???????? WOW what short lives they are living. The GT is a very light bike with 110 bhp. It is fun to ride and fast, but you do have to rev it, it is all very strange to me as it is the first bike with sit up and beg riding style, I have ever rode. ( I am in the U.K. ) Hahaha. Every thing is good on the bike, apart from the screen which I have changed, and I have put a lowering kit on it. and will fit a race exhaust, and K&N air filter next year. Everyone should test a GT as we are all different, great engine, great gearbox, great instrument panel, great quick shifter, and engine mapping. I liked it a little lower thought it a bit tall, so changed a few things. LOVE IT. Hope you all enjoy your riding whatever it is.