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  1. I ride most of the time with a pillion my partner, not like I ride solo obviously. The bike is set up for me only, I just do 4 clicks harder on the pre load with a pillion. I am 73 years old and looking at a lot of guys on the forum that list there previous and present bikes mostly in the States, There is a huge difference to people in the U.K. Although it is getting harder over here now as well, but 160mph for short blasts is an every day occurrence ( on private roads of course hahaha ). And we seem to own more Supersports bikes over here. Not many Harley Davidsons or Gold Wings etc. My bikes up to 70 were Kawasaki Ninja ZZR 1400 Sports and a Honda FireBlade. Do you have a lot of strict Traffic Police over in the U.S. I was just wondering. Cheer Guys and ride safe and Enjoy. Just a thought all you young guys that only ride solo ...... when you get old you will find out, that 90 % of all the fast lads that were going to ride forever DONT and you become Billy No Mates. Luckily for me my partner loves the 900GT and we still go to race meetings all year and ever year to the Isle of Man TT. I will NEVER be on a cruiser hahaha. Edgar Jessop.
  2. I noticed that the standard rear shocker spring in the U.S.A is silver ? in the U.K. it is Black ? Is that correct and is there a weight difference . I have a 2018 Tracer 900 GT. And I am in the U.K. I am 87 kilos with all my bike gear on. What is the standard Black spring rated at. Do I need to change it ..... playing with the suspension. Got the front spot on for me now ,took a long while messing about doing small changes and lowering the forks 7mm through yokes. The answer for the rear is a K-Tec razor replacement. But just wondered about the standard spring weight. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  3. Hope they don't make it more touring. I only gave up my Honda FireBlade and Kawasaki Ninja ZZR1400 Sport because I was 72 years old, and struggled with low handlebars and rear set footpegs. The GT is so light and FUN to ride and comfy for my lady pillion. There are loads of better touring only bikes out there , so a big choice anyway. I would like a better rear shocker, and better tyres, plus easier use of the thumb wheel and switches, plus a larger dash as I am old .......... but still quick hahaha.
  4. Hi Guys, How much Fuel is left in the 18 litre tank, when the picture of the Petrol Pump on the Dash starts Flashing. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  5. Thanks a lot guys, most of it I thought so myself. Just love it when other people think the same as me, and I am not making a fool of myself. It would be common sense to ride very carefully when you are down to the fuel warning light flashing. All my bikes have only ever had a warning light and no problems, 25 miles is about right, because if on a Motorway and you just pass a service station and the warning light starts flashing, it is about 20/25 miles to the next service station. I still will not go that long before filling up, but if I got caught out it is good to know what you have left when the warning light comes on. Brilliant. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  6. Still don't like the fuel gauge. Goes 120 miles showing FULL all the way, then drops all the way to half full at about 140 miles then at 150 miles a quarter full ????? When the empty soon warning last square and petrol pump start flashing how many miles have you got left, as I always fill up straight away frightened I will run out of fuel. Most of my other bikes did not have a fuel gauge so no worries just rode them until the warning light came on , knowing I had 30 miles left in the tank.. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  7. Cheers Guys, I am 72 years old and have had 28 bikes, I have done Track Days as well. This is the only bike I have had a problem with, and sorry must have had a senior moment when I said I can always turn up the compression damping when taking a pillion this bike does not have any adjustment, I meant Pre Load. First Yamaha still learning.......... love the bike , but the build quality is crap. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  8. I always leave the suspension nearly standard as the bike comes, but I always adjust the static sag !!!!!!!! On standard setting the bike has NONE !!!! had to back off the preload 7 clicks towards soft.... is this normal on this model ? I have fitted a 20mm lowering kit at the rear and dropped the forks 7mm at the front. ? The bike handles great. But the centre stand grounds going over road speed humps at even 10 miles an hour........only slightly but really bad with a pillion. I know I can turn up the Pre Load when taking a pillion, but am more concerned about the static sag at the rear is 7 clicks going to make it to soft ? Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  9. Hi Guys, Well after 57 years of riding and 72 years old , All my Supersport bikes have now been sold. I know there will be older guys still riding Supersport bikes but my time has now come. Bought a Tracer 900 GT and SLOWLY getting used to it, had some good help from guys on this site thanks, Would like a new exhaust Yoshimura or Akrapovic ?? Got a new K&N Air filter. I am in the U.K. and would also like my E.C.U. Flashed. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  10. Hi, does anyone leave their traction control on 2 all the time, as it does not do anything unless you hit a patch of diesel or something , or a thunderstorm happens. So there is no need to switch it off, plus it is already there should you need it. Don't see the point of having a switch . The bike should just come with it on. Plus less electronics to go wrong. And the less switches the better.😀😁😂. Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  11. It doesn't, I meant to say you must get more miles to the gallon using TC , because I cannot get 193 miles on a full tank. 😁 😊.
  12. Has anyone fitted lower handlebars to their Tracer 900 GT. ?? Cheers Edgar Jessop.
  13. The Yamaha lowering kit is very poor , just plain alloy bones with holes drilled at each end, and not very much lower. I got LUST RACING ones C.N.C machined stronger carbon steel and powder coated, plus 5mm lower than the Yamaha ones. Brilliant............ but do cost more. Edgar Jessop.
  14. Glad it is not just me, never had a bike with a fuel gauge on the dash. Just a yellow warning light that comes on brilliant, my Honda FireBlade did 25 miles when the Yellow light came on with normal riding you could get 30 miles if you rode it very slowly NO problem. Had loads of sports bikes the same and never run out of fuel. My Tracer 900 GT does 130 miles and the fuel gauge has not moved from full ........ !!!!!!!!!!! 15 miles later it is on 1/2 full, ........ 15 miles later it is on 1/4 full then you dare not take your eyes of the dash. WHAT milage have you got left ( about ) when you drop to the LAST FLASHING BLUE SQUARE on the fuel gauge. Cheers Edgar Jessop.