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  1. I am pretty sure the vast majority have whatever the Yamaha dealer supplies. IIRC, that was their own synthetic Yamalube. ShopYamaha.com - Yamaha Apparel & Accessories SHOPYAMAHA.COM Shop online with Yamaha apparel and riding gear and purchase Genuine Yamaha accessories including Star Custom accessories and GYTR performance products. Look up Genuine Yamaha Parts and find your local... Follow what it says in your manual, not mythology from days when making engines was a craft rather than a precision industrial process where tolerances are incredibly tight and lubricants are made in laboratories not buckets on a castor bean farm.
  2. try http://hilltopmotorcycles.co.uk/ - Geoff has a very good reputation but I have not used his services
  3. I connected my Keis jacket & insoles directly to the battery via a fused lead supplied with the jacket. I had a pigtail sticking out from under the seat. The wiring in the accessory socket is designed to supply phones & satnavs. The wiring might get hot if you stuff 50W through it.
  4. I took one for a spin today and posted this elsewhere: By popular request, a review of my test ride on the Moto Guzzi V85TT. Bike from Blade in Swindon who charge £10 for insurance which has a £250 excess. The bike is the premium model with multi-colour "Ronald McDonald" with Michelin Anakee tyres. It looks really nice with good quality materials and the yellow paint scheme is not too offensive. It is the only bike in stock so far so can't compare with other colours. Switch gear is easy to use but different to every other make I have ridden so takes a bit of getting used to. Clutch is very light. Gear changes are precise but you need to be gentle with the clutch or it will snatch - a characteristic of the Guzzi I believe due to the way it is engineered. The LED lights are very bright - the bike was brought around from the back and I looked straight at the eagle logo and felt my retinas evaporating just from the DRLs. Screen is colour LED and you can pair it with a phone. Supposedly adjusts the brightness depending on weather. There were times I looked at the speedo and just had a reflection. Mirrors are very good. They only vibrate when stationary with the engine running. Vibes are well balance when on the move. You need to give it plenty of revs when pulling away. You can short shift but the motor seems to like being revved. Using the gears to slow down, approaching a roundabout or tight corner, is undramatic as long as you remember to use the clutch. I am too spoilt by autoblipping, down the box quickshifters. The engine noise is disappointing but the performance is sprightly considering only 80bhp. I was probably doing 60-70 from Cirencester to Bibury where I would be doing over 80 on the XR. The worst thing is the screen. 60-70 felt fast enough on A roads due to the racket. 80+ even for the short distance from Ciren to Swindon on the A419 was tiresome. I would add a Puig spoiler or similar. The best thing is the handling. This was a huge surprise, especially on the Anakee tyres. The speed of the steering is just lovely. It takes so little effort to initiate a turn. On the A435 from Seven Springs to Ciren there are some fast sweepers and it tracks a line really well. Most ADV bikes need plenty of countersteering to stop them drifting wide. As you would expect, on single track, bumpy roads the bike comes into its own. The road from Bibury through Ablington back to the A429 has steep hills, gravel and bumpy straights. No dramas and 60-70 across the bumpy straights was easy going. I reset the fastest speed trip on the way back. It read 113mph. You get disco LEDs around the display when you go over the recommended revs for running in. Orange then red. I saw them quite a bit. The bike only had 180 miles on the clock at the start and 250 afterwards. It took quite a while to get to that speed on the private road. A R1200GS appeared in my mirror in Barnsley as I was behind traffic. As we left the 30 limit he had no trouble disappearing with his 50% more bhp. Cruise control works well. Switch is thumb operated. I prefer the index finger tab on the BMWs. At least it is on the left unlike my Explorer. Seat was okay on the 60 odd miles. Firm support. I could just get both feet on the floor with my 31" inseam. Peg position okay, didn't scrape. My right hip did complain a bit. A slightly canted forward position seems to suit it better. Very well balanced a low speed and I was confidently filtering through traffic on my way back into Swindon. It's a very nice bike and looks so much nicer than the KTM 790 (I sat on one, they have a demo) but ultimately, it's not nice enough to make me change either of the BMWs.
  5. wessie

    Swiss Alps

    It does not look like you plan to leave Switzerland so do not bother with cash in Euros. They use Swiss Francs and this will be more welcome than Euros (plus you will get a really bad exchange rate). On the day you go to Andermatt, make sure you take a different route from Meiringen on the way there to the way back. Susten pass in one direction, Grimsel & Furka on the way back. Or vice versa. Meiringen itself is a pleasant town with a Sherlock Holmes museum as it is close to the Reichenback Falls. The RT will be a bit of a bus on the high passes. The corners on the eastern side of the Susten pass are quite tight (although I was riding the day after they opened the pass so had 30 foot banks of snow the made the effect more pronounced. The F800GT would be easier (but check the seat height before you commit). The R1200RS is closest to the FJ09 and a cracking bike (I would say that as I changed from Tracer to RS). Make sure you understand the road signs for "motorways" that need a Vignette. The roads are not necessarily dual carriageway. Your hire bike might already have one fitted as they are annual stickers that stay with the vehicle. They cost 40CHF for 12 months and there is no tourist pass for 2 weeks like Austria. Big fines if caught on a motorway without one. There are sections around Thun & Interlaken. Details with map: Motorways/Autobahn of Switzerland: Vignette / Toll WWW.AUTOBAHNEN.CH Autobahnen.CH the page about the Swiss motorways. Here you will find further information regarding, toll/vignette, service areas, webcams, expansions and more than 1500 pictures and many more. When in June are you going? Sometimes the high passes aren't open until mid-June so have some back-up plans for alternative trips. One would be go to Giswil just north of Meiringen and ride the Panoramastrasse to Fluhli then return via Marbach and the Honegg mountain - only 1200m altitude rather than 2500m. A nice little loop of 85 miles or so. I tend to string 3 or 4 of these together for a leisurely ride in the Alps as I don't do the walking & flower pressing side of touring.
  6. Things I do when commuting to an office: Wear a 2 piece suit - so much easier to get into and out of. Wear a standard fleece jacket under the outer jacket instead of the thermal liner. The fleece can be used as a casual jacket. Only add electric waistcoat in very cold weather. Wear short Daytona Rainbow boots that look like plain black shoes. Look fairly "normal" worn with jeans over them. I also keep a pair of casual shoes under my desk for warmer weather as the Daytona can get hot in summer. Use a topbox - if not going to the office, my helmet & jacket will fit inside when parked. My laptop and bag fit inside when travelling. Overtrousers could go in side case which also has sportswear bag. Other side case for daytime clothing.
  7. wessie

    Riding suit

    Clothing with a Goretex liner will have a DWR coating which will help prevent wet crap contaminating the outer layer. This does wear off but I find a wash once, maybe twice, a year with something like Nikwax Tech wash and then treatment with Nikwax TX Direct cleans and refreshes the DWR coating. I do this in a washing machine - Tech wash in the soap drawer and TX Direct where you put the fabric conditioner so it is added with the final rinse. My goto brand is Rukka. I try to buy their products on closeout. Not sure if you get them in the US but they have a reputation in Europe on the level with Klim.
  8. How long are you going for? I'd want a month to give that list any justice
  9. P&O Ferry discount: Just had this in an email. It's not on their website. BOOK NOW AND GET £30 CASHBACK ON YOUR FUEL Are you planning a trip with us to France soon? Then don’t wait any longer, because if you book by 29th December you will get £30 cashback on your fuel. All you need to do is book your trip between 23rd October and 29th December 2018. Use code FREEFUEL30SB* if you are looking to travel between 3 and 5 days or FREEFUEL30* if you are looking to travel more than 5 days. We’ll send you further instructions on how to redeem your cashback after you complete your booking. Over 5 days use: http://www.poferries.com/en/dover-calais?promotionCode=FREEFUEL30 Under 5 days use http://www.poferries.com/en/dover-calais?promotionCode=FREEFUEL30SB
  10. UK: Shoei Neotec in white only £300 https://www.mandp.co.uk/clearance/shoei-neotec-flip-front-helmet.html
  11. For UK riders, M&P have a batch of the original Shoei Neotec in white for £300 - modular flip helmet with drop down visor. Hurry before they go. https://www.mandp.co.uk/clearance/shoei-neotec-flip-front-helmet.html I bought an anthracite one when they had the last batch. Great helmet for the price.
  12. I've been using my Tucano muffs on various bikes since 2009. Always leave them on the bike, even when parked on a street. These come with security wires and drilled metal straps so you could use a small padlock if you wanted. I don't bother, just use a zip tie to keep them in place.
  13. Insoles: I just use one controller for jacket and insoles. I do not insert the controller in the pocket as instructed. I just leave the lead connected in the pocket and forget it exists. I then put the controller on the end of the lead coming from the bike. I connect the insoles into the base of the jacket. With the way I have it wired the controller is now limiting the current into both jacket & insoles. Disadvantage is that you have to have both at the same setting. Also, the controller is now exposed to the weather and it has got upset at least twice in torrential downpours. I think water goes in through the rubber gaiter on the wiring so I have sealed it with self amalgamating tape. Seems to have worked. I find I very rarely need the controller on anything other than the lowest setting, even though the current is split through more circuits. Perhaps the circuit is voltage regulated not current regulated so work out okay. If this is the case then probably wise not to use the high setting as the controller might not like the extra current drawn. Sleeves: yes, heated sleeves might be better as I might need fewer layers on my arms. Not sure I would like a heated collar. I have a very short neck and feel a bit restricted even with a thin neck tube.
  14. that time of year when Brittany Ferries encourage early bookings with 15% off ferry bookings and 20% off holidays to coincide with the NEC show http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/show-offer-nov18?referrer=610921&utm_campaign=405-OEVMC-4518&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=
  15. New R1250 R, RS, RT, GS & GSA https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0286296EN/the-new-bmw-r-1250-r-the-new-bmw-r-1250-rs-and-the-new-bmw-r-1250-gs-adventure?language=en TFT dash is standard on the R & RS. Some pretty vile colours - hi viz yellow or "special 719" in brown With such radical changes to the engine I think I will want to see it beta tested by early adopters before even considering upgrading my bike, plus none are as pretty as my R1200RS