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  1. P&O Ferry discount: Just had this in an email. It's not on their website. BOOK NOW AND GET £30 CASHBACK ON YOUR FUEL Are you planning a trip with us to France soon? Then don’t wait any longer, because if you book by 29th December you will get £30 cashback on your fuel. All you need to do is book your trip between 23rd October and 29th December 2018. Use code FREEFUEL30SB* if you are looking to travel between 3 and 5 days or FREEFUEL30* if you are looking to travel more than 5 days. We’ll send you further instructions on how to redeem your cashback after you complete your booking. Over 5 days use: http://www.poferries.com/en/dover-calais?promotionCode=FREEFUEL30 Under 5 days use http://www.poferries.com/en/dover-calais?promotionCode=FREEFUEL30SB
  2. UK: Shoei Neotec in white only £300 https://www.mandp.co.uk/clearance/shoei-neotec-flip-front-helmet.html
  3. For UK riders, M&P have a batch of the original Shoei Neotec in white for £300 - modular flip helmet with drop down visor. Hurry before they go. https://www.mandp.co.uk/clearance/shoei-neotec-flip-front-helmet.html I bought an anthracite one when they had the last batch. Great helmet for the price.
  4. I've been using my Tucano muffs on various bikes since 2009. Always leave them on the bike, even when parked on a street. These come with security wires and drilled metal straps so you could use a small padlock if you wanted. I don't bother, just use a zip tie to keep them in place.
  5. wessie

    Best heated gear

    Insoles: I just use one controller for jacket and insoles. I do not insert the controller in the pocket as instructed. I just leave the lead connected in the pocket and forget it exists. I then put the controller on the end of the lead coming from the bike. I connect the insoles into the base of the jacket. With the way I have it wired the controller is now limiting the current into both jacket & insoles. Disadvantage is that you have to have both at the same setting. Also, the controller is now exposed to the weather and it has got upset at least twice in torrential downpours. I think water goes in through the rubber gaiter on the wiring so I have sealed it with self amalgamating tape. Seems to have worked. I find I very rarely need the controller on anything other than the lowest setting, even though the current is split through more circuits. Perhaps the circuit is voltage regulated not current regulated so work out okay. If this is the case then probably wise not to use the high setting as the controller might not like the extra current drawn. Sleeves: yes, heated sleeves might be better as I might need fewer layers on my arms. Not sure I would like a heated collar. I have a very short neck and feel a bit restricted even with a thin neck tube.
  6. that time of year when Brittany Ferries encourage early bookings with 15% off ferry bookings and 20% off holidays to coincide with the NEC show http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/show-offer-nov18?referrer=610921&utm_campaign=405-OEVMC-4518&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=
  7. wessie

    Best heated gear

    Another Keis fan - I use a heated vest and insoles. as the poster above says, you can plug the insoles into the jacket to reduce the leads. I have also bought a pair of Gerbing G12 gloves which are very comfy and warm but not tested long enough to give a strong recommendation. Say they are waterproof but not tested this feature yet.
  8. I fitted KTM handguards to my Tracer and then added Tucano Urbano R319 bar muffs. With the OEM heated grips these kept my hands warm & dry using summer or autumn gloves. Cold wet hands make commuting miserable. I also have a Keis heated waistcoat. My commute is shorter but I might use my heated insoles for 30 miles in cold weather, zip-tying the wiring into my overtrousers. I use a Goretex/cordura jacket made by Hein Gericke. I don't use the winter liner provided with the jacket but layer with a regular fleece as this can be worn as a casual jacket if going for a walk at lunchtime. Trousers: I use overtrousers. Unlined nylon in summer if wet or Held insulated ones in winter. If you are ATTGATT you may want something more armoured. I keep a pair of casual shoes in the office under my desk and take my gear off in the time my thin client desktop connects to the mainframe. I usually have time to make coffee before the connection is established as well. A Pinlock is good and my Shoei helmet comes with one. If you have not used one make sure you can cope with the extra reflections as these can be a bit disorientating to begin with (although better since the UK has moved away from sodium street lights to whiter LEDs). For the bike, I added a Tutoro auto-oiler.
  9. wessie

    Pants/trousers hangers?

    both pairs of trousers I use (one Rukka, one BMW Airider) have loops inside the waistband like a skirt. I use a wooden hanger that has notches for these loops