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  1. Hi Piotrek, yes I have informed Givi who are urgently looking into it. Being an engineer I decided to get on with it and fix the problem myself. It’s not a package fault but a design error as the drawings show an M19x80mm bolt, the thread depth will only take 70mm. Bugie, ref your request for photos, I can post but the bars look exactly the same as on all the dealer photos.
  2. Received Givi’s new TN2139 bars yesterday and they were just a little bit awkward to fit. Fitting the right bar - the bolt at the top front was 10mm too long, if I had forced it in it would have damaged the alloy engine block. Had to cut 10mm off bolt (have informed Givi). The rear top bolt needs an extra 3 washers to make bars align comfortably. Washers disappear into bar tubing so can’t be seen. Fitting the left bar - the rear lower bolt which goes through the rear engine mount has to be withdrawn, it can be gently tapped out using a long cross head screwdriver. The engine did not move. I replaced the bolt the other way round with the nut on the left. This makes it very much easier to remove the crash bar in the future. To me they look good, but more importantly they will give lots of protection should I ever have to lay the bike down.
  3. I would take it to a body shop. They do this all the time and if they get it wrong they have to sort it. Should not cost very much.
  4. Definitely not stupid. I had I similiar problem on a Fazer 1000 , above 70 mph I had a gentle swagger to front wheel. Spotted new front tyre had been put on wrong way round. Went back, got it changed and problem gone.
  5. Just got an email from Givi stating that they are hoping their new 900gt engine bars will be available early in 2019, probably January.. Part number TN2139. R&G have launched new bar ends for GT which I have ordered.
  6. Definitely my next bike. Won’t need engine bars or sliders. Lol.
  7. I agree with yam that it’s down to aesthetics and what suits you, bars definitely look much bulkier but seem to me to give bettter all round protection. I think in this case protection has got to take priority for me as I am getting on a bit and just might be a little more liable to lay the bike down. ?
  8. Yes I agree with your summoning up Budgie. I will wait for Givi bars. Givi never give dates of launching a new product, they just say in the near future and we will contact you. They never have contacted me in the past so I just watch their website. I have just put fender extender and rad guard on, a friend has just had a stone hole his new KTM rad, it was very expensive.
  9. Fehling have said if I buy and they won’t fit then I can return and get a full refund. That seems very fair. However I have been in touch with Givi and they say they have completed a design for engine bars which are in the process of being manufactured. They cannot send me a picture or price at the moment. I guess I should hang in to see what this one looks like.
  10. Yes they do make crash bars which look very nice but appear to me to offer no protection to the lower side of engine. On the rare occasion when I have had to drop a bike to ground this is the part which gets damaged. The Fehling bars seem to wrap around this lower part of engine giving some protection.
  11. Hi Bugie, I saw that post but for some reason Fenling do not recommend fitting to the gt. I am confused?
  12. I emailed FEHLING in Germany and got this reply “this article is not compatible with your 2018 Yamaha Tracer 900gt. Unfortunately at the moment we do not have crash bars for your bike model.” I think it must have something to do with the body panels. If somebody has fitted these bars I would love to hear from them.
  13. Has anyone in UK/Europe successfully fitted engine crash bars on the 900gt? If so what type and any problems?
  14. I have purchased the MRA screen with aerofoil. Have done 5,000 miles with it and am pleased with it, it is a definite improvement.