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  1. It sounds like you, like me, grew up riding bikes with Carbs, not FI. I sometimes miss the carb bikes because modern FI always feel abrupt both going on the throttle and coming off. Many here will disagree, but I can build a better and faster rhythm in the twisties in mode B. Maybe my fine motor skills are just not good enough to be smooth with mode A- because I am never in that mode. As stated- keeping the cable and chain in spec can make a big difference....
  2. FWIW guys, I tried all of the fixes here, including a move to expensive Rizoma mirrors in the stock holes. Nothing worked for long, until I used the drill pin/spring pin method mentioned a few pages back. 100% effective, and no hint of movement since. Rock on
  3. I think I just succeeded in making them public. Not sure how they ended up private. Let me know if you cant see them
  4. If you have a cardo or sena, you might want to check out my post here
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    So I am in the love/hate camp with Garmin- usually hate. I cant stand Base Camp and how primitive it can be with pre- route planning and loading it smoothly as a specific route (not a track) onto the device without issue. So, before anyone who likes to design a custom route buys a garmin, I refer them to search the "Scenic Web App" for iphones. You can build and modify a route in Google maps, and then seamlessly transfer and edit it in Scenic. From there, just press go on your phone with good directions. Its cheap enough, and does NOT need cell signal. Worth a look unless you absolutely must have a dedicated GPS. I own 2, and I prefer to use Scenic unless I am going off road. https://advrider.com/f/threads/scenic-iphone-ipad-app-alternative-to-garmin-zumo-and-tomtom-rider.1161012/
  6. Funny that you suggest that... The Rizoma gear described above is top notch, but the stalks arent quite long enough for me. Im probably too wide, but I saw too much elbow and not enough roadway behind me. Last night I added these to Rizoma set up https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KLOY6GI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 the will take some more adjusting and resetting the Rizomas, but I think that i now have the best setup (but pricey)
  7. Has anyone tried these things, looks pretty cool: https://motomanufacturing.com/mirrorlok/
  8. So dont be so fast to do so Stinky. After a few weeks of "all is well" my right side mirror moved back again. I was unwilling to torque it down any further for fear of snapping/stripping that small fastener and post. What a terrible design. So, I ordered these: Rizoma Side Mount Mirror Adapter Required for perch mounting, these adapters are machined from... Rizoma Radial RS Mirror The Radial RS boasts clean lines, Rizoma's top notch machining &... I have the right installed (after taking off the windscreen during install), and it seems to line up well and look good. The left side should go on tomorrow. Lots of adjust-ability, VERY high quality piece of kit, and good looking. My fear is that it may be a bit short - ie, does not extend out past the bar and my elbows as far as I would like. If I was doing it over, I would likely seek a longer/wider one. We'll see after a test ride. The price is just outrageous. That is what we pay for quality, and for impatience. Shame on Yamaha for a poor mirror design on an otherwise damn good bike.
  9. Thanks to all for their brainstorming and good ideas on the forum. My right mirror was bending back at high speeds, especially over bumps. The good reading hear convince me to buy a benchgrinder, and after some careful work I had a 10M socket that fit into that cavity to tighten the stem harder. I did add some blue loctite, hoping to make the fix permanent. We'll see
  10. I gave up on OEM fuel guages and computers about 10 bikes ago. The trip odometer is the closest thing that you can get to a reliable fuel- o- meter on any bike, including the Tracer....
  11. This was interesting to see our bikes get continuing coverage. Long-Term Tracer 900 GT Update WWW.CYCLEWORLD.COM Nick Ienatsch prepares his long-term 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT to hit the road to COTA MotoGP. I am especially focused on the gearing change. Has anyone ever tried something like that? I am tempted to go for it. One of my dislikes on the bike is that it feels too revvy for my riding style. Tempting...
  12. My bike has a similiar whine, and it seems to diminish as I rack up miles. At the first service, I had the dealer tech take it for a ride on the highway to listen. He was clear that every FJ he has ridden makes the same noise.
  13. So after 30 years of riding and lot of experimenting... here is the money is no object choice: Get your phone bluetoothed into a Sena or Cardo system Plug these into your ears- CUSTOM STEREO EARPLUG SPEAKERS WWW.PLUGUP.COM under helmet earplugs,custom made in the ear stereo earspeakers, low profile for under helmet applications Then, enjoy protection for your hearing with the ability to take phone calls and hear music on your own terms with voice commands etc.
  14. Same problem on mine, dealer's senior tech test rode it and proclaimed that it was normal and every FJ model may the same sound