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  1. Sometime back I posted that I was buying a National Cycle V-Stream wind screen for my Tracer 900 GT and that I would post my thoughts once I had it. Well, that was quite awhile ago and I can no longer find the original post, so we'll start fresh here. I ordered the V-Stream Mid-size (15% tint) screen shortly after the new product announcement in October, 2018. It seems that National Cycle overhung the market by a fair bit. It was late January before the product was actually available to ship. I have received and installed it, and I am VERY pleased. The quality of build is first rate. It's thicker (more sturdy) than the OEM screen. It's slightly larger than the stock screen but has a very different profile. National Cycle claims that their profile does a much better job of managing wind flow. Having ridden with the screen for a couple of months now, I have to agree. Buffeting is certainly reduced, and while you won't think you're sitting behind a Goldwing screen, the pocket of air around the head is much more composed (I am 5'7", so rider with different dimensions may have a different experience). This is my first National Cycle experience. I don't hesitate to recommend the National Cycle V-Stream shield for the 2019 Tracer 900 GT.
  2. OK - My review as promised when I started this thread. I have received the integrated tail light/turn signal unit and LED flasher relay from Custom LED out of NJ. I am hugely impressed with the quality of the product. It is plug-and-play with no modifications required. The LEDs are BRIGHT!! Brightness is always a concern with cheaper items from China. There is a great deal of programmability for things like brake strobe pattern, brightness, etc. As an FYI, Custom LED is having a holiday sale. The tail light unit is $139 with free delivery. The relay was another $19. Their website is www.customeled.com Money very well spent . . . To complement this purchase, I also bought a "Tail Tidy" fender eliminator from Customized Bike Parts LLC on eBay. These are made in Indiana by Chris Reese, who goes above and beyond to make sure you are getting something that will work on your bike. The item I selected has no turn signal mounting points. It weighs just a couple of ounces and is a drop in fit. By contrast, the OEM schnoz abortion it replaces weighs somewhere around four or five pounds. Price of this was $31.48 I'm attaching a few pics to show the before and after. I am pretty persnickety when it comes to what I put on my bike. I'm a very happy camper with this combo.
  3. Where does the turn signal relay live on this bike?
  4. I suspect many of you share my dislike for the unsightly snorkel that hangs off the Tracer's ass to accommodate turn signals while the hard luggage is mounted. I have looked at some of the "fender eliminators" on the market, but all seem to pose the issue of clearance for the turn signals when the hard bags are mounted. I found what appears to be an excellent solution via a high quality US-made integrated tail light/brake light/turn signal unit designed to fit the 2019 Tracer/GT. eBay link below: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-FJ-09-Tracer-900-GT-Tail-Light-Integrated-Turn-Signals-FJ09-Tracer/172003014417?fits=Model%3ATracer+900%7CSubmodel%3AGT%7CMake%3AYamaha&hash=item280c2db711:g:EWAAAOSwEK9T16Pd:sc:USPSFirstClass!29690!US!-1:rk:1:pf:0#vi-ilComp The unit is not cheap at $150, but it looks very well engineered with lots of programmability including 11 different brake strobe patterns. It's manufactured by Custom LED LLC out of New Jersey. Their website FAQ section says the unit will make the blinkers blink faster, but they offer an inexpensive plug-and-play LED relay to handle this if one is concerned. I believe this unit, combined with one of the cheap fender eliminators on eBay would really clean up the eyesore backside of this bike. I plan to buy one and install it. I will submit a review once I have it all sorted out. Stay tuned . . .
  5. I think the issue with narrower bars could be clearance with the gas tank when at full turn. It might work, but then again it might not. I agree that a narrower bar and more bend would be better. We'll just need to make sure we don't have incompatibility.
  6. The absolute best way I have found to remove bugs and road grime from the finish is with medium grit sandpaper. This works especially well on face shields
  7. I suspect that some of you may know of Ivan's Performance Products. Ivan is a highly regarded tuner from upstate NY. I ran his TRE on my Hayabusa and was enormously pleased. Turns out he just relocated from NY to Greenville, SC and his new shop is 10 minutes from my house. I stopped in to meet him and inquire about a reflash. At this time he has not developed the maps for the 2019 GT. The ECU is different from the base Tracer and also different from all previous models of the Yamaha '09 series. Development of the map will require him to purchase the ECU, physically cut it open to access the components and then back engineer the baseline files. From there new maps can be created. As with all business decisions, I anticipate his decision to do/not do this will be demand driven. So if you are interested in performance tuning for your GT, let Ivan know. All of his contact info is on his website at www.ivansperformanceproducts.com I will stay in touch with him and let everyone know if the reflash becomes available.
  8. OK - When I spoke to National Cycle a few weeks ago (10/22/18), they had proto typed the screens and were setting up for production. I reached back out to them today and was told "on the shelf" kit should be available ~ November 20. We'll see. I have a preproduction order in place and am told I'm #1 in line for the the mid size light tint screen (part # N20332). I'll post to this board when/if I receive the item and let you all know my thoughts, impressions and experience. Stay tuned . . .
  9. Like many posting to this thread, I was frustrated by the rider pegs getting in the way of side stand deployment. The fix is simple - remove the peg feelers. They serve no real purpose, look strange and are the peg element that gets in the way. Removal requires a 7mm wrench. Take them off - you will be happy you did. I also agree with the comments on the thumb wheel. Several people posted suggestions on how this could have laid out better. Any of these would be better than what it is now. Check out a new FJR - that bike has a much more rider-friendly arrangement. Finally, I wish Yamaha had put a longer hugger on the rear. The one that's there does a poor job of shielding from the road crap the rear tire kicks up. Keep the rubber side down, guys.
  10. For those who may not have noticed, National Cycle has announced three additions to their V-Stream line for the 2019 Tracers as follows: [span] - Part # N-20331: Dark tint short "sport" windscreen [span] - Part # N-30332: Light tint "sport touring" windscreen [span] - Part # N-30333: Clear "touring" windscreen About two weeks ago I spoke to Peter at National Cycle to order one of the screens. Sounds like they have created the prototypes and are still in the final stages of setting up a production run. I'll check back in another week or so and order/install if the item is available. I'll create a product review as soon as I am able. If interested, their web site is www.nationalcycle.com Keep the rubber side down, guys[/span][/span][/span]
  11. I can't answer your question directly, but I can share how I have set up my Tracer 900 GT to accommodate a cell phone or GPS. I purchased the Ram Mount base that screws into the handlebar clamp (part# RAM-B-367U), the double socket arm (part# RAM-B-201U) and the X-Grip large phone holder (part# RAM-HOL-UN10BU). The specific holder you need will depend on the device you seek to mount. With the base installed on the forward left-side handlebar clamp, my phone/GPS is immediately visible, does not obstruct view of the TFT display, and is close to the power socket to keep the connection cord short as possible. One tip - If ordering directly from RAM, they will gig you big time for S&H (~$24.00). Purchased off eBay, shipping is free.
  12. My thumb wheel didn't seem to work either (could not access the menu function). Try pushing the wheel towards the center of the bike as you push it in. That works on mine.
  13. This past Friday (October 5) National Cycle added three new windscreens in their V-Stream line for the 2019 Tracer and Tracer GT. Check them out.