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    No thanks. I"m looking for the "comfort seat."
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    FJ 09 Issue Advice for Newbies

    Only problem with that is I ain’t interested in electric vehicles. Not even a little bit. I'd consider a reasonably priced electric scooter for buzzing around down town, especially when it's really hot and humid....
  4. tracerben

    FJ 09 Issue Advice for Newbies

    I usually buy used, especially when it comes to motorcycles. You guys are absolutely correct, you need to know the out the door price (including or excluding fixed registry charges like tax, tag and title). But in my experience the out the door price is often way too high. It is one thing to pay MSRP. We all know the bike depreciates rapidly as soon as you drive it off the lot. But it is another thing to pay MSRP plus $2-3,000 in dealer charges. Do that and you REALLY get soaked. And that is especially true if you are buying a less expensive model. A few grand added to the price of a $25,000 Gold Wing is not as a painful as the same amount added to a $6,000 CB1100, right?
  5. tracerben

    FJ 09 Issue Advice for Newbies

    Ironically it illegal in Florida too! But apparently everyone ignores the law and the government doesn't enforce it....
  6. tracerben


    If you bought a Yamaha Comfort Seat and don't like it, I'll take it off your hands for a reasonable price. I'm relatively happy with the stock seat but would like to try something a little firmer....
  7. tracerben

    FJ 09 Issue Advice for Newbies

    I don't like dealing with motorcycle dealers in Florida, but for a different reason. The vast majority of them use a pricing strategy that I find very deceptive. They advertise one price but the real price is actually much higher because they tack on a series of exorbitant charges to the advertised price before you buy. For example, I saw a leftover CB1100 advertised at a local dealer for $6,000. That seemed like a good deal so I said I was interested. Then they had me sit down, wrote it up and came back with an actual price of closer to $9,000. Now some of that was registry charges but about $2,000 of it was for "freight" and "prep" plus "document" fees and other dealer fees like that. I was so pissed I walked out (and later ended up buying an FJ 09)! I guess the guy selling the FJ was a crook too!!! The price was more reasonable but it turns out the model was a year older than he said!
  8. tracerben

    FJ 09 Issue Advice for Newbies

    Son of a bitch! They told me it was a 2018, but you are right, it is a 2017!!! If there is anything slimier than a Florida motorcycle dealer, I'm not sure what it could be....
  9. tracerben

    Florida Summer Helmet Mods

    The issue of buffeting was another reason I started down this road. I used to ride with the shield cracked open to get some extra air. If I have the shield closed it fogs up every time I stop at a stop light. Anyway, on the FJ the bike's windshield isn't high enough to get the airflow over the top of my head. And when the helmet shield is cracked open I get buffeted like crazy. I close the shield and the buffeting is 90% gone, but then I have to deal with fogging. So I drilled enough vent holes to let me ride with the shield down all the time. And that seems to be working great. My first idea was a little too much; all I really need is a few holes. I wish some of the helmet shield mfrs would sell vented versions of some of the shields....
  10. I think it is important to point out many of the FJ 09 Issues and Niggles have been have been addressed by Yamaha over the years. So you have to put in context the complaints you read about in this forum. I bought a 2018 FJ 09. When I first joined I wondered what a lot of the complaints were referring to, then I realized they were talking about the earlier models not the one I have. The biggest issue is the windshield. That appears to have been addressed in the 2019 Tracer models. But the windshields on all the earlier FJ 09's are neither effective nor attractive. And, IMHO, you have to choose between a shower or door or something that looks good on the bike but doesn't give full protection to replace the stock unit. I went with the VStream sport tour. It's not perfect but I like it. Right behind that is the fueling. I didn't realize it at first, but that issue is very different for the early 2015 models. It apparently was addressed in 2017 because my 2018 runs fine, especially after I synced the throttle bodies. I did end up getting a Throttle Tamer to tame some slight snatchiness, but that was primarily because I found the Tamer for a little over $50 and figured it couldn't hurt (and it does help). The third issue is the seat, which I actually don't have a problem with. Maybe it depends on whether you use it in the upper position, as I do, or the low position. I don't know. I notice the new Tracer seats look better padded. I'd try a Comfort Seat if someone sold a used one. The Corbin seat looks awesome but I'm not paying $600. So I guess I'll be sticking with the stock seat for now. Unless you buy the top of the line 2019 Tracer, you have to add your own saddlebags. I ended up getting the OEM bags, even though they are expensive and they don't hold that much stuff. The reasons were because they also don't stick way out and make my butt look big; and they don't have an ugly frame that stays on the bike when you take them off. Then there are the little niggles that I guess still exist, even on the 2019 models. One is the scooter horn. I swapped that out for a "Freeway Blaster." Then there are the mirrors, which are useless. I added extenders and that cured the problem. I don't like the dirt bike footpegs, so I swapped those out. And last but not least is the tail light, which you can barely see. I got a Custom Dynamics unit to replace that too. And now I really can't think of anything to complain about....
  11. tracerben

    Florida Summer Helmet Mods

    I tried this a different way: drilling some small holes above the chin vent. Not as effective but probably a better way of doing it....
  12. tracerben

    Ermax or national cycle v stream

    I have the VStream. I'm 6'. It doesn't quite get the air up over my head, so I get some turbulence, especially if I crack the my helmet visor open a little. But the VStream is very well made and looks good on the motorcycle. The Ermax appears to be a roughly the same height but a little wider. That's a definite selling point. But I think the Ermax is also a little thinner and not as well made. That's a negative. The Ermax is also much cheaper. For $100, I may give one a try. If I do I'll followup. IMHO, if you are 6' or taller, the only way to get touring bike level wind protection is to strap a barn door to the front of the motorcycle. I guess a lot of people don't have a problem doing that, but I'm not one of them....
  13. tracerben

    "Must Have" add ons

    I did the shield first, and also added sidecases and a rack. Then mirror extenders, a less wimpy horn and tail light, and rubber foot pegs. If I had a 2015, I'd do the ECU flash. I have a later model so I just did a throttle tamer.
  14. tracerben

    yamaha comfort seat

    Does the comfort seat attach to the bike more firmly than the stock seat? My stock seat is a little wobbly at times....