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  1. Wish I could take credit but the previous owner did the suspension install. I would've done the same though.
  2. I use a bungee net on occasion to haul stuff and the mounts work great for tie down points. The panel is cut.
  3. Couple snaps from a quick ride to test the ecu map with the new slip on.
  4. Took it out for a quick rip in the twisties and it pulls nice and smooth through all the gears. Sounds great. Baffle out btw.
  5. Thanks. Ecu has already been flashed for stock exhaust. Need to road test it to see if it needs to be redone (flat spots, sputters etc). Just revving in the garage and already opted for baffle out.
  6. Slip on arrived Monday and had a chance to install today. So loud without the baffle... I love it. 😁
  7. Finally got one ordered and on it's way from MotoMachines and found a full system locally for $50 to chop up. Question, are you guys cutting before, after or centered on the weld? Planning on using a chop saw to make the cut and grinder to clean up accordingly.
  8. Which vendor did you order from? Scorpion directly or elsewhere?
  9. Where can I order one here in the States?
  10. Way back in 2011 i had an '11 D675. Solid bike.
  11. 10 years ago this pic would been of 3 gsxrs. Our old man bikes.
  12. In chronological order going back to '03. Most have seen double duty (street/trackdays).