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  1. That movement is designed in. Both my Kawasaki and my Yamaha have this free play.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Lots of good folks here and a lot of valuable information regarding our bike. The stock windshield is definately a poor design. Going with a shorter screen is a popular solution but puts you in the wind quite a bit. Western North Carolina is one of my favorite places to ride!! Sounds like you are not far from there.
  3. Welcome and congrats on getting the Tracer GT. I had an uncle who lived in a beautiful spot in Del Mar before he passed. I am jealous of you for the San Diego weather. We are slowly crawling out of winter here in Kentucky. I like your idea for the bright colored wheels. Anything that makes the bike more visible to others on the road is good in my opinion.
  4. I am going to guess by your comments that you have ridden the new Multistrada V4 enough to be familiar with how amazing the motor really is??? Would you care to share your thoughts on the overall performance and handling? No doubt that motor is probably a fantastic powerplant, but the price and the weight are deal breakers for me, especially the weight. I could just about pull the trigger on a new Multistrada if it were not so heavy. On long days of riding twisting roads the lightness of the Tracer GT really pays dividends in agility and reduction of fatigue toward the days end. I spent two days riding in the mountains with a friend who has a 2018 Multistrada. I had no problems keeping pace with him and in the tighter stuff like going up Blood Mountain I pulled away from him!! In my humble opinion, a V4 is probably the perfect engine design for a motorcycle. I was blown away by the performance of the V4 of the Aprilia when I took my friends RSV4 for a spin!! Although I am very impressed with the Yamaha CP3 and it's excellent power delivery. And the CP3 has plenty of power to keep this old man smiling. I find bikes like the Tracer GT and Kawasaki Z1000 SX to be much more value for the dollar, and they offer plenty of performance along with unbeatable reliability and more reasonable cost of ownership. Just my two cents.
  5. When I learned that the bike weighs 570 pounds wet I stopped watching the video. 😧
  6. Used the mushroom plug once.......it got me home but barely. Have used the rope plugs twice with very good results.
  7. I retired from QC with Toyota Motor Manufacturing. At the time I was working in powertrain, our four cylinder engines had a shim on top of the bucket arrangement. The top of the "bucket" surface was recessed, with a raised rim around the top. The shim sat in this recess beneath the cam lobe and was the exact thickness to fill the recess so that it was flush with the rim. We had a specialized tool that pushed down on the bucket at the rim, creating enough clearance that allowed you to pry the shim out and replace it with a different sized shim. Made valve adjustment a simple and quick operation that could be done with the cams in place. I often wondered why we never saw anything like this attempted with motorcycle engines. I can thing of a couple of reasons why this might not work on a higher revving, high compression engine, but imagine there might be a brilliant design engineering solution that could make this feasible.
  8. I don't disagree with using non ethanol gas and passing on the fuel stabilizer. However I have used whatever quality fuel is available and Stabil fuel stabilizer since 2002 and my bikes fire right up on the first push of the starter button after sitting for months. No adverse issues. It works just fine if you can't find 100% gas.
  9. This mirrors what happened to me last summer, but it was a turkey vulture. Nasty birds that clean up dead things. This one was dining on what appeared to be the carcass of a small deer at the edge of the road. Glad I hit the vulture and not a deer!!!
  10. One thing to consider is that the OEM chain, although made by D.I.D. is not of very good quality as compared to what you can buy in the aftermarket. At least this was my experience. D.I D. makes some excellent chains but any time an OEM buys parts from a vendor there are often concessions in order to make a price point. The best example of this is tires. A good quality 525 chain should be all you need.
  11. Penske shocks are very good and have height adjustment. Check with the folks at Traxxion Dynamics.
  12. No issues. Super reliable. You will enjoy it. Cheers mate.
  13. Looks like a fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing. Many of us live in places where winter is far too cold and wet to ride. My uncle lived in Del Mar and I always dreamed of living in a place like that where you don't have nasty winters. I would move but have too much family here.
  14. The stock Dunlop D222's on this bike are decent. I don't know why people gripe about them. Chucking them off before they are worn out is a waste of money. Yes, the tires you can get in the aftermarket are better but the OEM tires are not bad. I rode them pretty aggressively and they performed well with plenty of grip for deep lean angles at speed. Had no issues keeping up with the local sport bike riders in the twisties. Once they were worn out I replaced them with Dunlop Roadsmarts. Last couple of sets have been Metzeler M7 RR since I was able to get them for cheap. Just for fun I am thinking about running a set of the Pirelli Rosso Corsa 2 this summer. I know they will not last but they are incredible performance tires and will allow me to really explore the limits of this bikes handling with added confidence. After that I will probably stick with sport touring tires.
  15. Same here........had this occur with new boots. Went from Sidi to Alpinestars and the latter has a taller toe box. After a while the toe box developed a slight indentation from using the shifter and the problem solved itself. Just a matter of a few millimeters.
  16. I am not far from you, just off I-75, about 65 miles south of Cincinnati. There are some excellent roads in northern Kentucky where I run into a lot of riders from your area. Keep an eye on your chain. It seems Yamaha got a bad batch of them which started shedding o-rings very prematurely. If this happens it is quite visible upon inspection and will occur fairly early. There a a few on this forum have experienced this, including myself. Mine became noticeable at about 6000 miles. Yamaha is aware of this and has replaced them free of charge depending on mileage.
  17. I think this bike is probably one of the most overlooked on the market. Whenever I have stopped somewhere that other riders gather for food / fuel / socializing, almost no one has seen or heard of the Tracer 900GT. They see it as just a small touring bike but then are shocked when they can't run off and leave me in the twisties on their sport bikes. For me the beauty of this machine is that even for my 59 year old body and tall frame this thing is super comfortable for the long haul but can still be ridden in anger like a sport bike. It is actually quite good in stock form other than the windscreen.
  18. Hello Betoney, The spool for the right side was too large to fit within the opening at the end of the axle. It was the smaller of the two. As far as the external end of the axle being any different, or smaller than the standard forks on the non-GT model, I can't say. I would have thought they would use the same axle for both.
  19. Spoke with an R&G vendor about front axle sliders for my 2019 GT. My concern was that the XSR900, FJ09, and Tracer were shown but not the Tracer GT. He assured me that they would fit the GT as well. However we all know The GT has different forks which I mentioned to the vendor. He insisted they were the correct part for my GT. Once the sliders came they would not fit in the right end of the axle, ( not my first set of sliders, as I put them on all my bikes). I had a hard time getting them to accept the return at first as the guy on the phone insisted that it was the right part and that I must be doing something wrong. So who here has installed front axle sliders on the GT and what brand did you use. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  20. The Yamaha customer service website has a place for entering your VIN to see if there are any recalls involving your bike. Here is a link. Scroll down and click on recalls. Contact Us | Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. (yamaha-motor.com)
  21. We have the same issue with salt where I live. At the slightest hint of inclement winter weather they heavily coat the roads and it makes a real mess of your car. The local car washes probably love it.
  22. Welcome David. I feel your frustration from not being able to ride!! I have the same problem as I am mostly a fair weather rider and it is too cold here until March. You are going to love the Tracer. It truly is an excellent "do it all" bike.
  23. Only thing I will be riding today is the couch. Participated in a New Years Eve celebration last night and had a little too much Blanton's. I rarely drink and have no tolerance......😵