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  1. Always like the ZRX 1200 and still see them on the road on occasion. Had one slip thought my hands a couple years ago. It was the green color and was 100% stock original. Called and told the lady on the phone I would be there in the morning with cash. Two guys got there ahead of me that next morning and it was gone. I consider my Ninja 1000 somewhat of the evolution of this bike.
  2. Did not start riding until 2003. My first bike was a 2003 VFR 800, followed by a 2007 CBR 600 RR which eventually became my track bike after a couple years of street duty. Bought a 2011 Ninja 1000 and totaled it, but promptly picked up a 2013. Missed my 600 after I gave up track days and got a 2015 ZX6R. Finally realized super sports were no longer my thing and traded the ZX6R for my Tracer GT.
  3. My thoughts exactly. When you noticed that the bike feels harder to push around the garage after reinstalling the wheel, that would have been the time to stop, investigate, disassemble etc. At that point things might have been reversible. Taking the bike for a spin and stepping on the brake lever may have been what caused the real damage. Any time you perform work on the bike and something seems slightly amiss after it would be best to not ride until all things are put back to normal.
  4. Good point and something that I did not mention in my original post. With the new seat from Terry Adcox, shifting your hips from side to side for spirited cornering is not difficult, but it was a bit easier with the more narrow stock seat. At first I thought I might look for a deal on a used stock seat for local rides with my hooligan friends, but after the second time out on the seat I adjusted to the added width when hanging my one butt cheek off the side, so no problem. That is about the only negative thing I can come up with about this seat, and it is a very small matter that I was able to adjust for.
  5. Wow, 7775 miles in one week is some serious riding. It's not unusual for me to do 400 ~ 450 mile days when I am on a road trip but only for about five days. Don't think the wife would like it if I were gone any longer. I have only ridden twice since getting my seat and both were local rides of about 150 ~ 175 miles. Plan on hitting the road for about four or five days in June and that will be the real test of the seat.
  6. Some of you may remember the debacle with the release of the Sargent seat for the 900 GT. I was one of the first to get one and promptly sent it back as their manufactured seat pan was a terrible fit. Ended up sending my seat off to Terry Adcox. Turn around was quick. The build quality is very good and he matched the stitching and materials to the pillion seat beautifully. The seat is wide, slightly firm and fits well to the bike. The forward slope to the tank is gone, thank goodness! It definitely raises the ride height a bit. I was on the fence as to which seat height setting I preferred but with the new seat I am definitely leaving it in the lower position. I am 6 feet tall with a 34 inch inseam and I can just reach the ground on the balls of my feet with this seat in the lower position. Much of this is because the seat is wider and it pushes your thighs out just a bit. I believe this will change a little as the seat wears in. Every seat I have owned has worn in just a little and this one should be no different. Comfort is excellent, a big improvement over stock. Money well spent for sure. Terry was very busy when I contacted him so I had to wait a couple months before he could get to my seat. He was very nice on the phone and prompt with his email replies.
  7. Congrats on your new bike and welcome to the forum. As mentioned before there is a lot of good information here as well as a great group of friendly riders. Cheers...….John
  8. I have the smoke grey screen and think it looks better than the black screen. Only drawback with the smoke grey, ( and it is minor) is that the few drops of water than can get between the screen and the mounting surface of the bike leave slightly visible water spots. Hard to get behind the screen in that area to dry it after washing. On the black you probably will not see this. Otherwise very happy with the screen.
  9. Welcome to the forum. I would imagine you have some beautiful places with some good roads in the Alps. Hope you can share some pictures with us from some of your rides.
  10. I installed Powerlet sockets on both my bikes and they are wired directly to the battery, fused at 15 amps. With the ignition off and the bike parked I have used these to charge phones and run a small, portable air compressor with no issues. Afterward the bike starts right up.
  11. This is what I am seeing at 7500 miles. Looks as though it is spitting bits of o-ring. That or maybe this is what is commonly called "flashing" in the rubber and plastics industry. As said before I am using the same chain cleaning methods I have used for years on other bikes with no issues and excellent chain wear. The slightly red residue seen in the photo is just fuzz off the rag I used to wipe the chain a bit before taking the photo.
  12. I believe that getting shut out of the menu and disabling the quickshifter is normal whenever the check engine light is on. Strange that it does this but it has been consistent among GT owners who have for whatever reason had the light come on.
  13. Just wondering......is your quickshifter indicator also turned off? When I had a check engine light from a different issue it locked me out of the menu and turned off my quickshifter. Once the code was cleared all was back to normal.
  14. I have bought several bikes new, and have used the same chain maintenance methods for all of them. Usually get about 18,000 miles from the OEM chains, and managed 23,000 on my last one. However it appears that the OEM chain on my Tracer is not going to make it very far. Seems to be of poor quality. What kind of mileage did you get from your OEM chain???
  15. Based on what I have read most seem pretty satisfied with the Yamaha comfort seat, but a few not so much. I have owned Sargent seats for other bikes and they were excellent. I was extremely disappointed with the Sargent seat for the Tracer. The fit was terrible and it did not seem to be near the quality of my previous Sargent seats. I ended up ordering from Terry Adcox and should have my seat some time in late May and plan on hitting the road for a few days soon after. Will post a review here once I have taken a trip with the new seat.
  16. Not really sure why this is. However in my neck of the woods it appears that most folks want either a Harley Davidson or a sport bike. Anything else is looked at as somewhat of an oddity, especially it seems, by the Harley folks. Sport touring bikes just don't seem to be popular or well known of where I live. I have two bikes in my garage and both are sport tourers. My first bike was a sport tourer. I pulled into a gas station with my Tracer GT one sunny afternoon, had the bags mounted on the bike, and a tailbag, as I was prepared to be gone for a few days. There was a guy standing next to his Harley about ten feet away. When I removed my helmet he said, "Aren't you a little too old to be riding a crotch rocket?". Good grief. 🤨
  17. Excellent video. Very well done. Although my bike already has a slipper clutch I watched just to learn. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Winter can be his busiest time as that is when many folks want to send off their seat for customization. He contacts you when he is ready to build yours so that once he receives it he will rebuild it right away and ship it back to you. I contacted him in January and he was booked solid up to May!! I went ahead and sent my deposit and information so I would be scheduled for a build. I should be able to ship mine to him around the middle of next month. Until then the stock seat will have to do.
  19. I would think that adding grease to any fastener would affect the torque value. With lubricant in place the nut would turn past the point where it would normally reach torque and run the risk of damaging or stripping threads.
  20. I am 195 in full gear and run those same pressures. Works well for me.
  21. That would be very annoying. It sounds like the very brief pulse of cutting power which would occur when using the quick shifter. Obviously that is not what you were doing in the video. I would check the shift linkage first. See what amount of free play it should have per the service manual and make sure yours is correct. If it were too tight maybe it is causing the issue.
  22. Been going down to the area a few times each year since 2004. Usually pass through the Tail Of The Dragon a couple times while I am in the area. Received my one and only speeding ticket there several years ago. Mailed in my 220 dollars and that was the end of it. No reporting to my home state of Kentucky and no points. It's a fun and challenging road. Usually you can stop at either end and there will be plenty of other riders who can tell you if there are any cops on the road. Go during the middle of the week and it is much better, especially in the morning or early evening. Make a pass through and then from the NC end there are literally hundreds of miles of superb roads to be sampled. Cherohala Skyway is not to be missed.
  23. I own a 2013 Ninja 1000. The ergonomics have not changed over the years as far as I can tell. The Ninja has less leg room and the bars do not come up as high as the Tracers. It is definitely more of a sport oriented riding position, but for me it was still comfortable enough to do some touring. For further comparison, I used to ride a VFR 800 and the Ninja has a more upright riding position than the VFR. Now that I have the Tracer, I still ride both, but if I am going to hit the road for a few days I am more likely to leave the Ninja at home. For what it is worth, I am 58 years old and 6'1" tall with a 34 inch inseam.
  24. When the OEM tires were shot at around 3200 miles I bought a set of the Roadsmart 3. I had run a set on my other bike and like them very much. I had tried others and these feel a little more on the sport side of the sport touring equation with excellent dry grip. So far they are a little over half worn and they seem to be keeping their profile well. Handling feels the same as when new. I spoke with a Dunlop representative at a trade show and he hinted there might be a Roadsmart 4 later this year.