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  1. Last update. So, my predictions were right... I didn't get the bike back until early January. Again, when I went to pick it up there were still issues. This time, it turned out that the top-case that they had ordered to replace the one that they had damaged was completely the wrong one (not even close, they put a $120 case on to replace my $300 one, the only thing that was the same was the brand name) and in frustration I took the bike anyways and asked them to order the right one and deliver it to me when they had it. It took them until the beginning of Feb to get it to me, per their normal inability to order parts, and finally - A year from the original accident... it's finally back to where it should be, and is listed for sale. I'll never go do that shop ever again. I'll never recommend it to anyone. Overall, the service was adequate - but they failed so many times along the way, delayed so many times... that it was honestly the worst experience I've ever had with any company, ever.
  2. I've developed a medical issue that is ending my riding career. 😭😡 To that end, I'd love for all of my gear (most of it only a few months old) should go to someone who can enjoy it more than I can so that it will not go to waste sitting in the closet. I'd love to sell all of it to one person, but understand that that might not be the case. I am in NO RUSH to sell this, and I'm offering an amazing deal on some nearly new gear. Please consider that before lowballing me. PM me if you have any questions. Payment via PayPal, shipping anywhere CONUS; Buyer pays shipping. KLIM Switchback Cargo Pants, Brown 38 Tall - $200 Summer pants, solid and comfortable. They seriously feel like you're wearing a pair of cargo pants. Good venting, normal jeans style pockets up top, cargo pockets on the legs, solid construction. I loved these pants for summer, totally comfortable to walk around all day in. Legs are wide enough to fit comfortably over boots. Received May 2019, only worn until the end of July, 3-4 days a week commuting. Like new condition. KLIM Induction Gloves, Brown 3XL - $80 Best, and most comfortable gloves I've ever worn for motorcycling. The stitching on the outside for the fingers is a complete game changer. Received May 2019, only worn until the end of July, 3-4 days a week commuting. Like new condition. Rev'It Athos Air High-vis Vest - $30 Same as the above - Bought for summer commuting, only worn a few times. Received May 2019, only worn until the end of July, 1-2 days a week commuting (didn't wear the vest more than 15 times). Like new condition.
  3. I've developed a medical issue that is ending my riding career. 😭😡 To that end, I'd love for all of my gear (most of it only a few months old) should go to someone who can enjoy it more than I can so that it will not go to waste sitting in the closet. I'd love to sell all of it to one person, but understand that that might not be the case. I am in NO RUSH to sell this, and I'm offering an amazing deal on some nearly new gear. Please consider that before lowballing me. PM me if you have any questions. Payment via PayPal, shipping anywhere CONUS. Shipping will need to be ground for the Street Vest due to the lithium battery pack built into it. Note: Alpinestars gear runs small - usually you have to go 1-2 sizes up from what you'd wear for normal street or everyday wear. For reference - I wear an XL T-shirt comfortably... but the jackets and whatnot below are 3XL, primarily for sleeve length & torso width. I'm 6'4", 250lbs, 36-38 waist. The Revenant Jacket was ordered as a 4XL for extra sleeve length that really matters in the winter months. Alpinestars Tech Air Street Vest, 3XL - $600 [MSRP: $1149.95] This is the core of the system, the airbag itself. This has to be charged via USB, but the charge will last over a week. To note - this airbag has been deployed in a minor (sub 25mph) accident, but has been reset, & rearmed by Alpinestars factory tech, and has been used since that reset. This airbag is just over a year old, received October of 2018. It's been used for about 6 months total since then, daily commuting. I have been down while wearing this vest, (vest was undamaged) and it works as advertised. It inflates super fast, protecting your chest & back. Link to photo gallery of Vest & other equipment currently for sale. Alpinestars Revenant Jacket & Pants (sold as set) Jacket: 4XL, Pants 3XL - $1100 [MSRP Jacket: $949.95, Pants: $649.95] This was supposed to be my lifetime winter / fall / cold weather gear. I previously had the Drystar version of this set, the Andes Pro v2 (which is significantly cheaper), but did not like how the drystar fabric was not breathable. The Revenant set, when paired with the Tech Air Street vest is an amazing piece of kit. It's comfortable (for me) by itself down to the 40's, and all the way up to the 80's with the extensive vents wide open. It's got everything you'd want from an adventure / touring jacket. Colder, and you can just layer. This jacket does not have a built in winter liner, but i can provide one for you at little to no cost - see below. This jacket was purchased at the end of the winter 2019, early March. It was only worn for about two month - maybe 20 times total, before I switched to the Tailwind Air jacket mid April (see below) once it started to get warmer in NorCal. It's in like new condition, never down, never scratched, never even in the rain. The pants that go along with the jacket are as advertised, and just as good as the jacket. They were purchased and worn for the same time period. Both the jacket and pants are so new that the Gore-tex is still a little bit stiff. 🤣 Jacket is designed to be paired with the Tech Air Street Vest, above. Alpinestars Tailwind Air Jacket Black, 3XL- $250 [MSRP: $399.95] Summer & Hot weather kit. If you're rocking the Tech Air Street Vest - this the best thing that you can wear in the summer. The venting (especially in the chest areas) is awesome, and while moving will keep you cool. This jacket comes with an inner rain liner as well, which has never been worn. This jacket was received in May, 2019 and was worn until July 31, commuting 3-4 days a week. The jacket is still in like new condition, I hate to see it go. My loss, your gain. Jacket is designed to be paired with the Tech Air Street Vest, above. (sorry blurry photo) (rain liner for Tailwind) Winter Liners from Andes Pro Jacket & Pants (both 3XL) - $50 These liners should attach into any similar sized Alpinestars jacket / pants, through the little loops inside of the related item. The jacket & pants these were from were involved in a crash, and are not usable any longer. Should fit (will confirm) in either of the jackets above.
  4. I have a similar pair of summer gloves, the KLIM induction gloves. After dozens of gloves over the years, I think the key to both pairs (the OP's Rev'it Sand gloves, and the KLIM induction) is that the stitching is on the outside. It makes for so much more comfort over the traditional stitching.
  5. Gore-tex gear is where it's at. Jacket, Pants, Boots, gloves... all of it. It's worth every penny. Gore-tex gear is breathable, keeps you dry, and I've never had any leaking issues with gore-tex, save one. My last pants (KLIM badlands pro) were gore-tex, and where the water pools at your crotch area in a deluge, it would sometimes soak through the seams in the pants; not a failure of the fabric, but of the seams. this only happened twice, both times stuck in torrential downpour for over two hours in stop and go traffic. I've tried the other ways of protecting from water, and each has issues. Water proof liners work (i rode with a kit that had liners for two years), but the outerwear gets SOAKED, and it's like riding in a trash bag when the liners are in. You're dry... but sweat stays in and soaks your undergarments, making you colder. You don't want to wear the liners all the time for the same reason - so you only put them in when it's actually raining - which sometimes meant changing into the liners on the side of the road at the first sign of rain. no bueno. Drystar (as a fabric) has the benefit of no liners, but has the same garbage bag feeling. I rode with a Drystar jacket and pants for 2 monts, and it was the most miserable 2 months of my riding career.
  6. On the helmet OP topic, I've been riding with the AGV Sport Modular for 2 years now (and replaced it with the exact same helmet once due to an accident), with a AGV AX-8 Dual Sport helmet before that. The Sport Modular is super lightweight and super comfortable. Before getting it I had not considered a modular helmet before, but I'll never go back. The internal sun visor is key, and i've upgraded mine to have a smoke shield on the outside. Only downside is the cost, which is hard to stomach for most. Personally... out of all my gear, i'll spend the money to get the best of the best for a helmet to protect my noggin.
  7. I recently switched to the Alpinestars Tech Air Street airbag system, and with that switched to two different jackets one for Hot weather, and one for Not-hot weather. The airbag is what it is... it's expensive, but when you need it, it's there and it'll save your bacon. It's already saved mine once. For the summer months, it's the Alpinestars Tailwind. Enough venting for the crazy CA summer months, which is comfortable enough (while moving) even with the airbag. When it gets colder (really - when it's colder in the morning / evening, during commute hours), I switch to the Alpinestars Revenant, which is full Gore-tex, has tons of pockets and features, and full CE2 armor. I was "lucky" enough to go down in my last set of gear, and Insurance paid for me to upgrade to this one. It's good by itself from 40 to 80 or so, and can go colder as long as you add a layer or two. I did have a simliar non-goretex version of this jacket in the past (the Andes Pro), which was made with Drystar. If you like riding wearing a trash bag - go with that jacket. I hated it, and was happy to upgrade to the Revenant when i crashed in it. Before going all in on the airbag system, I used a Klim Badlands Pro (the first version) for about 3 years, which I wore all year long. Best jacket / pants set that i've ever owned, and it was in such good condition after 3 years of use that I was able to sell it for over half of what I paid for it. The venting and features on this jacket are second to none, and I had no complaints at all. The last summer before switching to airbags, I wore the Rev'it Cayenne Pro jacket (and pants) for the summer/fall seasons, before going down in it. It was a great warmer weather jacket, and i'd buy it again if i didn't want to stick with the airbags.
  8. After a pretty bad accident last year, I've switched to the Alpinestars Tech-Air Airbag system as an extra level of protection. I've gone through a few jackets now, settling on two jackets for the two seasons we get in the SF bay area - one for the "might rain, sorta cold" season, and another for the "why is it so hot" season. For the "hot" months (April - September or so), I'm using the Alpinestars new Tailwind for TechAir jacket. It has a rain liner, which went promptly back into the box, and is vented everywhere (except it could have more venting on the arms, which is only there when the zippers are open). Since i don't have to worry about rain (this is CA, right?) I've never even put the rain liner on. It's vented enough to get through the summer months where it's 110 outside, enough at least to get to and from work. It only really works when you're moving though... stop and go is still uncomfortable; thank god for CA lane-splitting. This is an Airbag-ready jacket, and unfortunately, the airbag system is like wearing a race back protector that happens to weigh 5-10 lbs. You don't really feel the weight when riding, except that it's a big piece of non-breathable plastic riding on your back. When moving, the venting around the back is good, but when stopped it's a bit uncomfortable. I'll take the discomfort over the value that it provides. I've already been down with the airbag system, and it's honestly worth 2-3x what it costs. Riding the KLIM Switchback pants, which are super comfy (they fit like a pair of lightweight jeans), and after upgrading the armor in the knees / hips to CE2 I'm good to go. The don't have as good venting as some previous pants (Rev'it Cayenne Pro had better upper leg venting), but they make up for it by being roomy with a light weight fabric. The KLIM Induction gloves are honestly the most comfortable gloves i've ever put on my hands. They have great venting, and the idea to put the seams on the outside of the gloves a game-changer. If you haven't tried these - just try them on in the store. You'll be amazed. If I wasn't rocking the Tech Air system, I'd probably have gotten another set of the Rev'it Cayenne Pro Jacket & Pants, which I had for the 2018 summer. They are super comfy, super vented, and CE2 armor all around. With all that venting, they are also amazingly protective. I was sideswiped by a car last fall going about 50 mph, after which I tumbled like a rag doll into a gravel lot. The carnage (or lack thereof) of these pants speaks for the quality & protection. I'd buy the set again in a heartbeat if I wasn't now tied to the Tech Air system. I walked away with a few minor scratches and a totaled bike.
  9. I keep a Moto Pumps Air Shot under the seat. It's super small, more than powerful enough for any flat - and comes with all the cables needed. Personally, I install the pigtail off of the battery and tuck under the seat. Then, i can trim down the Air Shot kit to just the other end of the pigtail, nixing the cheesy alligator clips & the 12v adapter. Non-affiliated link: Air Shot — MotoPumps - The Best 12v Inflators on the Planet The MotoPumps Air Shot Inflator is the smallest, lightest, full performance...
  10. In the San Francisco Bay area - when I really want to ride and not be annoyed... I have to get "goaty". This one I do to / from work if I feel the need (and to avoid traffic headaches) If look up the same road on the map - it's super goaty as it goes through morgan territory regional preserve, and sometimes the road isn't even a single lane wide. it's my test-ride road, every bike i've owned or ridden in the past three years has been on this road: (excuse the ducati / ktm photos, and no Yamaha - i had my last bike serviced at a ktm/ducati dealership, and while they had it for 3 months, they gave me a few loaners) Unfortunately, i don't have any photos of the FJ on these roads due to some servicing issues. My all time favorite "all day ride" in the South Bay (it's somewhat long, and there is so many beautiful spots to stop to take photos that it doubles the time) combines a few of my South bay favorites into a day of epic riding. When I lived in San Jose, the Sierra Rd loop was a weekly standby (it's best in the morning when there is fog - you ride up high enough to rise above the fog), and the Caleveras end of the road takes "goat roads" to it's best. the arm pump after this entire ride can only be counteracted by the continuous ear to ear face melting grin. For the CA130 / Mines Rd section, I'd only recommend to do this when you're playing hooky from work during the week; on the weekends it's ridable - but there is always traffic, and crazy people riding up and down the hills back there on bicycles. by pedaling!
  11. Seconded. Northern CA, as far as you can get from 101 or I5, it's all gold. One of my favorites is Cave Junction, OR -> Happy Camp, CA, along the Klamath river -> Willow Creek, CA -> Eureka, CA for some of the smoothest twisties in the middle of nowhere. If you like "goat" roads - check out the loop from Ferndale, CA -> Petrolia, CA -> Honeydew, CA, to 101... and if you want to extend it, go down 101 for a short jaunt through the redwoods, then out to Shelter Cove. You might not have any arms left - (we're talking super goaty, and super twisty), but you'll be grinning for weeks.
  12. I have the PUIG one, and it's great for that extra little bit of height for us tall folk. Beautiful bike, the addons don't overwhelm... mostly. The LED light bar seems a bit big, but it's better to be seen, right?
  13. I got this mat from Amazon for about $90, as a barrier from water / oil / whatnot soaking into the concrete. It's lasted awesome for over three years. Better Life Technology G Floor 5 x 10 Motorcycle Mat Black https://amzn.to/2PLL7mz (bike is in the shop, but this photo was taken today)
  14. I usually rode in B mode, not for any other reason than I would suddenly find myself going 60 on the other side of the intersection from a stop light, with a huge grin on my face... but our friends in blue don't really accept the "grin" factor as a good excuse for going 60 in a 25. That said - B always had enough to get around on a commute without getting into too much trouble. In the hills away from everyone else, A reigns supreme, speed limits be damned.
  15. I didn't realize until now that you could set the temp... awesome. I used the stock settings, and the grips got so hot at 2 bars that i didn't go to 3 very often.