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  1. I just loaded my bike onto my truck and as I knew it would be....4 inches too long which means I had to take the tailgate off my Toyota Tundra. O well, 4 days camping on the ocean in an air conditioned trailer and an almost brand new FJ 09 to ride. Life can be hard.
  2. Correct. FZ 09 ends work and are heavy steel so less vibration. It also looks way better.
  3. How can you expect an answer when you haven't posted a picture of your wife?
  4. Rear View Mirrors Extenders For Yamaha MT09 FJ09 MT07 Tracer MT10 40mm WWW.EBAY.COM Type: Rear View Mirror Extenders. For Yamaha MT-09 naked and MT-09 Tracer. For Yamaha MT-07 naked and MT-07 Tracer. Size: 40mm. For... I bought these a few months ago and am very happy with them. Work great and looks like they came with the bike, and cheap.
  5. It's still not really warmed up here in southern Massachusetts but having a brand new bike has had me a little crazed to get out and ride it. This week I rode into work 3 days. My ride has some spectacular views of the ocean going from Massachusetts to my office in Rhode Island and it's a pretty cool 15 minutes or so. Another good part is that 10 minutes of the trip is on a 4 lane highway where for some reason, there's always a multitude of drivers moving at a snails pace in the fast lane. My 16 Tundra is no slug at almost 400 HP but I can't slide in and out of the small windows that I can with my FJ. $9 in gas is easy to take too. I've also noticed that a lot of people tend to move over when a bike comes up behind them. Has anyone else noticed this? Below is a picture of the bay I ride across. PS: In the top of the picture are 2 cooling towers for a coal fired power plant that they recently decommissioned. Last weekend I took my bike out to watch them blow them up. They were both 500 feet tall and it was way cool watching them fall.
  6. I'm going to be 63 in July. I've got a bad knee from a motorcycle accident and arthritis. I'm old and handicapped and I ain't remotely close to giving up 2 wheels. Seriously, all those 3 wheelers are slugs. Anyone that wants to give up their Yamaha triple for one.....be my guest. I had an XSR900 and now an FJ 09 with K-tech front and rear. I would like 3 wheels better why? I have to admit that this thread is pretty funny. Beware of the politically correct police.
  7. As I was riding home from work tonight I passed a Harley with big ape hangers and he was going so slow that it looked like the wind was pushing him backwards. Seriously I can't imagine how people can ride down the highway going so slow........but anyway there was also a Harley trike coming down the southbound side. Needless to say I threw up in my mouth.
  8. I was run over in a parking lot 1 year ago by a driver that didn't see me driving right towards her. After destroying a brand new bike and breaking my sternum and knee I decided to get hi viz jacket and helmet. i also changed my tail light and turn signals for brighter ones.
  9. I got a Puig touring windscreen for $139 on Ebay and installed it tonight after work. I took a ride down the highway and I like it. A lot less noise and wind blast. On local roads it was really quiet and I could ride with my face shield up. I'm 6'1" and was worried I'd be too tall but it's good. I also installed TST blinkers front and rear with blinker genies on the front so they work as running lights. I got rid of the handguards and reflectors and I think this bike looks a lot better. It looks cluttered to me in stock trim. now it looks lean.
  10. That's a 2 wheeled motorcycle with a sidecar. Totally different. You can remove the sidecar and it's a 2 wheel bike.
  11. Seeing that picture of the niken.......that thing is an abomination. They should stop throwing 3 wheeled things in the motorcycle category ....trikes, Can Am, Slingshot, Nikken........hell, they even dumped 3 wheeled ATV's in favor of 4. Third wheel in relationships is a derogatory term, it should also be in motorcycles. I might be a tad over critical but I've never seen anyone riding a three wheeled vehicle that didn't look like a dork. Well ok, one time I saw a guy with one of those Morgan 3 wheelers and that was pretty cool and he didn't look like a dork but I think those as categorized as cars. The same day I saw 3 guys riding adventure type bikes wearing spotlessly clean, full motocross gear and they looked even dorkier than the 3 wheel people., but that's another rant for another day.
  12. I just bought the Blaster X tail light and relay from Custom LED and TST Turn signals for my FJ 09. I installed the rear set up with no problems. I was installing the front and added Blinker Genie from Custom LED so that they would function as running lights and turn signals. Unfortunately I lost 1 of the Signal mounting kits and couldn't get the wiring right so I had to deal with 2 companies to get it straightened out. I called TST and they sent me a 2nd mounting kit for free and immediately emailed a tracking number. Later I called Custom LED and the owner himself called me back after closing time and spent close to an hour diagnosing the problem which turned out to be my fault. It's actually a very simple installation. These are 2 excellent companies with great products and great support. I love the products. That tail light and those blinkers really stand out and will get you seen and they look way cool. I wouldn't hesitate to call either if you have an issue. https://www.customled.com/ https://tstindustries.com/
  13. I bought a brand new 2017 left over for $8995 this past November. Depreciation is a real thing.
  14. I have the flasher relay from Custom LED installed already. I just ordered Blinker Genie from them. I appreciate the advice. I've removed the handguards and all of the reflectors and changed out the rear turn signals. The bike looks a lot leaner and aggressive. I'll change out the front turn signals next week when the blinker genies arrive. With the Blaster X tail light and the TST LED turn signals the rear really lights up now.