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  1. I've been reading a lot of stuff saying that the cheaper poly carbonate helmets are safer in real world accidents because they flex and transmit less energy to your head in a crash. The sturdier more expensive fiberglass, carbon fiber types have better puncture resistance but because they are so rigid, they transmit more energy from an impact to your head. They are saying that according to studies, in most accidents, punctures are pretty rare while head injuries from G forces causing brain trauma are typical. It makes a lot of sense to me and the reason why is related to modified circle track stock car racing. There were a rash of fatalities that took out many of the major stars in the 80's in pavement version modifieds and when they were analyzed, it was found that the cars while not being heavily damaged, were killing the drivers from the G forces that were transmitted to the drivers. The cars were found to be easily repaired. Conversely, the dirt modifieds had a lot more sheet metal that absorbed energy in crashes and had almost no fatalities. They rethought the pavement version design and added crush zones and fatalities became rare. With all of the head injury stuff in football, I think they are still poly carbonate too. I've had this discussion with other riders and most can't wrap their head around the fact that a $150 plastic helmet might be safer than their $700 -1000 fiberglass / kevlar blend. This being said, I have a $750 AGV fiberglass / carbon helmet because the blue matches the blue on my FJ 09 and it's accented with high viz graphics. Being seen is a big safety issue to me having been driven into by a car that didn't see me. As far as noise, I played drums in bands for 40 years and now wear hearing aids in both ears. I wear ear plugs because hearing damage from loud noise is a real thing and I can't afford to lose any more of my hearing. I'm not totally useless....i can still serve as a bad example.
  2. Chi, that is an amazing amount of effort to put in to suggesting rides. I'm going to look at the maps for each suggestion and see which looks the like the most fun for my tastes. I like the twisties but I also like scenery and interesting stuff. I'm picking up the bike on Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday morning so I have 1 full day to let it rip. I'm sure they are all way cool rides. Thank you. Lot's of good advise and interesting ideas from everyone. I'm really psyched about riding in a place that I've never laid eyes on. The only thing that could make it better was if I could do it on my own bike which is K-Teched out at both ends. Doing it on a 2017 FZ 09 is not a bad option though. Anyone ever headed to southern Mass or Rhode Island let me know. I'm always up for a ride.
  3. I'm picking up the bike in Hesperia. The Bike is also Located 20 minuets from the Big Bear/ Arrowhead and the Angelus Crest Mountain ranges which the owner says are both amazing rides. I'm going to end up back at my hotel in Palmdale. What are those places like? I have no clue what 108 degrees is like but i'm not really looking to go through the desert as much as get a look at it. I'm guessing with a black leather jacket you'd be found dead on the side of the road. Thanks. I'm still hoping that someone local is looking for a riding partner for a day. I might spring for lunch.
  4. The wedding is actually in Lancaster and we're staying in Palmdale. This looks cool except I'm picking the rental up 50 west so I might go towards the desert. Thanks, I'm still holding out hope that another forum member sees this and is game for a day of riding.
  5. I'm from Massachusetts and and visiting California next week to go to my GF's son's wedding. I rented an FZ 09 from a guy in Hesperia on Riders-Share.com. I'll be staying in Palmdale and not knowing the area, I was thinking that maybe there's be another rider from here that might like to do meet up for a Saturday 7-13-19 ride. I was thinking of heading towards the desert but I'm not stuck on any particular destination. Anyone game?
  6. I completely agree with this. I have a 2017 with K-Tech on both ends which I did at around 500 miles. Not a hint of head shake and in fact I love riding this on the highways as much as the back roads. It just handles and handles.
  7. The stock rotors work good and i never felt the levers were inadequate. Mine is a '17.
  8. It's hard to believe but I'm at the point of there not really being much I can do. I did heated grips, K-Tech front and rear, Puig screen, exhaust and a bunch of little things. What else is there?
  9. I did K-Tech fork cartridges on my 2017 FJ09. I think these should drop right into and are supposed to be better than the older models. The bike only had 500 miles on it when I did the swap. I'm not guaranteeing that they fit or are better so do the research. Best offer takes them
  10. It's a tight fit but it is designed to work with the center stand and it does.
  11. I bought a Delkovic exhaust for $375.00 and it was sitting on my front steps waiting for me when I got home from camping on Monday. Got home from work tonight at 5:10 and had it installed in about an hour. I had a LeoVince on my Ducati and I really don't see a drop off in quality. I just couldn't resist seeing what this brand is like. It 's a lot lighter, very nicely made, fits perfectly, sounds gnarly, and looks cool. Seeing so many others at around $1000, I figure i can buy almost 3 of this brand. Unless it falls apart which I don't think it will, I'd say give it a try.
  12. Damn.......I was in Maine on Sunday. Visited friends at Bentley Warren's Saloon in Arundel. How long do they need the bike for?
  13. I just loaded my bike onto my truck and as I knew it would be....4 inches too long which means I had to take the tailgate off my Toyota Tundra. O well, 4 days camping on the ocean in an air conditioned trailer and an almost brand new FJ 09 to ride. Life can be hard.
  14. Correct. FZ 09 ends work and are heavy steel so less vibration. It also looks way better.
  15. How can you expect an answer when you haven't posted a picture of your wife?