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  1. That would make an excellent Christmas card. Feel free. Where in NH are you from anyway?
  2. Stop jerking around and just start buying the expensive stuff. It's inevitable.
  3. This is an intervention. Stop lying to yourself and us. Your wallet would absolutely find a way to handle it. All common sense goes out the window when it comes to our motorcycles. My wallet and I were at the bike shop yesterday and a guy came in that rode 2 hours from central New Hampshire to southern Massachusetts and it was in the mid teens. He was wearing a snowmobile suit and a wet suit top underneath. And why was he there............to spend money on motorcycle stuff. Don't pretend your any different. We know the truth.
  4. Look closely and you can see teardrops in the snow.
  5. I woke up this morning all excited. Last week I installed a K-Tech rear shock on my new MT10. Tuesday I dropped it off at the shop to do new front springs (no cartridges). The front forks are pretty good so it was only a matter of me being a lot heavier than the bike is sprung for. I headed over to the shop to do the setup and then take the bike home. All went well except for the weather. It was only 20 degrees out. On a side note, last weekend I took a shot at setting the sag up with my GF helping. My suspension guy measured up the rear and turned to me and said it was perfect. I was kinda proud of myself. I put on my cold weather gear and headed home. I lasted about 15 minutes and my hands were frozen even with heated grips. I left the bike in the driveway and came in to warm up and fell asleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up I looked out the back door. WINTER SUCKS!!!
  6. I guess if you have the extra money.... go for it.
  7. I can buy tires, remove my wheels, get them mounted and back on the bike within the same day. A 2nd set of wheels still takes the same amount of time to remove them, have them mounted and then reinstall on the bike. Except for people that put on 8 - 10 K miles annually, it gets done maybe once a year, excepting of course if you get sport touring tires that last 10 - 12 K which would make it every year and a half. You're not doing pits stops. It's still the exact same amount of work. You're riding skills are so refined that you need to go back and forth between sport and touring tires? For that I need to tie up money and space? I would use that money to buy suspension, heated grips, exhaust, cool mirrors, flash my ECU, different pegs, spools, better windscreen, sliders, custom seat, luggage, tank bag, luggage rack, wheel stripe decals, new rear set, better levers, track day, strobe tail light, led signals, carbon fiber body panels, tidy tail, cruise control, self cancelling turn signals, high performance brake pads, rear wheel adjusters, helmet lock, different handlebars, a common sense consultant.................... or I have a set of wheels sitting in my garage waiting for my annual tire change.
  8. I use 1 of 2 methods to mount my bike. Usually my GF lowers me on with a crane. Once in a while I'll use my balance beam and catapult on to it. What kind of a squid just slings a leg over it?
  9. I've put on about 500 miles. Up until today I kept cranking it up over 100 mph because the suspension just didn't allow the great handling to shine and so going fast was all I could do to have some fun. Today with the setup being pretty close I just rode and enjoyed the handling and didn't hit 100 all day. It's a helluva motorcycle........but then again so was my XSR900 and FJ09 and the FZ 09 I rented out in California.
  10. I was out yesterday for a couple of hours down here in Massachusetts. The roads were kind of greasy and I was not liking the new K-Tech rear shock. Today was forecast for rain but while out food shopping this morning It cleared up and I rushed home. I got my GF to help me set the sag and then went out to this farm road that is about a mile long with frost heaves end to end and spent about 45 minutes running up and down getting the compression and rebound set. When I can do 75 mph on that road the suspension is working well. I actually got it pretty good. I maxed out the preload on the front as I'm 250 lbs. I have the correct springs and will put the bike in the shop and have them installed and then do a good setup with them. Even so the bike is starting to feel almost as good as my FJ 09. This is a fun bike. I ended up riding down in Rhode Island until after dark. I put on over 200 miles yesterday and today. I'm 50 miles south of Boston so I don't ride up your way too often. As a side note, I've installed rear shocks and had shop do the front end with cartridges and do the set up. Today was the first time I tried to set up myself as it always seemed a bit mysterious. When I approached it systematically it wasn't to hard. I feel like I got it pretty close. For me the key was to isolate each part of the process. Then I was able to figure out what was going on and what was working. I think I can get better at this.
  11. My new Delkevic exhaust was sitting on the front door step when I got home from work today. I got my ECU back from Vcyclenut 2 days ago and 2 days before that I got the various block off parts to plug up the removed O2 sensor wires , and a servo buddy for the exup valve. I didn't really need the servo buddy as the flash takes care of disabling the exup but I like having nice clean solutions. I had a Delkevic on my FJ09 and loved it. It was an easier install on the MT10 as you only need to do half the system. I went out to the garage after dinner and got it installed relatively quickly and got all of the body panels back on. The triple sounded fantastic but this motor sounds scary. I feel like if I were next to a Harley and he started bliping the throttle that I could blip him back and the Harley would squat down and piss out oil like a scarred dog. My GF even came out and started gushing about how cool it sounds and was trying to imitate the sound inside the house. It was bitter cold out tonight so there was no possibility of riding but I had to hear it. I'm fully expecting the Flash by Vcyclenut to be just as excellent as it was on my FJ09. I wanted to mention that this the 2nd Delkevic I've bought now and I think the quality is excellent. I paid $386 for the mid pipe and silencer in titanium. I'm not seeing $1000 more in quality in some of the premium brands, The only issue I had was that I dropped the silencer and put a small ding in the top. I got rid of the passenger pegs and changed out the exhaust along the fuel assembly in the exhaust and lost about 20 pounds. Watching the weather window for a good dayr so I can try this out. K-Tech rear shock and front springs scheduled to be here within the next few days
  12. I so much enjoy people calling them pirates.........chromosexuals is pretty good too.
  13. That's so true. Yamaha sticks too many plastic panels and fake air vents that do nothing but take up space. In spite of that the bikes are still cool. The parts are starting to arrive and I'm looking forward to riding this bike when it's done.