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  1. Yikes! ..been there, man. Took me about a year to recover from each lower extremity injury. Had a low side and fractured #4 and #5 metatarsals in my left foot - took a year. Then radiused my right foot which resulted in an ankle fracture, and my plate and pins look similar to yours - also took about a year. Not that you need my advice, but one thing I'd do differently is start and remain diligent with rehab. Start moving it as soon as you can, as much as you can. Thankfully it's a very common injury, so there is lots of information.
  2. Good to hear!! Yeah, can't really beat these bikes for value. For the money, the machine you get is just amazing. There are a few places for improvement, but that's what customizing is all about. To me bikes are more like shoes, less like shirts. You and I might both wear a L shirt, but our shoes might be different sizes. Making the bike fit for 'us' is half the fun.
  3. Engine Masters did a bunch of dyno runs and found in some cases that dented headers can actually increase performance - not that this is at all scientific or even an expected outcome: Skip to about 4:45
  4. Nice, still pretty much new. Congrats, and I look forward to your pics and stories.
  5. Same mirror, but I think it was the extreme cold over winter. Pulled the cover off this spring, and it was cracked horizontally almost perfectly centred. I looked around a bit, but could only find a matching mirror from a dealership. So I'm $60 lighter and who knows when it'll arrive. Oh well.
  6. knyte

    Helmet stink

    So far so good with this To be fair, I've barely run two tanks so far this year.
  7. Hm, my Zumo's moto mount came with a battery lead with generous length, so I just used that. Not sure what's happening with the brake light. Maybe the amperage is too low? LED's don't draw much, so maybe that circuit just can't handle it? I've had similar experiences with gadgets that draw more juice than available.
  8. Just ordered one based on your review and pics. Thanks for that write up. It helped tremendously to arrive at a decision. I thought long and hard about an SW Motec, but the RKA looks to be a better fit for me. Did you get the electrics, too? Curious to know your thoughts on that. I ordered the rain bag, so it looks like the electrics are included.
  9. Good call, man. Undo that first scratch and ensure the next one will be your own while you were out somewhere enjoying it, at least
  10. knyte

    Multistrada V4

    Yikes. Got to give it up for Ducati though, they're handing it well. Ducati Begins an Engine Replacement Recall for the Multistrada V4 - Asphalt & Rubber ...
  11. Ugh, that first scratch is always the worst. But, it's out of the way, and now your experience can only get better from here Looking forward to some pics and adventures!
  12. Whatever she said near the end was along the lines of "I knew this was a bad idea, you idiot". Or so says my universal tone translator.
  13. Man, that is a weapon. I sure wish I could fit on a sport bike. Hips and knees aren't flexible enough. If I could though, I'd be right there alongside you.