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  1. Geeze, and here I had a light grind when I popped over a curb to get a view of the city from Saskatchewan Drive recently. Guess I need to be a bit more careful; seems like the oil pan is made from eggshells.
  2. Best typo I've read all day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, btw. Very interesting machine!
  3. If you pair your phone with the Zumo, and your phone has the app installed (Garmin Smartphone Link), your Zumo will get the live traffic updates. The power cable it comes with is JUST power and super easy to install. If you want your Zumo in your car, there is an auto mount. Basically a suction cup mount. There is an optional power cable that has a receiver built in. This cable uses a mini-USB cable and can provide live traffic via the built-in receiver. Of course, you could just use a simple USB-A to mini-USB cable for power and keep using the Smartphone Link app via your phone. Two different options. Have a look at the accessories, here: zūmo® 396 LMT-S The zūmo® 396 LMT-S motorcycle navigator features a...
  4. Man!! Those colours are just so vibrant What great scenery, thanks for sharing
  5. I've tried a light plastic adapter, and a heavy metallic adapter. Both rattled out, warm or cold.
  6. Hey, welcome! You came to the right place
  7. Yep, I've experienced this, too. No matter what kind of adapter you insert, it seems to vibrate out - super annoying. Could zip-tie it down I guess, but then you wouldn't be able to replace the cover. My Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S came with the cable to hardwire directly from the battery (easy to install). This is both good and bad. It's good because...it was included!! It's bad because the live traffic receiver is NOT included nor supported in this configuration. The default motorcycle mount has a two-pin power connector when it's all assembled. For the traffic updates, there is a seperate power cable that uses a micro-USB cable instead. Garmin assumes that you will be pairing with your smartphone on your motorcycle, so receives traffic data through the phone. However, maybe not everyone wants that. I could install a vehicle mount instead, but then, using a different mount and power connector, there is no protection from rain. Arg!
  8. Crappy photo shot with a potato (Alcatel flip phone), but I've tried to highlight where the failure(s) happened and where I had to weld.
  9. Thanks, haha. If it's not one thing, it's another
  10. Update: After a couple of long-ish rides (one overnight trip to Canmore and back - had a 'spirited' ride back on 1A with some Harleys...let's just say the FJ smoked 'em all), and all is well. The V-Stream is of course very stable now, and the air blasts just over my helmet...perfect. No more buffeting at all. Of course, fix one thing and another crops up...now it's the often-lamented adjustment knobs coming loose...
  11. Hm, looks identical to my FJ - and the pump(s) shut off a bit early for me, haha. Have to squeeze lightly to top it up. Maybe you were at a pump that's not so sensitive?
  12. Hm, I wonder if maybe the rear tire was about to lose traction ? I've tested out TCS on gravel, and yeah, it sounds and feels like a bag of hammers in the engine.
  13. My dealer told me my bike has the 3rd (or was it 4th) version installed. So, at least three. Sometimes it does rattle fairly audibly - but it goes away again. Not a concern for me.