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  1. Woah, that's really good. I wonder if it's your booster plug?
  2. 6'0, 200 lbs. Maybe +20 lbs ATGATT gear and another +50 lbs when touring.
  3. I'd be careful with that. The octane rating is a measurement of a fuel's resistance to burning. By using lower octane, you're increasing the chances of detonation (knock / ping) regardless of running temp. The high compression ratio of our bikes calls for higher octane, which resists detonation (higher octane = harder to burn). High / low octane has little to zero impact on power output.
  4. ...bumped into a fellow on the weekend who had an interesting take on this subject. He used to sell Bose gear, and, while he wouldn't use their stuff for his home stereo (nor would I - "Bose: no highs, no lows!"), LOVES the noise cancelling earbuds. He just molded some silicon earplugs with the earbuds, waited for them to cure, then peeled back the silicone covering the earbuds.
  5. Hey, thanks! I didn't know that. No, I don't have one - yet. Still haven't settled on a CC solution yet, but McCruise is certainly in the back of my mind. Price-wise they seem very close. It looks like the McCruise is a bit cheaper. I've already ordered the correcting rings...
  6. At the next tire swap (possibly sooner...) I plan on installing these for a somewhat low-tech fix. It's a minor gripe, but I miss the large display / readout. Currently I've been using my Garmin as a speedo, but the screen is considerably smaller and finding the right group of numbers can take just a few ms longer than desired.
  7. Exactly this. And practicing your swerves, circles, figure 8's, and emergency stops as often as possible - say once a week - REALLY helps. These are perishable skills, they fade and erode over time. With practice it becomes automatic - you don't think about it, you just do it because it actually is second nature. Recently I just completed my longest ride so far, on my FJ, or any bike. ~1270 km's. Two things happened that really torqued me up. The first was when a carload of folks passed us on a hill / corner with a double yellow. We were doing maybe +5 over the speed limit, but they were really on Dad's ass until they made this most un-excellent maneuver. Dad and I both needed fuel so we stopped at the next gas station, and guess who was also there. I really wanted to somehow politely say to her, please don't endanger us all like that, my family and yours - but I knew I was hungry and slightly hypoglycemic - had I opened my mouth a**hole would have fallen out. Plus, it wouldn't have helped one bit, she clearly didn't care. I shot her the stinkeye at every opportunity anyway, for whatever good that did. The second was when one of dad's pannier lids blew off and a car flagged him over to alert him. So I told him to stay put and I'd go back for it. Having found it and strapped it to my bike, I was just moving slowly on the shoulder getting ready to time my merge into a large break in traffic when out of nowhere - and I was looking - this car shot over from the far lane and stopped on the shoulder directly in front of me. This guy jumped out and asked if I was OK. Um, yeah, I'm fine. Oh ok he says, and proceeds to whip out his willy and drain the main vein right there. Again - really wanted to say something - wouldn't have helped. Gotta just find a way to shrug it off and enjoy the ride. And we did. The best part about this ride was: everything else!
  8. Nothing too fancy - Garmin has an app for your phone - just open it up and enable Livetrack. Unfortunately, the data is short lived - 3 days or something. Today won't be that interesting - we plan on the QEII, which is just a straight highway into Edmonton. EDIT: We ended up taking HWY 21 from Red Deer, north to HWY 14
  9. It's been smokey, for sure. It'd say about 10 km visibility at worst. Clearing up as we hear back north to Edmonton. Lost yesterday's data, but here is today's. Did about 20 kms on gravel today (total) in and out of an area dad used to work. The ranger station is gone, but the roads were good and it was a blast getting there. Beautiful scenery, and well off the beaten path. The Micheline Road 5's weren't the best; I had to disable traction control to climb up a hill with lots of loose material and washboard.
  10. Left Edmonton for Canmore on Wednesday: https://livetrack.garmin.com/session/75766fa2-e5d6-4dc3-aa35-44e4bbec8de7/token/289A5DD6A03F8D3D4BB479E5F9D7AA6E Canmore to Invermere yesterday: https://livetrack.garmin.com/session/ffee4564-e3b2-4ea2-ac7c-0e33a3b3edad/token/F8F0411E14F6E455934784FE2C9C865B
  11. Paint, psh: ...kidding, of course. If (when) it happens to me again I'd probably use Plastidip, too.