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  1. While I'm not at all in the habit of long idles, the odd occurrence doesn't bother me one bit. Engines are more efficient when they're warm (meaning: the warmer the thermostat cut off, the better - within limits, of course), so I've never felt the need to ensure any of my vehicles run cooler than what they were engineered for. It's not overheating when the fan starts - that's just temperature regulation at work. Now, if the fan doesn't stop and/or the temp doesn't drop - THAT's a problem.
  2. Good to know!! I think this happened once and I chalked it up to a glitch.
  3. Canadian VIN check: https://www.yamaha-motor.ca/en/vehicle-status-2 Odd, though, my VIN reads invalid. Dbl checked the registration, and it matches. Guess I need to have a closer look at the VIN plate.
  4. I'm with you. Although I bought mine used, it had all the recalls taken care of. The only thing it needed out of the gate was chain and sprockets. For me the value is just tremendous; so much so that I just can't see buying a new one, even a GT spec, any time soon. Your review just solidifies that I made the right decision. I agree though, that quick shifter is tantalizing.
  5. Very nice. That blue is a great colour.
  6. I'm 6', 33" inseam, and thought the same thing. ...until my instructor kept harping on me to move my hips forward - it's actually more comfortable, and the bike is more stable. I mean, to each their own - ride how you're best comfortable, for sure. All that said, I don't care for the downward slope of the stock seat, either. Fixed that with a Seat Concepts kit.
  7. I've done this with no issue at all, didn't have to disable TCS, and ABS will auto-calibrate when both wheels are turning and clear the light.
  8. knyte

    Got her !!!!

    Good to hear; congrats!
  9. Eggcellent, got another one Welcome!! I'd bet you will contribute lots - based on your experience(s).
  10. You may have already figured this out: My g/f's Scottoiler has a simple tube running along the rear swingarm held in place with zip ties and dble sided tape (so as to be discrete, it's not horrid looking). Not kidding. In over 100,000 km's this has held up fine through all kinds of weather and road conditions with little fiddling. Hers is situated like so - such that the end of the tube rubs on the sprocket - this bit of friction creates the right shape for the tip: Idea being, it pumps out small amounts of oil right about there and flings outward from sprocket to the chain. Ez pz. Looks like you might have a more sophisticated setup.
  11. Man that red absolutely pops in direct sunlight.
  12. Mine does this too, but might be less pronounced that what you describe. It's a bit 'stumble-y' but smooths out pretty fast. I'd just attributed it to heat wash. It seems like once the water & oil flow a bit and the sensors get accurate readings it runs fine.
  13. Been on vacation / away from the house for better than a week. The plan is to tackle the XR this week. Thanks for asking!! ...will def post results when the time comes.
  14. It was a bit of effort to squeeze the ROKs through the tiny plastic loops, but completely worth it.