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  1. Welcome. I've always admired the BMW you had but I understand the weight issue as I came from a Goldwing. That is a lot of rain but I'll trade you some of that for our snow When you have a moment, post your location on the map: https://www.tracer900.net/membermap/
  2. Thank you for the input. I picked up a set of FJR side cases to use on trips since they have a greater capacity than the Yamaha city cases that come with the bike. Since the vendor also has the FJR top case available, I wondered if it was worth it but you've helped me decide against buying it. So you would you say the Givi is better than the 50L Yamaha case for the Tracer? 50L Top Case | Yamaha Motor Canada WWW.YAMAHA-MOTOR.CA Buy the 50L Top Case (34B-F84A8-10-00) online with Yamaha Motor Canada. Plus view more Model Search like Anchors, Fenders & Ropes, Gauges, Registration Kits, Safety Gear, Stands...
  3. I prefer the look of it to the other top cases.
  4. I'm "inseam challenged" so the dealer informed me that the "stirrup method" is the best way for me to mount the bike. I've purchased a side stand footprint enlarger to increase stability during the mount. R&G Side Stand Foot Enlarger for Yamaha FZ-09, MT-09 & Tracer 900/GT - TwistedThrottle.ca WWW.TWISTEDTHROTTLE.CA Prevent a messy tipover with the R&G Side Stand Foot Enlarger on your Yamaha FZ-09. Shop with Twisted Throttle today!
  5. Started with HJC, moved to Scorpion, then loved the quality of Shoei but even the RF was painful on my forehead after a few hours. The Arai Signet is the only helmet that fits my head properly and I find the quality and noise reduction unsurpassed. Arai Helmets, Parts and Accessories - Arai Helmets WWW.ARAIAMERICAS.COM The official online home of Arai Helmets in the Americas.
  6. Went for a walk by Niagara Falls last weekend. It was sunny and hovering around 0°C but the wind coming down the Niagara River made it bearable for only a short time.
  7. Welcome from a fellow Ontarian. Make sure to mark your position on the Member Map.
  8. That makes good sense. I loved my Shoei helmets but moved to an Arai Signet because it's the only helmet I could find to fit my head without causing pain to my forehead after a few hours.
  9. I'm curious as to the reason for not replacing your current helmet with another Arai.
  10. What year was your bike? A friend has a 2017 Voyager and loves it. He had an 05 Nomad before that and didn't have a stitch of trouble with it. I've never been a fan of V-twins but I can see how some like them.
  11. I just came back from picking up a Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light that I had shipped to my UPS box in Buffalo. I've also bought some swingarm spools, 2 Pitbull pit stands ( at the Toronto bike show last weekend), side bag liners and FJR footpegs. I have an R&G side stand foot enlarger on order and I'm going to order the tank protection film from TankSlapper in a few minutes. I've dropped a lot of money considering I don't pick up the bike until March
  12. I joined last month to learn more about the GT and the more I read, the more I liked so I just pulled the trigger on a black one today. I'll take delivery of it in the spring. I've been on a Goldwing for the last 11 years so this will be a fun change of ride.