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  1. they certainly did... I forgot to mention, I've used rust-eater on the bars which is why they've turned black. I'm prime n paint this weekend yea, gutted on a new bike, but at least members here now know that they work!!
  2. pics as requested first lot show no damage to the L/S (dropped) the last two show 1.chips to the side case 2. damage to underside of L/H crash bar
  3. 900 GT - 1 person cold temp according to Yam should be 33F/36R? What pressure is in your boots and what country/state (different ambient temps!) ?
  4. ninjaef

    what is spot/glaze putty

    "Bondo" is a U.S brand name for "3M" the manufacturer; we have 3M "branded" stuff here in the UK. I've ordered some "3M Red Spot Glazing Putty". Cheers.
  5. LoL ... yep ... midnight "mare" that's what it is. I'm just going to take it to a local spray shop this weekend.Let them figure it out and I'll buy from them - just more expensive but I suppose it will be a perfect match - they use one of those flash devices to measure the colour wavelengths.
  6. Really, surely the bike comes out of the same factory with the SAME colour name and code (stamped on a document or the frame or a label) ? I'll look under the seat later - thanks EDIT: Found this great find- but it's in the US - argggh! https://www.colorrite.com/product/yamaha-1579-mdnm6-matte-dark-gray-metallic-6-aka-matte-raven-black--3912.cfm
  7. Scratch that. Found it at: https://www.colorrite.com/product/yamaha-1579-mdnm6-matte-dark-gray-metallic-6-aka-matte-raven-black--3912.cfm where the colour code is "1579 Matte Dark Grey Metallic 6" aka "Matte Raven Black" and I've seen this colour name listed for accessories which identifies colour as MDNM6 and over at https://www.twowheelparts.nl/en/paint/colorpaint/yamaha/ that code is "2165 Matte Dark Grey Metallic 6" The names are the same, the codes are different; what's going on here? I need to order colour match becuase most of the online UK sources do not have their systems updated yet so as to select this bike/year from their drop down lists. so I need to provide the code. Thanks
  8. Anyone know how I might dedice the colour code of the glass black panniers, and where to source [in the UK] colour-match paint from. RS dont seem to list the bike? Cheers!
  9. ninjaef

    what is spot/glaze putty

    Ah, I see. Than you Sir. I'm curious ... Is there a site that describes the types of materials (compounds, putty, paste, filler) used in body repair and what they are used for?
  10. ninjaef

    Auxiliary DC Connector?

    Well, I've ordered the parts and will do a write up shortly, referencing your thread and all the useful gen, with extra info for GT owners. Cheers.
  11. ninjaef

    Blue wheels

    chums? is that another word for "emancipated Aussie"? just i havent heard of that? Sorry
  12. They work !!! Had a low speed (slow turning circle) drop on some ice this morning. Bike just 1 week new !!! Crash bars took the hit and nothing on the bike was damaged scuffed twisted or scratched. The only very very minor damage was scuffing; about 4x 2x2mm tiny scuff marks on the side luggage. I will sand these back with P80, Bondo red spot putty them, sand back with P400, base prime, wet sand with P400 and repaint. Will post the job up on the forum. Defo recommend Fehlings crash bars for the GT or indeed any FJ/MT09/FZ variant. The bars are really low down and thus dont allow the bike to tip over fully onto its side, therfore protecting the casings AND fairings. At £98 it was money well spent. Oh the bars, scratching to the underside. I'll rust-protect, prime and paint them too. All in all will cost me about £30 to repair/spray all this.
  13. ninjaef

    Blue wheels

    I don't get vibes off the bar the seat is comfy I love the wheels I love the bike why are you asking others? it's what you think thats important. it's your money. it's your ride. test ride. sit on one. take a pic of it and compare it to other pics of other bikes you've taken your decision
  14. dahhhhgone it scuffed the panniers only a bit but like the bike is 1 well new! anyone recommend a good red putty plastic filler for the job, one that I can buy in the UK so I'm going to repair and have a great vid for the task but it's American and uses "red spot/glaze putty"... what the heck is that in UK speak please?