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  1. I went from a versys 650 to a Tracer 900 gt after about 18 months. Rode in B mode for the first month after scaring myself a few times and now I’m thrilled. Looking back, I wish I’d skipped the Versys—it was awesome but ended up being expensive to trade up and the B mode trick basically makes it as docile as a versys. Insurance is wicked expensive though and I have a clean driving record and am past 50. That was definitely a shocker.
  2. I noticed the same on mine but after the first few thousand miles it either disappeared or else I quit hearing it. It was very noticeable when I first started riding and I nearly went back to have the dealer look at it.
  3. How do I know? The gas station was 195.5 miles from where I started. I thought I would make it past 200 no problem. Columbia River gorge area in Washington state, averaging about 65 mph solo with full side bags. Thought you would all benefit from my misfortune! Still a great trip, I didn’t realize it but these were the same roads where the Tracer GT press launch happened.
  4. I purchased a Versys 650 a few years ago and put 8000 miles on it, really enjoyed it. Great bike for long trips, decent I. Town if a little tall (I’m 5,10) but after a few weeks I learned how to handle it fine on the city. After 18 months I decided to splurge and get the Tracer 900 GT because I wanted something with a little more power and better suspension. I really appreciate the extra power, but looking back I do think i would probably have crashed it if I had bought it instread of the Versys. I ended up having to keep it in B mode the first few months until I got used to it. You don’t realize how much faster you are entering turns or how quickly you arrive at the next one. I’m glad I started with the Versys. If you go with the Tracer, just make sure you are extremely cautious it is a very fast bike.
  5. I actually love this. I rode with my toes on the pegs and with my US9.5 boots my heels rest on the passenger peg bracket. It creates a nice stable platform for my feet, almost like angled floorboards. Makes me feel very planted on the bike and to me it feels like it improves my ability to handle the bike in turns.
  6. I’ve noticed that my newish (1500 mi) 2018 900 GT has a rattling dash and windshield. I can’t figure out if this it just rattles more than my old Versys did by design or if something is actually loose. It’s not loud, but going over bumps it definitely moves quite a bit and clatters a little. It’s done this since new. Anyone else getting this?
  7. I would like to try moving my bars forward by rotating the mounts 180 degrees. Has anyone done this? Do I need to get underneath to loosen the mounts or will I be able to do this from the top?
  8. Just upgraded to a 900 Tracer GT from a 650 Versys. I loved the Versys, but I wanted a little more power, better handling, at a similar weight. tracer seems to be what the Versys could grow up to be if it ever goes upmarket.