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  1. I think there are other posts about it, but, keep the plastic piece forward for low, put the front tab of the seat into the upper hole, but don't push it all the way forward. Lock the back of the front seat into the rear, lower hole. It levels it considerably, but the front is not particularly stable.
  2. I run a 26" Madstad also. You do get air movement around your body, but not directly. The air is clean and quiet around your helmet - No buffeting and no back pressure. Yes, it's big, but it works. I also adapted the stock screen to fit on the Madstad bracket for day rides as a short screen. I used the upper holes in the screen to fit in the lower bracket holes, then drilled two new holes in the screen to match the upper part of the bracket. Works great.
  3. I have the first one. (They used my bike to design it). What they've done is adapted an FJ-09 pan to fit the Tracer. It's way more comfortable than stock, but IMHO, it still slants too far forward. With the front set on high and the back set in the low position, it was pretty good. I rode it from Florida to Arkansas and back, with a few days riding the Ozarks in between, with no issues. I'm happy with the comfort, but only by tilting the seat back.
  4. They couldn't get their hands on a bike. Dealers were selling them as fast as they were getting them in, so they couldn't get a loaner. When their local dealer told them they weren't ordering any more, they started looking for a bike to use. I volunteered.
  5. I spent a day over at Sargent a couple of weeks ago so they could use my bike to develop a new seat for the GT. They might've had it done already, but it's different enough from the FJ that they had to have a couple of new parts for the seat pan machined. I would expect they should have it ready within a couple weeks.
  6. After about 2,300 miles, my average is 50.0 according to the bike's read-out. Lots of riding at 70-75mph and lots of playtime in curvy roads, accelerating through curves. Been over 100mph a few times, too.
  7. You could also put the long feelers on if you want to throw more sparks and look cool! :-)
  8. I've spent some time there camping at Paris Landing State Park. There are some great roads around there to ride!
  9. I've been posting for a while now, but figure it's time to do the introduction thing. I sold my Goldwing for the Tracer, but I'm keeping my ST1300A , at least for a while. (Pan European for those across the pond). The ST has 90,000 miles on it so far and still going strong. Time will tell if the Tracer will do distance touring duty for me or not, but it sure is a fun bike for day rides! I was just ready for something lighter weight than my Wing or my ST. After having a Concours (GTR), a Goldwing and an ST1300 (Pan), this is my first chain driven bike since the dirtbikes I rode as a kid. Yamaha 100 and Yamaha 360 enduros. I guess I need to re-educate myself in modern chain maintenance. Be safe out there!
  10. I don't know the answer to that. You'd have to ask them. My guess would be "no", but I'm not sure. They mounted it at their shop and I wasn't paying that close attention.
  11. The wellnuts are rubber, but the screw goes into metal threads. As you tighten them, it bunches up the rubber behind the screen.
  12. Welcome from Gainesville. It looks like we need to set up a Central/North Central Florida ride soon.
  13. Where in Florida?

  14. I know this thread isn't used a whole lot, but I'll check in anyway from Gainesville, Florida.
  15. @maximo If price isn't a huge object, you can't beat the one piece Aerostich riding suits for over your work clothes. For heated gear, I would go with Warm & Safe. They have a new heated, fitted shirt, or you can go with a jacket liner. They also have gloves, glove liners and insoles. I would highly recommend the wireless controller.