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    Thank you for the reply. Looks like I have some work to do, haha.
  2. My apologies if this topic is covered and I missed it, but I couldn't find anything. I am trying to list an item for sale in the classifieds, but I don't have the ability to start a new thread. I assume I need to have a certain number of posts. Can anyone advise the exact rules on that?
  3. Same forks at the 2017+ FZ09/MT09. I had a 2017 FZ and was able to swap the axle sliders right over to the GT since the forks were the same. The rear axle slider also worked just fine. Other things I carried over from my FZ to GT were the radiator guard and frame sliders (both made by Evotech).
  4. My concern with making it any taller is the weight and frontal area of the screen being too large for the stock mechanism that holds the screen. That adjustable bracket doesn't seem to be the most robust. I can only imagine how much force that thing must have to withstand at 80 mph as it is let along with another 24-30 square inches of surface area.
  5. That is a silly question, haha. Indeed, running the screen all the way up.
  6. I finally got to try my new Cal Sci screen. For reference, I am 6'1" with a 33" inseam and I ordered the large. I am glad I got the large size because I kinda wish it was an inch or two taller. I do like that I am cleanly looking over the top of the screen, but I would still be were it a tad higher and another couple of inches would allow me to run the adjustment mechanism down if I need to look over it a bit more. I do like that lack of buffeting, but the stream of air still hits the top of my helmet causing a little bit of noise. Since I ride with ear plugs, it isn't bothersome. I was just hoping for near silence, which I think would be possible if it was taller. Now, I am wondering is the Madstad would have been the way to go. I will see how this thing works for me and it is nice to have something that is far better than stock. Glad to see more options becoming available for the 2019+ bikes.
  7. I ordered my large Calsci and finally received it yesterday. They are a bit slow to ship due to having just moved their entire operation from CA to MO (are they going to rebrand as MOsci? haha). Anyway, no riding yet, but the first thing I noticed that I didn't like is that my mirrors hit the shield without turning the bars very much at all. I adjusted the angle of the mirrors which is going to limit their function and reduce my field of view out of them, but I found these extenders that I think will help a lot with that issue: http://www.adventuretech.biz/yamaha-mirror-extenders.html I have bought some items for my V-strom a few years back from this company and their stuff is pretty nice, especially for the money. I like that these extend the mirror stalks instead of using the usual widening brackets to space the mirror out, much more elegant. Hopefully, I will get a chance to try the shield out in the next couple of days. It's frustrating when you get something new and then can't try it out right away which is my situation today. I have to work today (I work at a metric motorcycle dealership) and normally would ride my Tracer and enjoy it's wind protection and heated grips, particularly given it probably won't get over 40 degrees today. Instead, I have to ride my little Yamaha SR400 to get a recall done.
  8. Hello everybody! I picked up my Tracer GT about 3 weeks ago and have just reached the 600 mile mark. I traded in 2 bikes, a 2017 Honda Africa Twin DCT and a 2017 Yamaha FZ09. I have primarily been riding ADV bikes because they look cool and are comfortable for tall people like me. It's been a long time since I ventured into the dirt on a motorcycle and I finally came to the realization that I don't need a dirt capable bike. I bought that FZ09 just 3 months prior to the Tracer as a fun, hooligan bike. As soon as I bought it, I realized that I probably would have been better off with a Tracer GT since it is 95% as sporty as the FZ and 95% as practical as the AT (it's need for premium fuel and a slightly shorter fuel range are my only big knocks on the bike). It really does check all the boxes for me and now has proven to be the ideal replacement for both bikes. There are a few silver linings out of getting rid of the FZ and taking a loss. Most of the parts I added to it fit the Tracer, so I was able to transfer those over. My co-worker (I work at a metric motorcycle store) just totaled his bike and was able to buy my old bike for a VERY good price and that made me feel good. Replacing 2 bikes with 1 made a lot of room in the garage which was especially helpful since I had just purchased another Yamaha in October (3 Yamahas in 3 months). So, I am very pleased with the bike so far, other than trying to figure out a decent windscreen. I thought the stock one was terrible until I tried the Yamaha touring screen. Went back to the stock screen and tried a clamp on spoiler with some success. Now, I put the touring screen back on with the spoiler and found this to be the best result so far. I am a little annoyed at the lack of choices, but the bike is new to the US market, so the few Euro options (Givi, Puig) haven't made it over yet. I may try the Cal Sci out, but they are currently moving their entire business halfway across the country and aren't shipping orders for a few more days. At least the setup I have now works reasonably well and it will be rainy the next couple of days, so no riding.