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  1. Hi Guys, would like to do an in depth review of the bagster seats, owed them for about 3 weeks. TL;DR: Bultex is very soft. So soft that i could feel the seat pan. Couldn't find it comfortable at all. For reference i'm about 5"7 (174cm) and have a 32" inseam. They are soft. Much softer than the stock. So soft that i felt that my butt sinks into the seat pan. I never felt comfortable on it at all. i kept fidgeting to find a right spot. I just couldn't. Low seat on the Bultex eliminates the sloping issue. The high was neither here nor there. I just couldn't have it in the high position at all. Every morning when i get onto the bike, the initial feel was always good. But after a 5-10min ride. I just kept moving and moving trying to find a right spot to sit in, just never could. I've sold it and now I'm back to the stock high seat. Although it feels much harder/firmer, it suits my butt much better. And i feel much more at home with the stock seat in the high position. Finally for the only pro i can think of is that it looks so much nicer on the bike. But the cons outweights the pros. My 2c. Feel free to hit me up with any questions
  2. Hi, did you change the springs when you did the "cart" upgrade previously? My take on this is you should service the forks and get the correct weight springs if it was not previously done, since you already have the compression/rebound and preload adjustments. That is basically a cartridge. my 2cents hope this helps.
  3. Bought myself a bagster as well. The seat pan looks like its 3d printed? thoughts?
  4. Me and 3 other of my friends took advantage of the 10% that was given and ordered thru chromeburner. Got it within 5 days as well I installed the seat in the lower position, and yes. It seems much lower than the stock 900/GT seats I'm about 5'7 and have a 32" inseam. The lower seat seems to mitigate the sloping quite abit (was previously on the high setting on the stock seat) and i also share the same sentiments as @metallion about the pegs feeling closer than the high seat. (i'm on the replica china FJR pegs) Overall the seat looks top quality and am happy with the price that was purchased at.
  5. You might wanna try the low position. I was told apparently it helps with the sloping abit.
  6. You are right. I have the GT and its Euro 4 it should be the 14228.
  7. Chromeburner has 10% off on bagster for the whole of may. Heads up! do check it out!
  8. It fits not only 1. But 2. I love it. haha!
  9. Changed em out at about 10k ish KMs. Found a few o-rings to be broken when replacing the chain. Surprisingly, the QC felt smoother with a new chain on. YMMV
  10. dunlop D222s? 8000miles is very good. change them out once u have the chance 😀
  11. The tracer gt shocks fit fine?
  12. Its the same bike for 2020. go for the 2019