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  1. I'm about 85kgs and have changed the front springs to 0.95 springs and they feel so much better after a tuneup. (i felt jittering on the front previously at high speeds on the stock springs. Nv give me any confidence at all). Just springs upgrades should suffice as the front forks are fully adjustable (which is basically a front cart.) If you are getting the ohlins rear. Please get it with a correct weighted spring. Ohlins does not ask for any rider weight (at least in my country) and the correct spring costs an extra $3-$400. Hope this helps with your decision.
  2. Yamaha MT-09 Gets Displacement And Power Boost For 2021 ...
  3. the right side mirrors are the reverse ones
  4. Its possible to accommodate 2 mounts as well
  5. @TheBigGWhat did u do? maybe u can walk us thru? the ori bolt was grinded, removed and replaced?
  6. Have you tried to mount it on a low seat setting? I get lesser sloping with the seat mounted on the low. It gives a overall better control of the bike as well when its mounted in the low position. Maybe due to the lower CG. Worth a shot?
  7. It should fit. but why would u want to? just get after market shocks. I have the GT. i changed mine to after-market shocks as well. wayyyyyy better.
  8. Has anyone adjusted the gear lever position? Is it possible to adjust since the GT comes with a quickshifter installed? Has anyone done it yet? Looking to adjust the gear shifter lever lower by a tad bit.
  9. So i recently just bought them. Pictures for reference.
  10. u can always flip it 180 deg around.
  11. Hi, The yammie original comfort seat without the heating sits almost the same as the stock seat. hope this helps.