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  1. Ah yes. I'm having the wild idea of putting some pivot pegs to the tracer. but i'm wondering if it'll fit.
  2. Does the tenere pegs fit our bikes?
  3. Is the power on the gear 6 the same as the power on your first gens? i've heard the euro 4s are really restricted.
  4. Heard there are no barend weights therefore the numbing is caused by the vibrations from the bars. Gripbuddies helps to a certain extent.
  5. Aukey CC-T8 dual port charger but only use any 1 port at a time. up to 1.5A max for 1 port. therefore does not blow the fuse. awesome little device. fast charges my note 8 & s7 (which i double as a GPS).
  6. Madstad for me works great without buffeting! Top quality screen! 5"7. 32" inseam
  7. no but the power comes from the battery. therefore i was thinking of limiting the wires to the middle part of the bike. are there any source that i can tap?
  8. got a pic of the connection under the seat? i'm looking to route foglight wires to somewhere there is ignition source
  9. apparently thats what the manual states i've tried it up to 170km/h and it still works. weird.
  10. have mixed reviews so far on the yammie comfort seats. am waiting for the Sargent seats for the GT. had good experience with them on my previous bike.
  11. i hit 200km/h which is about 124miles/h with 3 cases. the bike was floating left and right. the cases holded up though.
  12. Normal speeds in sg. License expensive. Hah!
  13. For me i'm getting 150kms before it drops to half. Then i get another 140kms before it starts to blink. so maybe about 300kms before reserve comes up. Manual calculation takes it up to about 20/21km/l
  14. i heard that the sound made by the floating disc brakes.