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  1. Tiger 800 demo I had a go on had DRL`s on all the time and you had to turn headlights on which made sense to me, why do you need 2 DRL`s on with one headlight on? kind of defeats the object of DRL above headlight­čśÉ
  2. I fitted R&G rad guard, absolute barsteward to fit, need to remove top rad mounting bolts and on GT a pain to get to, especially when you drop bolt down the back of the rad! Think Evotech guard has a better mounting solution?
  3. 32 on Speedo = 30 gps, 43 Speedo = 40 gps, 80 Speedo = 75 gps. More or less the same as S10 I used to own
  4. In the UK so can't help with dealer but having recently fitted a set they are quality, not cheap but beautifully made and quality bolts supplied, I can see behind me now!
  5. Spring clean after winter riding, even resorted to a toothbrush for those hard to reach places­čśü
  6. Original Dunlops still on mine, slight cross wind, 47L givi Top box and gps 129mph (private road lol) and she was getting a good weave!
  7. The only time I have engine temp showing is when I start from cold, when it goes from low to 40c I set off, never look at it when I'm riding. Had an S10 previously and fan cuts in, in traffic in the middle of winter­čś» so nice to have a bike that runs cooler !
  8. My dash says 3434 miles 56.5 gallons 60.5 mpg
  9. As far as I'm aware not linked to trip meters, just average since last reset, I never reset in any bike I've owned so I get an overall average. Presume it's worked out by fuel gauge├Ěodometer, I work out at each fuel up based on fuel in and trip meter. Real world mpg(uk) 50-55mpg, dash says 60.2mpg overall.
  10. I have an optimate lead to battery and plug compressor into that, learnt a while ago that accessory plugs don't like compressor' s!
  11. My thoughts exactly! a long socket will reach the lever pivot nut but there ain`t a lot of room! I guessing if I broke switch is would cost more than $5! Would be nice to have an adjustable clutch lever so that it doesn`t engage right near the end of the lever travel but I can live with it if it`s too much hassle to replace, I can do basic mechanicing and used to do loads of stuff on old bikes 20 years ago but modern bikes with all of this electrickery bother me!
  12. First pic hand guard covering pivot bolt, 2nd switch underneath, the nut for pivot bolt is very near to switch, one slip new micro switch!!
  13. Mine is GT don't know if that makes any difference?
  14. I want to upgrade to Evotech levers, to get the clutch lever off I will have to remove mirror extender (Evotech) ram mount for sat nav to remove hand guard for decent access, a pain as I have mirror and sat nav exactly where I want them but doable. Acess to the bolt underneath clutch lever is tight so I am thinking remove micro switch as I don't want to damage it, I think it is only secured with one screw? Anyone done this? Advise appreciated!