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  1. Fitted mirror extenders with no problem, left mirror right hand thread, right mirror left thread. The bolt pictured can loosen and mirror move back, 10mm socket ground down will fit in there.
  2. Thanks for the warning! Checked mine and were tight but when I unscrewed no sign of loctite so red added 🙂
  3. I have just checked and Evotech supply a flanged bolt, 10mm bolt with a 10mm head.
  4. Apologies I'm an idiot don't know why I said 10mm socket, without looking maybe 14mm but pretty sure 10mm bolt!
  5. Can't confirm 10mm thread without measuring but a 10mm socket fits the bolt and the left mirror has a right hand thread, the right mirror a left-hand thread!
  6. I put it on the widest part so hopefully I won`t scratch it on a gate post or such, if the bike falls over I will have other things to worry about😅
  7. As soon as I got bike I went to Halfords, other automotive stores are available in the US🙂 and bought a couple of bumper (fender ) rubber strips and put clear film on the top edge where boots scuff😉
  8. Agree, 129mph (closed course) top box, gets a bit wobbly😂
  9. Fan on my GT kicks in at 104c, 220f? same as S10 I had
  10. Remember that from Dad's cars, always thought it was a good idea
  11. Swore this morning when I realised there wasn't something wrong with tyre pressure gauge, there wasn't any air in my rear tyre! On centre stand so not obvious. So S10 40,000 miles 1 puncture, GS 800 before that 40,000 miles no punctures, Tracer GT 1,300 from new, puncture, 3,000 miles later another! This bike is very unreliable 🤣
  12. After riding "adventure bikes" for 8 years I find the peg postion of GT natural to me, rode a Tiger 800 recently and thought the footrest are too far forward🤣
  13. Personally find I can just about flat foot on GT same as S10 with low seat height, did 40,000 miles on S10 over 4 years and yes the suspension is softer and more forgiving on the country lanes around here, the GT is more sporty but not uncomfortable. There is a bend with 2 large raised sections (road repairs) which I am more wary of on GT at speed compared to S10 but then the S10 was so heavy it flattened them lol! Note biker came off on this bend and lost her leg a while back so an extreme example!
  14. Tiger 800 demo I had a go on had DRL`s on all the time and you had to turn headlights on which made sense to me, why do you need 2 DRL`s on with one headlight on? kind of defeats the object of DRL above headlight😐
  15. I fitted R&G rad guard, absolute barsteward to fit, need to remove top rad mounting bolts and on GT a pain to get to, especially when you drop bolt down the back of the rad! Think Evotech guard has a better mounting solution?