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  1. congrats!! You will love it!
  2. Yes that exactly what my crankcase looks like. Scratched in the same located. Ty for posting.
  3. Thanks for your input all. Yes not so costly for the case cover and gasket ($170 cdn) I guess I will get to this at some point but would still like to touch up the scuff in the meantime. If anyone finds the paint code or nearest match that would be great. Be safe out there. Joe
  4. 2019 Tracer 900 GT with not even 500kms on it. Literally just dropped it on the left hand side. Nothing was seriously damaged except my pride. I need some touch up paint for the crankcase cover. Can anyone help me source this? Dealer said they don't have any or even the paint code. I am near Toronto, Canada. Many thanks in advance, Joe
  5. You've been busy! I kind of like the beak. Looks like the colour matches pretty well. Can you post the info link on where you bought it from? Cost? ty
  6. Hello All, Picking up a new 2019 Tracer 900GT next week. If anyone wants to trade their black stock wheels for my blue ones I would be interested. I live north of Toronto. Ty, Joe.
  7. Great advice as expected! Thank you kindly. Delivery day cannot come fast enough!
  8. Hello All, Just counting the final 3 weeks or so before I pick up my brand new beloved Tracer 900GT!!! When I picked up my last bike at the dealer it was pretty much "here are the keys and thank you for the business" with no real overview about the bike. I was a newbie and my first bike so not knowing what to expect or ask. This time I want to be more prepared so if anyone can advise on questions I should be asking or things I should look out for please let me know. I know I will ask the dealer about the suspension settings for sure as I would have no clue where to set it at. I am 6'3" about 195lbs and will be a solo rider all of the time with very little luggage weight. I am not an aggressive rider, no track, but enjoy the twisties and leaning into it. I would love to hear where I should set it at. Many thanks in advance to this great group of people! Joe
  9. Good day all from Canada! We had our annual motorcycle show her in Toronto last week and I pulled the trigger on a new 900GT! This forum was very informative and helped me in the decision making so thank you very much. I pick it up in April. Can't wait! I would like to put some protective film on the side cases as I can see the gloss black paint getting scuffed over time. Does anyone know of any product out there? I believe tank slapper has a film for the fuel tank but not for the side cases. Thank you in advance!
  10. Thanks for the replies all! Yes it's a matter of personal preference of course. Move in time I will love them! cheers,
  11. Hello All, Just signed up as a member to this really cool forum! I have not pulled the trigger on a Tracer yet but will do so over the long cold Canadian winter. I sold my first bike a few weeks ago-Honda CB500F and loved every minute of riding it but wanted to kick it up a bit and the Tracer seems perfect. I have read the reviews and watched the videos. I know about the windscreen, firm seat and vibes from the engine and thats not scaring me away. One thing I'm having a hard time with is those BLUE WHEELS! I know it's a matter of personal preference and truth be told they are starting to grow on me from what I see on line but has anyone else had misgivings about them? I wonder if the dealer can order the bike with stock 900 black wheels? Do they do that sort of thing?? Anyway, thank you all, Joe