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  1. I've seen lots of guys with scuffed up panniers so i decided to get them wrapped with protective film. I went to a local auto detailing shop to get them done. $200 each side. Expensive but I thought it was worth it as I plan to keep the bike for a long time and it turned out great. He gave me some film that was left over and I did the tank myself. Turned out ok but not great. Good luck.
  2. Just did mine as well. Thank you for the heads up!
  3. Hello All, From what I've read here and on various on line sources I think the Madstad would be a very good choice for me. I'm 6'2" and have about 7000kms with the stock screen. Maybe it's just me but at $540 Cdn (after exchange and shipping) that seems like a whole lot of money for a screen. Wow.
  4. StealthAU what size Madstad did you buy? I am 6 2" and ride with seat in hi position. ty
  5. Good advice Runnerhiker and roadrash83. Many thanks, Joe
  6. Good thing I read this thread. I bought a tire inflator/compressor that was highly rated on line and did not think of looking at the specs. The owner's manual spec is below. I almost used it on the last trip for a guy in the group who had low pressure in his back tire. Is there any way to alter the outlet to use this compressor or I should I just keep it in the car? For use with 12-volt DC power outlet rated 15 amps or higher. Do not use with older 8 amp cigarette lighter receptacles.
  7. Lol! Ok I get it, We can travel anywhere with this bike! So glad I bought it and many thanks to you guys and this forum for the insight on all of its attributes. Anyone want to go to Alaska from Ontario in 2020 just let me know! Cheers, Joe
  8. Hello All, I have had my bike for 2 months now and have clicked about 5000km. One trip was to Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia which took up about 3000km (I live in Toronto, Canada). Glorious roads! I realized that I really love to do long distance riding and was wondering where I could go to next? Alaska has always been a bucket list trip. Assuming we instal proper tires, rad guard, engine guard can this beauty do it? I have heard that the gravel roads have huge ruts and big rocks flying off the trucks can be brutal. Anyone done this trip? Any advice? Am I mad? Thank you in advance, Joe
  9. congrats!! You will love it!
  10. Yes that exactly what my crankcase looks like. Scratched in the same located. Ty for posting.
  11. Thanks for your input all. Yes not so costly for the case cover and gasket ($170 cdn) I guess I will get to this at some point but would still like to touch up the scuff in the meantime. If anyone finds the paint code or nearest match that would be great. Be safe out there. Joe
  12. 2019 Tracer 900 GT with not even 500kms on it. Literally just dropped it on the left hand side. Nothing was seriously damaged except my pride. I need some touch up paint for the crankcase cover. Can anyone help me source this? Dealer said they don't have any or even the paint code. I am near Toronto, Canada. Many thanks in advance, Joe
  13. You've been busy! I kind of like the beak. Looks like the colour matches pretty well. Can you post the info link on where you bought it from? Cost? ty