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  1. @BBB, thank you for the website. expensive but looking good. I know I will end up buying something @Wintersdark, I am using GEARS controller, GEARS heated seat layer & GERBING Gloves liner. they all work together with no problem.
  2. I can confirm that the heated seat is unnecessary, but I wanted to let you know that it makes a difference. I have heated grips, and they are still not enough. My thumb gets too cold. Heated gloves are really awesome. I am using the new Alpinestars Andes 2 as my winter riding jacket and I didn't need to add a heated vest........yet I am looking for a heated socks though. I feel the air flow is making my feet cold. I totally agree that when you use the heated gear, you are warm enough & you feel better than even in your car. It makes the difference in your reaction time and your riding in general.
  3. Got ready for the cold weather. Installed the gears heated seat liner on top of my sargent seat and dual controler to control the seat and my gloves separately. Had the perfect ride through the cold today. I know the seat looks ugly with this on top of it but I am planning to use it with my new custom seat and I didn't want to mess up the sargent seat. Anyways, I don't see it while riding , lol. 😜
  4. Yes, I have it and I like it much. Mine looks pretty much the same.......not anymore its still very close. @gerryc91, great buy , you will love it.
  5. I took the first picture while changing oil last time so the skid plate is not on the bike but the bike was clean-ER. The second one has both. Enjoy 🙂
  6. My bike looks very close to yours. A tip, I drilled a hole in the skid plate to allow me change oil without removing the plate next time. I think they should have done it by design. I am not sure if you will like that but I painted the beak red to match the rest of the bike.
  7. yes , I used it like a month ago and I like the difference; you can see my pics and other members' pics too here. you will also find some other ways in this thread to clean the tubes but I used AUTOSOL too.
  8. I was waiting for this reply 😀
  9. Guys, I like the effort you did to make this work. Do you think this idea can work to control Gerbing heated gloves and jacket? I want to buy them but I am trying to find a better way for the controller.
  10. Changed oil Installed the new red beak 😃 Drilled a hole in the skid plate to access oil drain for future oil changes Brake fluid flush
  11. I was, but I liked the red one and it changed my mind ! 😀
  12. Make sure to get the original one though if you don't want to end up with flimsy ones.
  13. RAM is the answer. it holds pretty well given all the speeds and the highways and I don't want to change the holder every time I upgrade my phone!