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  1. Someone already asked about it on the forum 🙂
  2. I see your point. FJ/tracer is a unique though. Some customize and ride their FJ as an adventure, some use it as touring and commute while some use it as sports bike. You don't care if its clean if you ride as adventure. I ride and customize my bike as touring. I should have changed the title and add "not for adventure folks" 😜
  3. It sounds like a good idea 😉 I am not selling any time soon. I will clean it once when the autosol arrives just to feel that I can do it later if I need to. 😁
  4. I found it on Amazon. I ordered the Autosol already. I will try it first and post pictures of the results. Your pics look awesome though.
  5. I ordered it online. I will try it and upload some pics.👌
  6. Tubes started to be yellowish and I hate the look. What's the best way to clean them?
  7. It Protects the bags and your legs in case you dropped it. I would buy it for sure. I know I will drop my bike.......again 😂
  8. Do you think Higdonian can do it?
  9. What? 3k ? Cheaper to swap the cases after each fall 😀 I am curious to see it, can you share a link ?
  10. Fjr has it but I am not sure if there is any for the fj
  11. Good choice man. I think I know your bike from the group here. This is a well equipped one and in a very good shape. Enjoy 🙂 I am ridding a fast red one too.😉
  12. Just finished installing the r&g radiator guard. I thought it will be 90 minutes job but it took me two days😂 the radiator guard is not optimized for the fj. I had to do my modifications to get the side holders for the fairings installed. it wasn't a hard job but it looks easier than what it was. Just wanted to give a heads-up that you will need drilling on both sides if you want to install this model on the FJ. Let me know if you think it was worth it
  13. Welcome to the forum. We have few riders here from the GTA and I am from Toronto. C u on the road then 🙂
  14. Great bike, you will like it. I am from Toronto too..