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  1. UPDATE: I just spend the weekend on my Terry Adcox seat and can report I am extremely happy. I have never been this comfortable on any motorcycle in the past, ever. I highly recommend anybody with an FJ-09 or Tracer to send your seat to Terry!
  2. Love that place. Be sure to ride "The Snake" into Little Switzerland. I have the T shirt to prove it. Wonderful experience!
  3. I used to add adhesive felt pads to the front of the seat carrier to hold the front of the seat in the high position and allow the rear of the seat to be in the low position. This worked great for all last season. I am now the proud owner of a Terry Adcox seat and am very pleased.
  4. Can you see it when your on the bike. I have the same one coming in a few days.
  5. Just took a 1st ride today with my new Faco windshield. For me it works GREAT! I am 5'10" tall and with the Faco windshield in the high position the wind coming over the shield contacts me just above my eyes. Just enough to make the venturi effect work for the vent in the top of the helmet but not enough to push my head backwards. Its the 1st time I have been able to ride the bike with my face shield partly open without getting a blast in the face. Highly recommended for looks, function and so far no buffeting.
  6. Just took a first ride today on my new Terry Adcox seat. WHAT A PLEASURE. Although I did go very far today my 1st impressions were astounding. Hats off to Terry for a job very well done!. I can repeat what others have said about Terry and his wife, they are a pleasure to deal with, great value and a happy backside!
  7. I just received my stock Showa shock back from Accelerated Technologies in Buckhorn Ontario (near Peterborough). They did a complete teardown service, re-valve, changed the spring for my weight, added a radial bearing under the spring and re-assembled with synthetic oil and nitrogen. I was very impressed with the professionalism with how they handle their business. I was contacted twice by the technician and asked very intelligent questions about my riding style and where I think the shock did meet my needs. They are a full service suspension facility with a great team. I can't speak for the end result yet, but wanted the group to know there is an alternative to the OEM rebuild in Canada at reasonable rates. Expect about $425 CDN plus shipping and tax. acceleratedtechnologies.ca
  8. Nice job... thanks for the video and information. I am about to do the same job to my FJ-09 here in Canada.
  9. Tried to buy it but won't ship to Canada. Looked like a good deal with great reviews. Gomer...If you copy the description from CaptainScarlet into the search bar on Ebay.CA it will find it on Ebay in the UK. From there you can order and it will deliver to Canada. Mine just got to FedEx today
  10. I ordered new spring for mine from Stoltech. Their advice was to use 5W if revalving the front end and 10W if we are just replacing springs. I have the springs but won't get to gauge the results till spring.
  11. Ordered mine today! I like the looks. Hope it works well?
  12. Conrats and welcome to the site. I am in Windsor Ontario
  13. Big Al...I found a simple trick that worked well for me. I found I was always sliding forward, so I raised the front of the seat so it was hooked into the UPPER seat height adjuster. To keep it there I added 4 sets of those felt pads you use under furniture. Was very solid and changed the feel and function of the stock seat. Might be worth a try?