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  1. I hate to resurrect a dead post but I just bought one and i'm racking my brain trying to figure out where to mount the 2 halves. I've seen a few videos but now realizing most of the videos have more 'empty space' to mount things than my tracer does.
  2. It's not that violent if your going 45-50 mph in first gear. Lol. That being said don't
  3. Not where i need it most of course. I can actually avoid all of the speedbumps in the neighborhood except the one at the gate entrance. Of course it's single lane and I actually have to straddle the speedbump to be next to the reciever box to be in range of the key fob. Thank's Buggie, I'll bump up the front preload. I'm looking for a longer range key fob also. If I can find one thats longer range it's possible to drive past it by going the into the exit gate lane and stopping at the u-turn spot but currently my fob won't reach the antenna from there.
  4. It's almost oil filter change time. I saw the above post, and am having trouble finding filters for a 2019 Tracer 900 GT, but this post was started in 2015. Is this list still relevant for the 2019s?
  5. I have a 2019 Tracer 900 GT. On certain speedbumps in my neighborhood my frame/exhaust bottoms hits the speedbump pretty hard whenever I have a passenger. Pretty scary (especially with a passenger and I'm imagining it isn't doing my bike any favors). My rear preset (Knob) is set to max. I drop off my son daily (I have found ways to avoid speed bumps leaving but coming in there are 2 speedbumps I can't avoid) but other than that I would say I am on the bike solo 95% of the time. What do you guys suggest?
  6. OMG I'm so excited. My Vario finally shipped here. Should be here in about 3 days! I was very seriously considering canceling the order as the wait was more than ridiculous. I hope it was worth the wait. I will post my thoughts once installed.
  7. Where does the wind redirect to? I'm 5'5" and want something that doesn't put the wind directly in my face like the stock one.
  8. Damn, I was at that website the other day and couldn't get the website to work. I finally found a work-around and got it in my cart. £90 for the windshield + £67 for shipping to the US. It really sucks because I was in the UK looking for a windscreen a few months ago on the internet and decided to buy it when I got back to the US. Had I known I would have such a hard time getting it I would have bought it somewhere while I was there and carried it on the flight back!
  9. Thanks for the heads up- the VStream was my second choice!
  10. How long did it take for you to get yours? I ordered a MRA Vario Touring from a site I'll just call TT on 6 June and am still waiting. I've been extremely patient, only because I'm pretty set on it (I did lots of homework before buying it) but I'm losing patience. It's almost been 3 months and they are seemingly unable to give updates.
  11. Ditto, I don't like the look of the 2020, but am interested in the changes coming. I'd change my '19 for a '20 though if there was a driveshaft option lol
  12. FWIW, $5200, I think even KBB is lowballing a bit. I got my 2019 Tracer 900 GT for 14.5 OTD (Homestead, FL) back in November (After a $500 discount). After watching many tutorials and videos I feel that was a fair price as bike dealerships don't have near the same markup as car dealerships (they seem to focus more on community, services and repeat sales) I think you may be better selling your bike either soon (while it's still 'riding season), or next April ( after people start getting their tax returns and riding season begins again, and after the 2020 Tracer is released, leading to 'lefteover' 2019s being discounted.... although its eerie so little has been said the 2020 U.S. version Tracers) I'll be honest If I didn't have it already I would definitely get the 2019 next season, the improvements they made on the 2019 GT are outstanding compared to previous years, especially the GT versions. I've seen pics of the 2020 tracer. I'm not as fond of it vs the 2019, but have not yet seen what improvements over the '19 there are so not sure to expect. edit: The GT is definitely worth the extra price. I just wish there were more color options......
  13. so awesome! Now if I can figure out how to DL to my hard drive lol
  14. Great testing, Lots of detail. I personally prefer earplugs with sound filters that filter out highs and lows. When it comes to hearing protection there are so many variables to take into consideration, and one thing many forget is that 1 db is more of an exponential growth as opposed to a linear growth. For the few db lower protection in the mids and much higher protection in low (ie wind and engine noises) and high frequencies (mostly whistling and turbulance) it just seems more practical than one that blocks (or muffles) all frequencies as in the midrange I can still hear even the sound of the tires of car around me, have conversation with people, and listen to my radio. There is also a phenomenon where after exposed noise (or blockage of) your ears acclimatize and adjust to make you hear noises easier, especially if all ranges are dampened. Try out some of the attenuating noise filters like eargasms, no-noise, or alpine MotoSafe noise filters. I use them any time I am going over 45 mph more than 5 mins or ANY time I hit the intersate. and yes I hear my music great even with them in (Cardo Packtalk) 10 years Industrial Hygiene (including conducting lots of noise dosimetry surveys and testing) in the US Army. a nice read if you have the patience to read it. It seems most of the data was collected for other reasons but the background and results of the baseline data are still interesting to read as a biker (noise effects us all): https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/91f0/6142613382bfccd6adb7c5dfc67279b2440e.pdf edit: NRR are not a good way to measure effectiveness. It's like vehicle manufacturers saying something has 500 hp but leaves out the disclaimer that the 500 hp only happens in a 200 rpm range and the rest of the range is unusable. all earplugs filter different amount of frequencies at different volumes. but at the end of the day, it comes down to try out a bunch and use what works for you