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  1. hello all I too am looking for a front seat oem for fj-09 2017 anyone have one for sale thanks mctso
  2. thanks for the info I will contact them shortly good info I have looked them up shud be easy process mctso
  3. hello there I am bit of a newbie to the fj-09 ... I have a 2017 pretty well the exact same as thunderbird including the full akra ti exhaust system... I have not yet had the ecu flash tune is this just another word for remapping the air and exhaust ???? a litte bit to complicated for me to do it on my own do the Yamaha dealership do it or do I have to find a shop that can do the job?? I am on Vancouver island bc. Canada... could you please lead me in the right direction... thanks mark
  4. bought my white 2017 fj-09 Kamloops last October 2018 for 9300 all in out the door
  5. thanks a lot all good the bags are on no problem fit very well it was just a matter of looking at it and fitting the pieces thanks again for your input mctso
  6. howdy scott thanks for note will look forward to the photos I think I have it figured out ... I just have that one additional bracket that goes across and connects the two bag brackets not the 2 independent ones for the newer tracer mark
  7. did some further checking you could be right... I am not a hundred percent sure I have the right brackets... sent the dealer a msg to confirm part number.... the number I quoted is for the key lock not the brackets will advise m
  8. just checked oem Yamaha parts and pretty sure I have the right ones on the invoice I have y-2pp-284go-00-00 I think if have it figured out now went to aftermarket store a got the longer bolts with the right thread ... I will get them mounted by hook or crook ... will fabricate something if I have to .... merry Christmas to you and thanks for the update mark
  9. hi there thanks for the video it is helpful however I do have a different system... only have one bracket that goes across to hold the 2 outer brackets in place I am going to need longer bolts frm the footpeg bracket... I will succeed one way or another... again thanks for the help. ihave watched a few of your informative videos looking to add that puig touring windscreen also... thanks again mctsl
  10. hello all and good morning having a bit of trouble understanding the right way to mount these brackets on the bike... instruction very poor... I can see where they mount on the inside of passenger footpegs but don't understand the if I mount them one at time and then attach that metal cross piece... can anyone run me thru the procedure to mount these brackets... would much appreciate the help and info mctso
  11. just quick question regarding handle bar risers.... can I installed 1 inch risers on a 2017 fj without any problem regarding cable lenghts mark
  12. howdy all just got my 2017 fj out of Kamloops mid oct... very very good deal... been an old time Harley boy but thought it was time for a change... I am extremely impressed with the fj... it is so smooth and quick... looking forward to the 2019 riding season mark
  13. just would like to know if this corbin seat is a bit softer than the stock fj-09 seat thks mctso