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  1. I had one blow violently at about 60 last summer and I almost crashed. Blowouts are not fun.
  2. Sadly, no. I’m getting tempted to go the Seth Laam route soon instead.
  3. I actually stopped and turned around to got back to it to get that picture. Then I turned back north to finish the run towards Tellico Plains.
  4. Same here. Glad it works for the OP but for me, the Tracer has to be the easiest bike I’ve ever had to get on the centerstand. My 07 Sprint was the absolute worst.
  5. Exactly right @mellow. I’ve been “ok” with the OEM seat thus far. I’ve done a couple 300 mile day on it and it hasn’t been too terribly bad. But, I have a long weekend beginning Thursday that I’ll be putting some miles on it for 4 straight days and I’m not anticipating it being real nice on day 3! As far as Sargent goes, I have a salesman that I “know”. I’ve emailed and talked with him enough about this that he hopefully is putting the bug in R&D’s ears like he’s told me. I’ve reminded him 3 times so far that I’ll send him money the moment he tells me they are ready
  6. Thanks Michah. I really like the Yosh. For whatever reason, I think the curly headers are cool looking. I had purchased a Lextek exhaust first and when I saw the headers on it, I thought they looked boring. Lol
  7. Got the OEM accessory radiator guard today. I’m not wild about it being attached with *zip ties* but oh well. I’ll just keep an eye on it.
  8. I did that last night. And boy oh boy did it feel sketchy putting my toolbox on the rear rack to raise the front. It worked (thanks BTW) but I was sweating bullets the whole time.
  9. I thought I recognized that building before reading your text. And I’ve never even been there!
  10. I’ll try to remember to post up another picture of a different spot next week. One of my favorite places in the world, Tellico Plains, TN. I’ll be there for 5 days next week.
  11. I sent another email and he said he hadn’t heard anything from R&D but he sent them my email to hopefully light a fire. Crossing my fingers they have something soon. I don’t hate the OEM seat but I can tell I won’t be too thrilled after my five day weekend in Tellico Plains coming in less than two weeks.
  12. I mounted a new rear Bridgestone S21 tire during the rain. My Pit-Bull front Hybrid stand won't work as is with the Tracer so I'll have to get a different pin or the "hybrid swivels" from Pit-Bull; haven't decided which way to go so I can get the front lifted to get the new front tire put on. The OE Dunlop D222 must have one of the stiffest sidewalls made. I've never had such a hard time getting a tire off of a rim before! I was sweating up a storm. I'm not really looking forward to that front tire when time comes. Maybe I'll grab my wife's heating blanket to wrap it in once I get the wheel off the bike.....