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  1. Finally got up to Traxxion to get the bike. Didn’t get to do much other than surface roads and some interstate going home, but it already feels tons better. I can’t wait to get in the twisties to really check it out.
  2. I have a good friend that lives in LaPorte who’s always up for a ride. He’s on a darkside ST1300.
  3. Traxxion Dynamics called this morning saying the bike is ready. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but I’m all giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve wanting to go get it right now!
  4. Mine is currently at Traxxion Dynamics getting some suspension surgery. I can’t wait until I get it back.
  5. This morning I dropped the bike off at Traxxion Dynamics for new suspenders.
  6. What did I do? I went riding! Picture taken from the porch of TWoS. Perfect temperature today - I just hope the rain holds off.
  7. You got lucky, apparently. I've gone to that link and it says sold out. And it seems my Google is broken because I can't find those or others specifically for the GT in the States. I"m so ready to throw more money at the bike and good levers are towards the top of the list.
  8. This is perfect timing. I'm ready for suspension and have done a drive-in with Traxxion before (living in metro Atlanta can sometimes be a good thing). I want to do everything at once, but I'll probably just have the shock done first before going all in with the front. Which Penske did you go with?
  9. @KeesH those pictures sure look like the low setting to me.
  10. I only called them and ordered it. I didn’t make any special requests, so I would imagine yours would come like this. I’m very pleased with mine.
  11. I had that exact same Cycle Hill changer and a few years ago I “upgraded” to the full-on No Mar. Truth be told, I wish I’d saved the money from the No Mar and just kept the Cycle Hill. The No Mar is marginally easier to use, but not enough to justify the price difference IMHO.
  12. @norcal616 which specific model is that? And i didn’t notice if yours is and FJ or Teacer (if it matters for this). I have a Tracer GT.
  13. It more than does for me. The OEM seat might “look” better but if it’s not a good seat, look doesn’t mean shit to me. I’ll take function over form. And I have a the original set that Sargent doesn’t want back. 2 for 1 is a great deal in my book.