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  1. Nothing huge but it took a while and some cussing to get the headers to line up, for one. Mounting the strap around the canister was more of a bitch due to the tight working space you have there. I *love* the tone it has. Granted I still only have less than 500 miles on the bike so far, so I’m still taking it easy and haven’t gone over 6500 rpm’s. I can’t speak to how loud it is at full song yet plus I wear earplugs when I ride so it’s a bit muted already to my ears.
  2. I just put mine on a couple weeks back. It wasn't the easiest full exhaust I've ever done, but it wasn't too bad. I'm trying to find my paperwork to see if the tab on the inside edge of the canister is for a removable db killer. My 14 year old is driving me crazy asking me if it is.
  3. I like the looks of the Tidy, but I’ve always kept the OEM rear alone due to rain spray off of the tire. I am tempted to get that radiator guard, though.
  4. I have the Yamaha topcase too. Mine has its own key and doesn’t use the ignition key. I wish it did, though! i do like the case as well. My 14 year old says he doesn’t need the backrest pad, luckily.
  5. I would also highly recommend getting this. Wayne does an awesome job putting these maps together. You want a good road that is less traveled? He's found it and has it listed on his maps.
  6. The only thing I would add is to come towards Helen via GA348 (Richard Russell Parkway), turn left on 75A, and when you cross the river at the stop sign, turn left on GA75 and head north. Do not, I repeat, do not turn right and go into Helen during a weekend. You'll regret it.
  7. @texscottyd any pictures of those Giles Tooling chain adjusters?
  8. I already have started saving old tires to make a cool garage hi-top table. Maybe I’ll save a couple new ones too. 😂
  9. I’ve been a little busy the last week or so throwing money at mine. I’ve added the Soundbomb Mini, OEM rack and topcase, bought an exhaust (which is on its way back-long story), ordered the Yosh made for the GT, added a few Ram Mounts, put Hyperlites on yesterday, and have a set of Bridgestone Hypersport tires to mount up. Anyone want a set of (verifiably) less than 300 miles set of the OEM Dunlops for a deal once I swap them out? Lol
  10. @Cruizin I just did the donation but did not see the text field to enter my username here.......
  11. Same here. I don't do it if traffic is above 30 or so, but anything less than that and I'm filtering through anytime I'm on the interstate. I used to not do it and would seethe sitting in traffic knowing the lucky ones in CA could. Then I took a week long ride in CA with a few buddies (one lives in SJ and met us for the ride - he's actually in my profile pic here) and did it all week long there following his lead the first couple of days. I became very comfortable with it then and I brought it home like a new religion. I live in a very congested area of I-75 south of Atlanta so I get semi-regular practice anytime I'm headed north towards Atlanta.
  12. I can’t give any real world experience yet since I just got mine Thursday, but I’ve got a few pictures of the 50L mounted up. Well, I tried but yet again, the pictures I take from my phone are too large of an attachment to send in here.
  13. I received an email back from him this morning. He said he was going to pass the message along to management and R&D. He also said that hopefully they will get the mods done soon and any updates he gets he will pass along to me.
  14. I have the Yamaha accessory rear rack and the Givi universal mount with a Givi 30L aluminum top case on my GT. No problem with the mount or height on my bike with this configuration if that helps. Rash, any way you could provide some pictures of your setup? I want to go with the Yamaha rack and a Givi topcase but would like to see a picture or two before dropping the money on it.