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  1. True, but I want to keep the OEM seat unmolested, for whatever reason.
  2. Wouldn’t that be Corbin and their rock hard seats??
  3. I was just coming here with the screenshot of the email reply I got from Dane saying the same thing. Anyone that will be getting a Sargent when they come out should ask for Dane. I don’t know if they work on commission or not for call in sales, but that’s what I’ll be doing. He’s helped me out in the past with a custom seat for my Speed Triple when I did a drop-in at their facility and has been very responsive and honest when I’ve emailed him about the Tracer seat. He’s a good guy.
  4. Has anyone used this tool for setting the slack? I have a number of Motion Pro tools that are quality stuff but wonder about this one. I always seem to doubt myself when setting the slack on all of my bikes.
  5. I wish I could post a video of this but I gave the man my word I wouldn’t. I might have just been to the *coolest* motorcycle hangout ever. Jay Leno’s garage. With Jay Leno.
  6. I sadly can’t show a picture of my motorcycle in this post, but I did stop by the Rock Store yesterday (in a rental car). My main two objectives were to replace the shirt I bought there two years ago that my washer has destroyed and to show the family The Snake from my visit. The Snake is closed right now due to the fires and recent rains that have reduced it to needing repaving. But I did get a personalized tour of the place and history by Rich, the owner and son of the originators. A nicer guy you will not meet!
  7. I took a good ride on mine on the 4th and then promptly jumped on a plane for SoCal. I’ll be without her for a week + while play around in a rental car out here in SoCal....😪
  8. Does anyone know what lights these are? I had saved this picture a while back and now don’t remember where I snagged it from.
  9. That is too cool! I think it's Denton that my mother's side has family.
  10. I was on the other side of 276 this past Friday afternoon. Oh lord the slow traffic!!
  11. I don’t like the wait either. How different could it be from the FJ?? At any rate I’m destined to wait. I’ve loved every Sargent so far and only tolerated every Corbin.
  12. I reached back out to my contact at Sargent and here is his reply.
  13. I spooned on a set of S21’s a month ago and this is a great tire if you like to ride agressively in the twisties.
  14. I had one blow violently at about 60 last summer and I almost crashed. Blowouts are not fun.