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  1. Update on the halocam if anyone is still interested. While basic functionality of the main unit is ok, I have had two front camera failures. I was impressed initially with the customer service, but after all the hassles with failed cameras, buggy software, etc. I am past the point of caring. I think I will just tear all the wiring out. There might be someone out there who has had success long term, but I think it would be better just to pay a little more for a camera with a longer history of quality. Halocam seems like a fly by night operation. After their initial mini sales blitz they have gone quiet. Their crappy android phone app hasn't been updated in ages despite barely functioning. Lesson learned.
  2. The fj/tracer is way too responsive. When people say it "only" has 115 horsepower, they have totally lost perspective. The acceleration is Instant, and a bump in the road in standard mode can make the bike lurch forward. Sure it doesn't compare with 200 mph supercharged kawi, but the extra power on a modern superbike is ridiculous on the road anyway. You are buying a bike to commute, not drag race hayabusas. From my own experience you can start with a bigger bike, but when I switched down to a 350 overseas was when I really learned how to ride a motorcycle, not just sit on a huge motor with wheels. The 350 was light, I could fling it around. When I returned home, I found that the new skills transferred to my 750. Go for the Versys. It seems like an excellent starter machine that could satisfy a veteran rider if he wasn't concerned with looking cool or compensating for real or imagined deficiencies. Keep in mind, a Kawi Z1 900 was considered a monster- and it was. It was an exciting and sometimes hairy machine to ride. A noob or veteran rider could easily get into trouble. It only had 83 horsepower claimed, yet it was the king. A 650 versys would blow it away by almost any measure, and yet be safer. I don't know when 900 cc wheelie machines became learner bikes.
  3. Not a break man, but if you are going to buy one, try to reward the designers by not buying Chinese knockoffs (or Lithuanian as the case may be). I know it's virtually impossible to avoid Chinese products completely, but having lived in the Middle Kingdom for 7 years I really got a sense of the extent of the intellectual property theft. Virtually everything for sale except for rice is a ripoff of someone else's idea. The factories are booming supplying the whole world with cheap products, many that are substandard or hazardous, and virtually zero paying any licencing fees. The country is being rebuilt bottom up with the profits. While this is great for them, it is gutting the economies of the West (Japan and Korea maybe as well). All of this benefits and strengthens the surveillance police state and its charming ruler for life. I've got nothing against Chinese people (my wife is Chinese) and an definitely not a MAGA man, but if you can afford it and are offered a choice, try to encourage and support manufacturers and developers who come up with their own ideas and pay a living wage. Rant over, and apologies for injecting politics into the forum. Having said that, the Powerbronze beak is overpriced. Maybe go beakless?
  4. Amazing DIY! You made your own plastics? I had no idea that kind of fabrication was possible outside of a factory. Sometimes I feel like I'm waking up from a time capsule way technology advances. Are those drawer sliders? You must have gotten a few months worth of wife points with this one.
  5. Hey Naboo, no problem here. I actually bought the halocam partly because of that review. Besides the crappy instruction sheet, it is a cool product. When I was looking for more information on the cam I found the same review so I thought I'd ask. As I said before, the review is accurate enough and well presented. I just thought maybe you were spamming bike sites which wouldn't be so great. Thanks for the info, the cam could end up paying for itself many times over. Meanwhile I can watch fisheye videos of my squidly wheelie attempts on my phone. 😉
  6. This review has been posted on BMW and ST1100 websites as well (and who knows where else). It's a good review, and the product seems worthwhile, but do you (daboo) have all these different motorcycles or are you spreading the gospel of halocam? 😉