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  1. i would check the front wheel for out of balance, it does sometimes happen that you have to balance the tire again in my experience
  2. the ECU senses the resistance of the heated grips when they are in "series wired in", _parallel_ does not work, thats all iirc.
  3. there is already Angel GT II for sale in europe, improved in wet(grip,handling), cold, softer damping and it really looks sexy, imho. i am rolling the dice between Road5 and the new Angel GT II
  4. Nice idea. but wondering why those models on the picture wear a helmet with their street clothing
  5. yamaha claims in their installation instructions for the QS - it does work from 20km/h or greater than 2000rpm.
  6. push the shift lever up, turn ignition key on, wait 10sec, release the shift lever - QS will be disabled/enabled. no need to unplug something.
  7. my oem seat does not move, my yamaha comfort seat does not move either, both in high position. it sounds to me, you have not moved the plastic bracket in the right position if you are using the high position, thats the reason why your seat is moving around! look into the manual, they'll explain it with pictures.
  8. i dont think so, the comfort seat is more flat than the stock, so there is more room to sit more forward or backward. if i had to guess the comfort seat is upto 2cm higher than stock and its little bit wider between the legs
  9. its higher, for sure. i ride it myself in high position and i like it. here you go, dont know anymore where this picture is from hope the picture speaks for it self. stock seat with comfort seat overlay
  10. @bowlin01 Sorry, it ain't gonna happen. He build some mounts but refuse to do more, money will not motivate him.
  11. thanks guys, i will forward the kudos to my friend who made this wonderful gps mounting
  12. link 4 what? it is a diy gps mount, works with tomtom+garmin gps, RN57 only.
  13. are you talking about OBD2 diagnostic tool? if so, i added some picture, should be self explaining the yamaha diag connector is called "Sumitomo 6188-0004"
  14. Thanks for your reply, but im really looking for an comparison of those two forks.