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  1. I heard it described best on the Motorcycles and Misfits podcast. The formula for the proper number of motorcycles is N+1 where N=the number of motorcycles you currently own.
  2. Can't find pic's of any of my first bikes right now but here is a more recent past bike. The Buell is still one of my favourite bikes.
  3. Sorta a covered bridge and last week so it does not count.
  4. Found a wild motorcycle xing. Apparently this is where herds of wild motorcycles cross the road. No trail, just field on both sides and main road across the top of the photo.
  5. Welcome. Running the chain a little loser than factory helps with the vibration. I also run foam grips. The shifting gets much smoother after about 3K-4K. I think you will find or have found the bike works very well in the N. GA mountains. top of Blood Mountain today. Had a lot of sand/dirt so I took it easy going up.
  6. I had no idea we had a "Jo Mamma" section. I'll check it out.
  7. Foam Grips, Mesh seat cover, swing-arm sliders, 2nd 12v accessory outlet, tank grip pads like @betoney has(sharp looking bike), speed bleeders, shorty levers, tinted headlight film (lamin-x) tinted windscreen ( I had the idea to use spray tint but never did ) I do have the tinted headlight film.
  8. I had the same issue until I shaved the rubber bump stop for the centerstand. Stock it's 1/2"inch ish and mine is now about 1/8"inch thick. Peg's always touch first now.
  9. been off the bike for a few weeks while recovering from some carpal tunnel surgery. While I was not riding I did a major upgrade and had some AK-20 cartridges from traxxion dynamics installed. Had my first ride on them today and all I can say is WOW what a difference. Went down some local roads bumpy roads that gave the bike fit's with the stock suspension. So much better and no brake dive. It really highlights how bad the stock rear shock is. Now that I have tasted the koolaid I can't stand the stock rear shock and will be ordering a Penske rear Tuesday when the local shop opens. intended to take a short ride of 5 to 10 miles and ended up searching out bad roads and speed bumps, 80 miles later I had to turn on the GPS to get home !!
  10. A few threads on here about that but basically, it's normal. When moving the bike will run about 100F over ambient. That is if it's 50F outside the bike will be at about 150F, when is 70F the bike will be about 170F. Thermostat is fully open at 180F so it should not get much warmer than that unless it really hot or when running the bike very hard. When stopped the fan kicks on at 220F off at 200F
  11. Put some barkbusters on for the cold weather riding. Have the storm barkbuster plastics on another bike and the storm have a much larger dead air area. I may swap as it gets a little colder.