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  1. Hi All, I have a 2018 Tracer 900 GT and recently installed an ohlins rear shock. So far so good, however now it looks like I need stiffer springs on the front suspension because I have preload at maximum, rebound and compression almost fully closed, and I can still feel the front too soft. I have never felt this before installing ohlins, which has a spring rate of 11.5 as compared to the previous rear suspension which I think was around 9.5. The front has a progressive spring 7.5-10. I was thinking of going with 10 linear spring. Do you have any recomendations on good cheapest alternatives to ohlins regarding springs? And also some online stores in europe I can check? Thanks, David
  2. I know what I need in my GT for it to be perfect: - Better brakes - Better suspension - downshift quickshifter
  3. So far I have used D222 (9000km both front and rear), Road Attack 3 (11000km front, 6000km rear + 5000km rear but with 1500-2000km of use left when replaced), Angel GT II (10000km front and still running, 9000 kms rear to the cords) and I put an Angel GT old version now in the rear which has ~500km. RoadAttack 3 are great tyres, very agile and plenty of grip, but my personal preference are the Angel GT II. Plenty of feedback, tons of rear tyre grip, perfect trajetories and good aging and milleage as compared to the RA3. It will be my preferred tyre moving forward in the 900GT
  4. Never had wobble again after calibrating the tyres and have them properly fixed. This issue was because of the stupid mechanic that mounted the tyres 😠
  5. Hi All, I have a Tracer 900 GT with 26000kms and it's now time to do front fork maintenance. Should I stick with Yamaha standard fork oil or there are better alternatives?
  6. https://www.carpimoto.com/EN/42720_Matris-Fork-Springs-Kit-for-Yamaha-Tracer-900-18-.htm
  7. Are you sure? Can you send me the reference? Because according to info I have, it's progressive 7.5-10
  8. Add preload and compression to fronk fork to reduce softness and bouncing on the front. But after doing anything, set the sag for your weight both front and rear. Also note that the Tracer 900GT has progressive springs in the front meaning that by adding preload you're also affecting the spring stifness.
  9. So far I had stock Dunlop D222, 2 rear and 1 front RA3 and currently runnig Angel GT II. RA3 are amazing, but Angel GT II is a different level! Awesome tire
  10. I have fitted last week those cheap "chinese" FJ1300 footpegs. So far I am very happy with the change, but have not yet had the chance to ride aggressively to see if there is any limitation due to being longer and wider.
  11. My riding style is aggressive. I use the motorcycle only for fun and like to drive fast in the bends. to be honest I don't feel any limitation with Tracer's suspension, I am pretty sure the only thing preventing me from going faster is my riding skills But I have heard so many people in older versions of the tracer complaining about suspension and saying that changing fork springs (as it is not very expensive to do so) that I would like to know the feedback from other people to understand whether the it is an investment worth doing. Also, 25000km is a good milleage for doing this oil change? Thanks
  12. Friction rate is HH. I will install them probably end of this month, will provide feedback after that. I have a friend which use them in his ZX-10R and he simply loves them. I has also tried EBC HH and it says it is not comparable: wayyyyy better. Even better than kawasaki OEM. And they are not expensive: I've paid 60€ for both pairs.
  13. Hi All, I have a Tracer 900 GT from 2018 which has currently 20000km. Some people say that you should change front fork suspension oil around 25000km and that threshold is getting closer each day I am thinking of also upgrading the springs, and would like to collect some feedback first. As far as I understand, GT front fork springs are different (stiffer) than standard version, so does it worth at all to replace the spring also? Thanks in advance! David
  14. Hi All, I have ordered a set of carbone lorraine semi-pro brake pads for my Tracer 900 GT and will be replacing stock ones soon. Does anyone here have experience with those brake pads in here? I will be posting my thoughts anyway as soon as I replace and test them. Thanks, David
  15. Hi All, I know that most likely chain from older Tracer models won't fit the Tracer 2108- versions. Do you know what is the chain and sprocket reference for Tracer 900 GT models? Thanks, David