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  1. My "19, w 2,500 miles. Avg. 58.4 as I'm probably a conservative rider to most here but most miles are with panniers and 39 ltr top box 2/3's full of gear. My highway riding at 70-75 which I do little of, on 200 mile run got 51.8...my preference ride is country twisties w many hills and sweeps at 45-55 and find for me with this MC 1 or 2 shifts down does it , not the Italian Stallion at 68 LOL but love the MC other than the stock seat. I've tweaked mine to make it acceptable but Terry A. may very well be making me a solo seat this winter when I park her for 3 months here in WNY. Reserve I can count on 40 miles have not tested it beyond because of poor quality gage as we all know
  2. 2,500 miles and running. Love everything except that pesky poor angle of the stock seat. Tweaking it in several ways gets me to 250 miles per day and for 3 day rides but I'm going to run out 5-6 k this summer and early fall for sure then make a decision of seat choice. I too never add a pillion so I wish a custom solo rider seat was available, I'd be all in on that mod. My avg. MPG is 58.4 to date and very pleased with the MC as a 1 only MC owner/ rider. May swap out the rider pegs for cushioned FJR 1300 pegs. Jury is still out on that, there are pros and cons to everything. Safe riding folks!

  3. Retired now 3.5 years, enjoyed my Guzzi Breva 1100, for 2 years however I wanted a MC that 1, was more reliable, 2. for touring as well as my daily rider so I spoiled myself with my first ever New MC, a "19 Tracer 900 GT. You can laugh now because I'm happy with her in rain mode :) probably only will use STD when fully geared up for tent camping overnights. Averaging 58.2 MPG w all 3 bags on and 60% loaded. What feels so good to me is how rider friendly it is, controls, farkles, seating position, everything just works well for me and nimble in campgrounds hard pack dirt, no issues.

    I had John Haran, owner, master mechanic at West Side Cycles in Rochester NY lower the MC 3/4 " properly, tweak the suspension for my weight and gear, add custom made LED lower lights tucked into the fairing lines nicely, mount my ZUMO 390 GPS and hard wire, rear brake modulator and added a 110 decibel horn in series w stock 1. I added the dealer sweetened the pot with the Yamaha bracket and 39 liter top case, and a 24" V-stream W?S by National cycle for touring. The standard w/b fine for our summers. I just have 1,100 miles on her but the 2 items I'll clean up this winter are: she is a dirty bird in rain and throws much spray front and rear so I'm thinking fender extenders for both but better yet for the rear is John can redo by adding a black dirt bike style rear fender, cut down, re-shape and that should clean up the behind for my riding buddies. Loved the asthetics and sexy lines of the Guzzi, the Tracer I call a Transformer look, but I'll take function and reliability all day long over looks! I averaged 6-8K miles a year w the Guzzi , I'm thinking similar w my Tracer. Safe travels and have FUN! IMG_1862.JPG.6dc7497c138310ef0bc0e6bbbac0d163.JPGIMG_1859.JPG.bc0556f88526a8d0873e0e6388eebc11.JPG