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  1. Well, I researched this as much as I think I can, used my previous experience of wearing a predominately black jacket, listed to some very good and compelling comments, flipped a coin and went with Black. I placed an order with Twisted Throttle via this website and used up my complimentary 100 points for registering with them, and that made them the cheapest place in Canada to buy a Klim Apex jacket, it was $1.00 Cad cheaper than any other retailer.
  2. What is this for and can I leave it out? In order to access the latch for the seat, this block needs to be removed, but when the seat is set to the low position its difficult to remove the block.
  3. Sure, any excuse for me to be in my shop is good with me. I don't have cases, not sure if they would fit with this setup or not.
  4. Evotech radiator guard and tail tidy install continued And then I took my fine 38 year old vintage girl for a ride
  5. Installed an Evotech radiator guard and tail tidy I have to say that I am very impressed with the Evotech product, both engineering and quality. Attached are some pictures, its not an install how-to though. The tail tidy is two pieces, very nicely designed and machined aluminum components, every detail is considered for wire routing channels and even a machined slot to keep the zip ties below the surface that the plate mounts to.
  6. Only 60 miles to the US boarder, I use a parcel exchange just over the boarder when the Canadian dollar is stronger than it currently is. Its the currency exchange that drives the cost up for us right now it costs $1.33 Canadian dollars to pay $1.00 US dollar, or in other terms the Canadian dollar is worth only $0.75 US, when the exchange is closer, like our Canadian Dollar being worth $0.85 US and up, it is cheaper to order on line from US retailers some times. Anyway, I have come to terms with the cost, just not the colour selection.
  7. Thanks for the information, I should have noted that my preferred vendors are Canadian based, only because of the cost. In Canada everyone who sells the jacket (even off the Klim website with them converting to Canadian dollars) has the jacket listed for $844.95 plus the federal tax on this amount, total is $887.20 delivered. For US retailers like the ones listed by others, the Jacket is typically $650 USD + $30 for international shipping = $680 USD Today the conversion for USD to Canadian is 1.33 = $906, then paypal or the credit card companies charge 3% to convert, so the delivered cost is $933.18 for me. Sometimes if shipped by UPS, there is a $40 to $70 brokerage fee required on delivery, USPS does not do this and we thank them for that. When the Canadian dollar to US dollar values are closer, the opposite is true, items become lest costly for us here to purchase from US companies. Of course, the difference is negligible if I needed a jacket quickly but when I left home this morning for work, I drove through a blizzard, so getting it quickly is not a big factor. I did contact TwistedThrottle (Canadian side) and the told me grey was 6 - 7 weeks away.
  8. I am in the market for a new Jacket and can't decide on the colour. I like black and I like Grey, I would prefer black though but am concerned that it will absorb noticeably more heat on hot sunny days, as theory dictates. I also know that while riding its not so much an issue or an issue at all. My riding is mostly on the highway so theres no shortage of air. Then theres the stops and waiting for what ever reason. When I comment to work in the morning its as cold as 6 - 8 degrees C and that same day it could be 33 degrees C for the ride home. Any one have experience with both colours or black and some other colour that could comment? The other deciding factor for me may be that the Klim Apex jacket in Grey is not in stock anywhere currently where I would prefer to shop (on line) but a couple vendors have black on hand now.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on that vendor. Just had a look and with todays exchange the cost is around $565 including shipping.
  10. Hi, I was looking for the Scorpion slip on muffler - Serket Taper RYA101SEO - on the Kimpex web site, they only have the complete system and its on sale for $800.00 if anyone is interested. I emailed them to find out if they have the muffler only (half system) and they got back to me today to let me know that they are dropping the Scorpion line.
  11. How do you like the NTR-R1? did you purchase it form Nitron in the UK? I was looking into this shock recently also and contacted them, they told me I would have to order from their US distributor, see their response below Hi KevinThank you for your email. If you live in Canada you will have to orderthrough our US distributor. You can contact them here:www.fastbikeindustries.comsales@fastbikeindustries.comI hope this helps.Kind regards,Sales TeamNitron Racing Systems LtdSouthfield RoadEynshamOxfordshireOX29 4JBUKTel: +44(0)1993 849449Fax: +44(0)1993 849482sales@nitron.co.uk
  12. I am planning to order a Klim Apex jacket form them, looks like they have the best price compared to other Canadian retailers, I will go through the link here to get to them when I order. No stock right now for my size and colour choice.
  13. On my Tracer, it has this bracket on the clutch side. Looks like it is protecting a wire harness. No bracket on the other side though.
  14. Today I picked it up from the dealer and introduced her (him?) to its new home, great day! A couple of days ago I received my Evotech radiator guard and tail tidy in the mail, I will install those in a couple of weeks, as you can see there is no riding around here for quite a while.