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  1. I ordered my radiator guard and tail tidy from Evotech in the UK, it was 5 days for delivery, no issues what so ever. I am in Canada
  2. I am very impressed with this Jacket so far and I don't expect that to change. If you are on the fence, go for it and I am sure like me there will be no regrets. The tag on my Jacket says Made In China, that doesn't change anything for me but to be honest I will spend more for products made in North America if the choice exists, but those choices seem few and far in between.
  3. I had my first ride in the Klim Apex jacket yesterday evening. It arrived last week but we were away on vacation. It took 6 weeks from order to delivery, not a problem since its been cold here, in fact I only have 17km on my new Tracer -- sheesh. I went with the black large jacket and am very impressed so far with the look, fit and fell of it. It is expensive and might be over priced a bit but I have no regrets. It was 7 degrees C last night (44 F) with a strong north wind and I had a tee-shirt and light long sleeve shirt on under the jacket, and the jacket and was not cold. The jacket stops all wind from entering and seems to help retain body heat. The jacket also feels great, fits very nicely (my body shape is not so easily fitted 5'-9 and 195 lbs), kind of like you want to wear it while driving your car also lol. Another thing that I found classy on behalf of Klim and Twisted throttle, the jacket arrived laying flat nicely in a large box and with a Klim hanger - just a nice final touch I think, not a big deal but know I know if some one else here is using my hanger. I have no idea how it vents yet because its so darn cold out - every day it seems, so I will focus on warmth for a while. I am sure that it will vent as others describe and have no worries about it. The reviews are accurate for this jacket. Very impressed so far.
  4. Welcome, where are you from? What are the number stickers on the forks? Nice picture.
  5. Its crazy how much we need to pay in Canadian dollars for this, I am keeping an eye on the Pound to Canadian dollar exchange rates, obviously if the gap narrows, its less to purchase from across the pond. Also, the sale that Kimpex has on the full system will get you a complete system for slightly more than just the muffler from others, I though of going that rout and only using the muffler, but I don't wan to spend that much for just the muffler with no intention of installing the rest of it. Could put the header pieces on Kijiji, but realistically, who would want just the header?
  6. I have, that thread is 95% responsible for my decision or thought that the Scoprion Sereket Slip-on is the best option for me. Its a well comprised thread and essentially had all the information that I need to a) think that I need a different muffler, b) choose the Scorpion Sereket.
  7. That stock header assembly is sexy! Anyway, for me I only want to change out the muffler at some point, I think its going to be the Scorpion when I decide to do it. For anyone wanting a full exhaust, this is an incredible price from Kimpex as they close out this product line.
  8. Here is what the website shows
  9. The system we are talking about is a full system, each header tube is separate, then the separate collector, separate mid pipe and then the muffler. 5 extra pieces, and the header tubes do not have cross connectors like the stock and others. Might be a great system, lots of pieces though
  10. I agree about all the pieces, I will not be going with it because of that. I want only the slip on, but since I came across the great pricing I threw it out for us to see. I personally really like the look of the stock header, kind of makes me think of the collectors on the side headers on the mid 70's stingrays - always thought those looked very cool.
  11. Thanks, I don't know if the panniers will fit, I don't have a set. My thought are they will not, and that if I get a set at some point, its a quick change back to the original fender, and I might get a set of LED signal lights at some point so that the fender and tail tidy can each have signals attached. I used a hole saw on my drill press to cut the holes and then screws the plate to a plank and used my reciprocating saw with fine tooth blade to cut the straight sections (I don't have a band saw yet). Made the bends on my hydraulic press.
  12. This weekend I made a license plate holder so that I could attach the reflectors that came with the bike. I know most remove reflectors, they don't bother me to the point where I feel the benefit of them out weights how they look . The Evotech tail tidy dint have provisions although it did come with a bracket and reflector that I think was supposed to attach to the license plate itself. I used 1/8 aluminum plate. After painting, I attached the Evotech supplied bracket and reflector using rivets. The two U-shaped cutouts at the bottom are there to allow water to drain from behind the license plate. If anyone wants a full scale pdf, message me and I will email it to you.
  13. Well, I researched this as much as I think I can, used my previous experience of wearing a predominately black jacket, listed to some very good and compelling comments, flipped a coin and went with Black. I placed an order with Twisted Throttle via this website and used up my complimentary 100 points for registering with them, and that made them the cheapest place in Canada to buy a Klim Apex jacket, it was $1.00 Cad cheaper than any other retailer.
  14. Thanks, its a 1981 Sportfire 440, 3500 km on the odometer.