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  1. Click on the (+) symbol were cylindre head part number.
  2. VIN before RN37Y-000866 have older part number, and my 2018 have VIN 37N9HA001208, so older head. BTW, with 4 years guarantee....
  3. ................ 😜 Thank you guys. So the best would be to buy the 2017, and for 700$ more, i have 3 more years of guarantee.
  4. After a certain VIN the cylinder head was another part number. Just find a brand new 2018 tracer 900 GT for $13200CAD... Both colors available, black or gray
  5. Here is the VIN of the leftover 2017 FJ.. RN37N9HA001208... And the new cylinder head start at RN37Y 000866.. To bad, this 2017 have the previous model head. I think i will look for a 2018
  6. Not the GT. But a standard 900 2018 The dealer have a 2018 GT, but this is too much $$$$ for my budget.
  7. And please, pardone me for my english, i am french from Québec 😊
  8. I have own a 2013 tiger 800, love this bike but change for a Z1000. In love with power at this time😂😂
  9. Ok Guys, thank you. It is my main problems since i ride bikes, i read too much on the net before to buy the bike. When i sit my but on the fj, i literaly fall in love with the riding position and the light weight feel between my legs. Now, i have two choices, please let me know what do you think: A brand new FJ09 2017 for $9500 or a 2018 Tracer 900, demo, at 2100km, for $10500, with full guarantee... This last one have only been ride by the delers mechanic advisor last summer. Thank's
  10. Well, after 2 days of reading and search on this forum, i'am a little disapointed about the FJ09. My Yamaha dealer have a leftover 2017, for $9500CAD, and i was realy interest about this bike. But, after read about lot of valves problems, CCT problems, oil leak, i'am no more confident about my choice. And more, i was thinking that the FJ had the agressive punch of the FZ/XSR900. But as i can see, it is a tame down version of this CP3 engine. Maybe i will consider my other choice, the Tiger 800 or the new F850GS.
  11. Ok glad to ear! Iam a little concern about ground clearance and suspension travel. A friend of me have the xsr900 version and tell me that this little 900 engine is a beast.
  12. My yamaha dealer have a leftover fj09 2017, brand new, for $9500cad. I would like to have a bike capable of long road trip, but some times, go on flat non paved road. So iam thinking to put 70/30 tires on this fj09, but i am worried about the handling, and the under engine protection..
  13. Hello, my name is David, iam 44 years old. Riding differents bike styles since l ast 30 years. I'am now building a Honda VXL 600 bobber, but i'am looking for a second bike to make long trip with my girlfriend. So i am here to see what you think about the FJ/Tracer 09 bike. Bye!