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  1. Just FYI, checked the transmission drawings in service manual and all gears appear to be straight cut...
  2. Checked the service manual - yes, the bike has thermostat. Looking from the front, it is to the left of the oil filter, a bit up. They call it 'thermostat assembly' and it doesn't seem to be designed to be taken apart. Manual just says check for damage, leaks... There is no procedure on checking the function/temperature of the thermostat, weird.
  3. Did my first ride on GT at temperatures 8 to 10 C. Engine temperature indicated around 60 C. That seem to me rather low, a car would have temp around 85 C. What are you guys seeing on your bikes?
  4. My take on this is that if the whine was chain/sprocket related, it would be the same at comparable speed, no matter what gear. That doesn't seem to be the case.
  5. I am glad I came across this thread. My first ride on my new GT, a bit of whine in 3rd, but quite audible in 6th. Goes completely away when decelerating or over 110 km/h.
  6. Now that you mention it, there is some whine in 3rd, but much more in 6th. The straight cut gears could be the culprits...
  7. Yes, I normally do that, at 70 I am in 4th. I just wanted to indicate the range of whine in 6th...
  8. So it finally warmed up to +10C, sunny skies and in spite of snow along the roads, I couldn't wait any longer. Did my first 160 kms on my brand new GT. Engine and handling great, no need to elaborate, everything works as it should - almost. In 6th gear under throttle there is an audible whine, something like turbine, coming from what I assume is transmission. It starts around 70 km/h and disappears just before 120 km/h. It disappears as well on deceleration at any speed. It is not there in any other gear under any conditions. Any comments on that? Weird thing happened to my old faithful Garmin Oregon 300 GPS, I have been using it on different bikes for at least 10 years. Have it in RAM holder on handlebar, just left of the center, about half foot away from bike's display. Batteries charged, perfect signal. Start up the bike and ride away and signal disappears, says no sattelites. Reset the GPS, all fine, start riding, satellites gone. So I take the GPS off the holder, engine running and at distance over foot from bikes display it stars working again. There is clearly some interference coming from somewhere (speedometer display?) that is imobilizing the GPS. Will try some different location/position, but this is disappointing. Anyone experienced something like that?
  9. Thanks, this is great info. All I need to do now is get the right 4 pin connector and rebuild the existing cable.
  10. My experience with various motorcycle brand batteries is 4 to 5 years life. This is provided your alternator is charging properly and over winter having the battery at least once a week on a charger/maintainer for a day or so.
  11. I have purchased on Aliexpres.com one of these multibrand motorcycle diagnostic tools, came with bunch of different cables for different make motorcycles. However, what is supposed to be Yamaha cable has different connector than I have on my Tracer GT. The GT has square 4 pin connector while the cable has a triangular 3 pin connector. Has anyone any experience with these diagnostic tool connections, or pinout diagram? Do the older FJ09, Tracers or MT09 have different/3 pin connector? Thanks,
  12. I did fairly extensive research on tank lock bags, wanted just something small for valet, keys, camera, phone etc., for the rest there is enough storage in side bags. The most cost effective option seem to be the Givi systems. Ended up purchasing from FortNine.ca the Givi XS319 tank lock bag and BF23 mounting flange. Very happy with this purchase, only wish the mounting ring was some 5 mm lower. On other hand, with larger bags the ring might be just right.
  13. Regarding this new Versys 1000. Here in Canada there are actually two new models the LT ($16600) and LT SE ($19600). The SE has dynamic suspension and other upgrades, both have now cruise control. I was seriously looking at the LT model, what eventually turned me off was the weight - 253 kg without side cases, almost 40 kg heavier than GT. Being 72, this is a major factor for me...