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  1. How is the ST for overall riding comfort. Seating position, leg room, is it much higher than GT to reach the ground? I was seriously looking into ST, but then I sold my 2016 Africa Twin last February and being "bikeless" I bought the GT without test riding it, based on reviews, features and mainly the weight. I am 72 so handling a heavy bike might be an issue.
  2. I live near Riverglade, NB motocross race track and there is a local guy here who does suspensions, I understand mostly for dirt bikes and quads. Will talk to him and see if he can help me somehow...
  3. Yes I did, I have all damping close to minimum (soft). On other hand I am 185 lb guy (without gear) so I cannot ride with minimum preload and side cases attached.
  4. I wonder if somebody could compare the GT or Tracer/FJ vs Super Tenere suspension in terms of softness/handling on rough roads. Some 90% of my riding is on secondary backroads where the pavement is usually very rough, lots of frost heaves and poorly repaired potholes. I do enjoy the GT, but the suspension, both front and rear is killing me.
  5. As I stated elsewhere, my bike's fuel consumption and fuel used are showing consistently ~10% less. At the same time, speed is showing 8% higher and odometer 2% higher.
  6. I have repositioned my Oregon gps, it is installed now horizontally about 1" above handlebars clamp. No more interference, full signal.
  7. Just wanted to reconfirm that with milleage the whine is diminishing. I have now close to 3k kms on the bike and past the first oil change. I can still hear the whine in 6th, it is now limited to about 80 to 95 km/h range (going by gps) only under load and it doesn't bother me any more. So for me the problem is solved.
  8. I think the speedometer calibration and improved quickshifter would be the only items of interest to me... I wonder if speedometer could be adjusted by some standalone method.
  9. I am not sure why people tinker with their ECUs? I have it OEM, runs perfect without any hesitation in any gear or any RPM. More power than I could handle, good fuel consumption...
  10. There are interlocking pins on the joint where you adjust the peg position/angle. The other joint is just a bolt tension. I used a bit of thread locker on both joints and they hold just fine
  11. Just curious, has anyone had the fuel pump apart? I mean not just taken from the tank, but disassembled the unit. I understand these pumps are the same on all 900 triples since 2015, part # 1RC-13907-00. I am looking at replacing the bottom plastic plate with the fuel line connection (a story I am not proud of).
  12. I too always ride with gps. My speedometer is showing about 8% higher and odometer 1.5% higher than gps. Interestingly, the fuel consumption meter is showing about 10% lower than actual calculated from between fillups and corresponding milleage.
  13. I wonder if someone would have a used, discarded, even not working fuel pump 1RC-13907-00, as long as the fuel line connection plate is OK. I managed to break off the connection piece when doing throttle bodies sync. Have it glued together now with JB-weld epoxy, doesn't seem to leak, but do not have much faith in it. I understand that the top connection plate can be removed/replaced.
  14. I had the same problem with my Garmin Oregon gps mounted in RAM holder on handlebars, left of the center. The gps was at about the same level as tft display. Either no or very low gps signal. I ended up mounting the ram holder just above the right hand side handlebars clamp. Full gps signal now.
  15. Same here. When I cannot throw my leg over the bike's seat, I just stick with my 2006 LTD. BTW, many people do not realize that Niken is not a trike, it will not stand on its own...