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  1. Did the same. Not ideal, but better than stock...
  2. Burned the fuse as soon as I connected my 40W heated vest. Replaced with 5A and all is OK.
  3. Yes, most all bikes are optimistic in reading the speed and fuel consumption. I had only one bike that was fully accurate in all readings - 2009 BMW 1200RT. My previous bike 2016 Africa Twin was +9% on speed, but bang on on fuel consumption amd fuel used.
  4. That is interesting, I would never expect a same size tire of different brand/make to be that larger. Is your Road 5 tire 120/70-17 in size?
  5. If If the tire was to correct the speed reading, it would have to have 9% larger circumference than OEM...
  6. Anyone has installed the Speedo Healer, Speedo Tuner or other gizmo to correct the speed error on Tracer/GT? I understand that it will affect the odometer as well, but how about fuel consumption and use readings?
  7. Similarly as others commented, I got used to the OEM seat, mind you, I lowered its rear by shortening the rubber bumpers by about 7 mm. This seat in combination with rather backwards positioned foot pegs actually makes sense. If nothing, it is fairly forgiving for the men's reproductive organs...😁
  8. I guess, I will never have high speed wobble as I never go over 120 km/h 😁. However I experienced similar problem after I hit a bad pothole. After that I got handlebars wobble around 70 km/h only. Checked the bike front and rear, no damage/bend to rims. Interestingly the problem kind of "healed" itself, after I rebalanced front wheel and found it needed additional 15 gr weight, next to existing 30 gr. The tires have 3500 kms on them.
  9. As I mentioned elsewhere, the fuel gauge and consumption readings are about 10%+ inaccurate/optimistic. Meaning with 4 l/100kms indicated the actual is 4.4 and when display indicates 10 liters of fuel used, the actual is more like 11.5 used. I wish it was correctable through ECU by dealer...
  10. I have something similar from Aliexpress, little bit better looking. Nice thing is they double as hwy pegs (kind of)....
  11. Good idea. Just that shipping cost might be prohibitive...🤔😁
  12. I am no racer, in fact I am probably one of those individuals who slow the traffic. 😎. The only difference I can tell bwtween tires is when I get a flat. To me, the only criteria I have about a tire is miles/$ 🤗. And BTW, the OEM tires on GT are just fine...
  13. No, I am not, exactly as I stated. The downloaded version I have is for MTT850D, 1st edition from January 2018. The printed version is for MTT09DK from March 2018. As per pictures and description identical Tracer GT bikes.
  14. Funny part is that downloaded manual says oil change every 10k km, printed manual every 6k kms. As well, first throttle bodies sync is at 10k kms in downloaded manual and at 1k kms in printed.?
  15. I have no issues with fueling on my GT whatsoever. What I would wish to correct is speed and odometer error, fuel consumption and fuel used errors. Not sure if this is doable...