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  1. I have the FJR Panniers on my GT and like the fact my full face modular helmet fits inside...here's a pic:
  2. Glad it hasn't recurred - but "a similar effect as taking your hands off the bars" would not CAUSE a wobble. But if there was something going on (as others have mentioned) the act of having a good, stable grip on the bars would act kind of like a steering stabilizer. The above may be true if I had solid risers so I'm guessing the rough road caused a harmonic in the front forks that was compounded by a bouncing effect with the rubber in the isolators...even with a stable grip on the bars, the forks can still move independent of the bars. Out of curiosity this evening, I sat on the bike and moved the bars left and right fairly rapidly and could feel a slight "flex" in relation to the forks. I then backed the riser bolts off a full turn, did it again and could definitely feel the bars flexing a lot. When I researched the risers, I did notice a few people complained about the steering feeling loose, but seeing as my riding is 99% hwy that's probably why I never noticed an issue. My front tire is fine, bike only has 3400 km and all highway plus I would think a tire out of balance at 20 km/hr would have to be seriously out to have any effect at that low speed? I may ditch the vibration damper risers and get some solid ones for peace of mind... For those who aren't familiar with them, here is a link: Anti-Vibration Handlebar Risers: Reduce Hand Tingling, Absorb Shock, & Improve Your Comfort Are you dealing with hand tingling or numbness while...
  3. Sorry for not replying on this...been enjoying what little summer we've had before it's over! Tightening those anti-vibration bar risers must have done the trick as it hasn't happened again...I did try that same rough road a few weeks later but they actually repaved it. I'm guessing with the anti vibration risers not tightened up, the rubber isolators had enough give for the bars to give a similar effect as taking your hands off the bars.
  4. Rear wheel alignment is good, checked to the swingarm bolt and no I don't have a top box. Weather has been crap this week so haven't had a chance to see if tightening those anti vibration risers fixed the issue yet. I can't see the tire being the issue at such a low speed but who knows. Funny enough, I mentioned it to my son and his comment was "just ride it and quit being a perfectionist" ...easy for him to say, he wipes out and he bounces back like a rubber ball, I wipe out and I break every bone in my body.
  5. It was fine all over town yesterday, then on the way home on the last stretch of road it kept doing it over and over, prob half a dozen times. The pavement was a bit rough, but no more so than the other roads. Bike only has 3000km, no play in steering bearing and it moves freely so not too tight. Wheel weight is there plus it was smooth on the hwy. I may hit town tomorrow and see if tightening the riser bolts helped.
  6. Thanks for the replies, and nope, never take my hands off the bars! If you google low speed wobble or tank slapper, there is plenty on the web. I did check both front and rear in case something was misaligned, checked all fasteners and all is good. Front and rear tires are both at 36psi. Other than that wobble, everything was fine, I was a bit nervous coming home when crossing the Railway tracks at hwy speed as it’s a fair bump but the bike had no issues. One thing I recalled this morning was the first mod I added were anti vibration bar risers so I double checked the risers and was able to tighten the anti vibration bolts A full turn...not sure if that will help until I hit the city for a test ride down that same road.
  7. Yep, it did it a coupe of times last month but only when I hit a rough patch of road so I wasn't too concerned but did up the front tire pressure by 3psi. Nothing has changed...seems to be lots of people complaining about it when searching the great google, but no real cause or cure.
  8. My '19 GT had done the odd low speed wobble at approx 20 km/hr a few times last month. I upped the front tire pressure from 33 to 36 psi a few weeks back and today it happened about half a dozen times on one stretch of road while slowly accelerating...it was so bad the bike almost went out of control, I hit the clutch and let the bike slow down and when it is barely moving the wobble goes away. The road was a bit rough, but all Alberta roads are rough so nothing different there. I was a bit concerned once I hit the hwy to get home but it was fine, only seemed to do it at low speeds...checked the tires again this evening, still at 36 front and rear, no play in the steering or wheel bearings and I didn't have the bike loaded. Nothing has changed on the bike either, so this has me puzzled...it has 3000km and the stock tires...and even though my nickname is Fat Jeff, I'm a fit 165lbs. I haven't touched the suspension since I adjusted it a year ago, it's all stock, tires have no sign of abnormal wear, and chain slack is within spec. Any thoughts?
  9. I had a set of Hwy pegs laying around from my Harley days and thought I'd drill through the spot where the clamp goes, get a longer engine bolt, and bolt them on...they're quite comfortable and take away the slight forward lean my Bagster seat has. I did have to grind them a tad so the bolt head sits flush, but otherwise an easy mod. Need to go for a good ride to see if they're comfy and if I like them I may change them out for round ones...probably powder coat them black as well.
  10. I received my Bagster seat and it is definitely more comfortable than stock, but I found it still had the forward lean so I modified it ever so slightly to drop the rear portion about 1/2 an inch...much better now.
  11. I wave all the time...even to elderly people on their Mobility Scooters! Yes, the HD folks rarely wave...too busy practicing their "Harley Frown" I guess...though when I had a big Harley I was a Waver (I wonder if I had the Harley Frown?)
  12. Thanks for this thread...been on the fence whether to get my seat customized or order a new one, had looked at the Bagster site but too many options to make up my mind. Just ordered one from Chromeburner.... Henry Ford had the right idea when he said you can have any color you want as long as it's black!
  13. Would the KTM handguards allow for a wider windshield on the 2019 GT...I see a lot of threads on this but all seem to be for the FJ-09. Thanks, Jeff...
  14. Hi, thinking I'd like something to rest my feet on, any particular years and models of extended frame sliders or are they unique to the 2019 Tracer 900 GT? Note, I don't have crash bars...
  15. No sweat...for $10 you can't go wrong!