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  1. I don’t think you need a better camera, I get an instant feel for your phone pics. It’s all about soul not perfection in my book, just like nature itself. Stew had a nice one by a Scottish lock and I just wanted to be riding there. That’s what it’s all about for me.
  2. The problem I found with the seat sloping is not just the angle of the seat as such. I ripped my seat apart. At the back you have about 1cm foam If that, on top of plastic. (Thanks Yamaha). In the middle you have about 5cm foam. So the middle sinks way more when sat on seat, exaggerating the slope. I took out all the foam, put much stiffer foam in middle and covered whole lot with a 2cm sheet of medium. The washers raising tank and bracket does work though, I tried it ages ago with many other solutions, but my latest has been the best, well, so far. Another temp solution was an air hawk (with very little air in) but it doesn’t look great when your off the bike.
  3. As an ex Harley rider, I agree haha. Two clubs near me, one is the Official HOG owners club. Rode with them once, never again. I needed earplugs to drown out the squeaking leather. The other, unofficial club was great, easy going and fun bikers just enjoying life. The HOG riders now seem to be the majority, and are getting the same reputation as the upper echelon adv riders, a bit distant (Well put, very diplomatic betony, shame on me for saying the B word) I was lucky, most sports bike riders used to wave at me, although they seemed to form a small circle with their fingers ?
  4. I think for foot pegs the rubbers thick enough not to be a problem, and they were so cheap I never considered they did replacement rubber. Just be careful with fork seals though, one occasion where original is best, despite the price difference.
  5. Great minds think alike. Worse was my mates expensive (to us) Honda ss50. Push chairs went faster. Bought a lambretta 200, not because they were so cool, but because it was upside down in my neighbours garden and cheap. Now they are cool, and flippin expensive. Strange world.
  6. Food AND petrol? Well aren’t you posh haha. For a real laugh, look at the price of a restored yam Fsie. Emperors new clothes if you ask me, but show me an RD and then all reasoning goes out the window. So I guess we’re all suckers for nostalgia at some point.
  7. They did a 250 in similar colour, and as things weren’t quite as strict then, and as we had no money, you fitted whatever came along. I had an RD 400 and fitted it with 250 panels, they looked the same to the untrained eye, so I could ride it with a 250 licence. Went through Paris and along Loire valley on a kwaka kh250 triple 2stroke two up with crap camping gear, no breakdown service, a denim jacket and a pocket full of spark plugs. . Now people seem to need a £16,000 BMW with a support vehicle, and someone to wipe their arse whilst staying in Hotels to do the same trip. (This is a dig at my mate 😁 no offence meant )
  8. Thought Americans hated the ‘Reds’ at that time. Ironic to say the least. Yes, you could be right about that, just basing it on what I remember from the day in Uk
  9. Or the red and black 250 or the red white 200....
  10. That’s what I thought when I fitted mine, quite high up under beak, but when your in a car looking at them, yes, they’re effective.
  11. A licence is overrated. They tell people wear you live so they can send you fines haha. I have smaller 10w Chinese leds that I put on a separate switch. Think I paid about £10.00 pair. They look whitish, but blue at a different angle. It seems common with a lot leds. I just have mine pointing forwards, it gives me a bit of presence when going round narrow country lanes, it makes the bike look bigger and more imposing. I don’t use them at night because people will think I ride a BMW. 😱 2PCS Round 10W Motorcycle Motorbike CREE LED Headlight Driving Fog Spot Lights LED Power: 10W. Quantity: 2pcs. LED work lights ensure high durability with...
  12. Could be this without casings ? 2X 15W U9 Motorcycle LED Headlight Angel Eye Halo Right Light Fog Spot Lamp Bulb Pair U9 15W Angel Eyes Lighting Laser Aluminum Yellow Shell. U8 bright...
  13. Agree. There’s a company called yambit’s in uk, a lot of repro stuff for older bikes which is really helpful, but a lot of the ‘rubber’ has the same problem, it’s almost like plastic and has a short lifespan. I never ever buy aftermarket seals for that reason. My pegs have lasted though, maybe it’s the cooler climate ?
  14. As opposed to Yamaha melted down who knows what ? Had my Chinese pegs on just under 3 years and no problem. Honda quality, yes. Yamaha, mmm. Had the Tracer seat bracket break within 3 months. My Honda one has lasted 20 years.