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  1. I recently ordered Givi crash bars for Tracer GT 2019 I am having issue with right lower bolt. As shown in pics it seems too big after full turn in. I took the crash bar off and will try later when I have more time.
  2. Alpinestar SMX-S Waterproof boots
  3. I was using Scorpion EXO-R2000. Found it really good, reasonable cost with features of expensive gear. Had a low side, helmet hold it really well. I was sold on Scorpion and got modular EXO-GT920 for street riding. Using it about a year now so far no major complaint. Good air circulation, soft padding, speakers cutout, sun visor, anti fog visor, glasses cutout. Feel cheap material, modular locking is clumsy (stop working after dust [cold desseet] ride, washed helmet shell that fix the issue)
  4. Wearing prescription glasses for 15 years and riding many more years. Anti fog visors or pin locks are handy but they don’t prevent glasses to get fog. I use Walmart brand product to clean prescription glasses and it prevent fog developing or I would say delay a bit. During cold days ride I keep my visor crack open and it help. Some folks use shaving cream, saliva. Those tricks are handy sometime.
  5. First I thought it was a typo. That’s damn use of the bike
  6. @Cruizin just send annual donation. Please check. Thank you for your efforts and time. 👍🏼
  7. Hi @Tripletrouble welcome to the forum
  8. Hello @cletus Welcome to the forum...good choice, you will like yami triple cylinders
  9. Thx @SMTM50 @Cruizin got it from eBay. Speedo Angels. Link is in video discription. I do not affiliate with them in any ways. My review is based on my experience and liking. Wasn’t paid by anyone 😕 @betoney my experience is totally different. I started with anti glair and since then I’m using same one (over 6 months). No problem noticed as you mentioned.
  10. Hi, I just joined this forum to share and to learn about Tracer. I got mine last year in fall. I have made few videos which I’m going to post in video section in the forum. looking forward to ride with local riders of GTA.