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  1. It might be possible to add some capacity by peening holes in filler neck.I know the people over at the s10 forum do this mod including myself and on that tank adds .3 to .4 tenths of a gallon.That air space is there for a reason and if you fill all the way up you need to ride it now.
  2. I did.Not sure if you have tracer or fj.I have 2016 fj09 and the lights WILL hit fender under full compresion.I rode around with zip tie on front fork and did panic stops with front brake and measured clearance and have some.Would not recommend putting them there to any one else.Less clearance if you slid forks up in clamps.Great quality lights, I run the wide beam lenses on both lights.For me the rocker switch can be hard to use with thick gloves on,also would be nice if switch was lighted,like my piaa light button is.
  3. Not sure were you live,but you can go to the factory in duluth and try them all on.Thats what i did and was fitted on my bike.Also a discount for at store purchase.I ended up with darien jacket and pants.happy with them.
  4. I bought a new leftover fj09 2016 from nielson enterprise in ill. this spring for 7,400 all in no tax.They had 2 in black,one was badly oxidized with white deposits all over bike.Thats the one that was on showroom floor!?Went to there warehouse and uncrated other, that one was clean.Sent ecm to 2wheeldyno for recent black friday sale ,wow what a difference.bike has scorpion can and foam removed.
  5. Just the front.I solo ride the fj09.Selected black simetex matalic for vinyl.Debbie said its close match to stock.I have a s10 with both R.D.L. seats for 2 up riding.
  6. Sent my deposit last week,was quoted mid april build.Im also about 100 miles on the uncomfortmeter.Looks like we live close.im just north of oconomowoc.
  7. Not if you want one from Terry Adcox,he is booked till end of april.
  8. Could be your new chain wore into your slightly worn sprockets
  9. I own both.Alot has to do with rider size.Im 6-6 270 and cant ride 2 up on the 09.We use the s10 for 2 up riding.Much more room on s10.S10 the cct can go out but you will here that before trouble.If your average size guy and ride single ,id stay with the tracer.You would be bored with the s10.For me both bikes have a purpose.
  10. If you want to change, check out mahle filtersThey come in your choice of black.Great filter , heavy case construction.Rock auto is where i get them.Great price.Use them on s10,fj09,fz07.F1 cars have mahle badging on there cars.Not sure if they use them but hey its F1.
  11. Ran wix on my tenere.While trail riding ouray area front of filter got punctured by a stone,even with a skidplate on.Went to montrose yamaha for new filter and tech said they had problems with wix because of thin cases.He stated wix is a great filter but not for our application.Great dealership,changed my filter after hours so i could keep goin.
  12. I have the 58x,great box and it looks good in low position.I can easily fit 2 schuberth c3 size xxxl (65) helmets in it.I ordered it overseas from a company called motion.i had to wait 2-3 weeks to get it but price was unbeatable.
  13. Installed my scorpion.instructions read to remove center stand.I did not have to.I put my bike on a pit bull swingarm stand, remove all mounting hardware then take off end cap from rear of stock muffler.drop rear of exhaust,now take center stand down to about a 45 degree angle.stock exhaust comes out the front.Plenty of room to do it that way.Hope it helps someone.
  14. Anyone here running these lights?i was going to fork mount them as i havnt installed crash bars.Could i tap into accessory plugs up front or best to go to battery? Post a pic. if you have these.Thanks.
  15. I opened my email this morning and a 15% promo code showed up.Probably a one time use code.Thanks for the heads up you saved me 40 bucks.