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  1. altberg hog boots.. had same pair about 16yrs.. re soled once... brilliant.
  2. i also like the idea of how much fuel you have used instead of how much is left in the tank ...but ...someone please tell these so called road testers in these mags that it has this fitted , sick of reading them going on about it not telling you what is left in the tank 👓👓 😂😀
  3. i ordered a set last week & was told there is a two to three week waiting list from givi ...could be sorting the problem out ?
  4. I have a large metal mesh net called a packsafe, I put my water proof bag in it & it padlocks to my bike safe to leave on the bike & I also use it to put my riding gear in when I go walking in towns
  5. its higher due to the extra padding of the tenere seat , but makes a bit difference . with the stock seat [ i found a little better than early model ] i could still feel bumps in the road , that has all gone , changed the bike completely ..so i ask myself "why didnt yamaha come out with a propper thick seat for the gt " ???
  6. filled in the gap between the seat with a piece of carbon fibre.
  7. bought a second hand tracer gt seat off ebay. took all the sponge out and fitted a cover & sponge from an old yamaha 1200 tenere I had. very comfortable.