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  1. Following as well....im in nyc, however i got a '17 fj(however im thinking about going with a gt model). Anyway looking fwd for some reviews as well
  2. Looking to sell a Yamaha Comfort Seat... It wasn't like i thought it would be. I'm giving a Sargent Seat a try. I bought it here for 225.00 shipped... Looking to break even. If interested lmk.
  3. Point taken about the search feature...i only posted bc this forum is pretty slow so imh sometimes questions like this will get the ball rolling. By your logic 95% of the questions here has been asked and anwered but no worries, from now on it will be only search for me anyways Thanks
  4. I got an Fj...im from NYC. Thanks will check the link.
  5. Im looking to replace that hideous thing that comes from factory. Yeah i know some of you ride in the rain(same here) and is very usefull plus street legal blah blah blah....my issue is that from time to time i will use the oem side cases...my question is which fender eliminator will work that the signal lights will not interfere with the saddlebags? ..
  6. Another satisfied customer here. I went to their store 2 weeks ago(saturday) to purchase a givi rear rack and crash bars...(also got a new set of gloves). Once they get the Denali lights that i want in stock i will make the ride again.
  7. Perfect...as long as i get atleast 150 miles Loaded and 2up i will be real happy.
  8. Sorry if this have been asked b4 but i just want you guys to please give me a general idea as of more or less what is the mpg for a full tank of gas.... i bought this bike(2017) mainly to ride 2up with a givi E55 top case. Maybe a few overnighters with also oem hard bags. How many(mileage wise) i should be looking at? Also the bike is bone stock 4 now. Depending on how it rides i will keep it like that..if not Ecu tuning and exhaust will be in the near future.
  9. That is some good info right there... now i feel more confident about getting my heated jacket/ gloves.
  10. What is this valve checking thing you guys are talking about. .(lol)... i guess that pretty much explain as to were i am....😁
  11. Oh noooo, i bought the bags and rack used from a fella that traded it his '15 fj-09. I got a '17, i really hope it will be the same thing. Thanks i will do that once i get home.
  12. I just bought a set of oem side cases with brackets but didn't get no instructions...(bought of a guy that traded his bike)...was looking for videos on youtube but no luck....anyway little help please!!!
  13. All of the above..the 10 is an absolute blast to ride. My wife is on the small size(4'11 & 110lbs) comfort seat and givi blade v46 top case and she was ok. I have the oem "touring" windshield and is useless but i guess better than nothing(atleast i can put my ezpass..smh). Fuel range(as you may heard) is absolute Crap after 100 miles or so (stock form once you do exhaust and reflash and ride it like you stole it) it becomes 90 miles for me you Have to look for a gas station. I was looking for something "sporty" and comfortable (insert fj here). Found a '17 with 2,300 miles at a great price so we jump on it. Only rode it once(gotta love winter.) But it was great. Pass comfort was great, plenty of room for storage and fuel range was Amazing(compared to the 10).
  14. Yeah...pretty sure will take a small can of chain wax and take care of it. Thanks.
  15. Bike have only 2,300 miles now. I am also planning on cleaning it and lube it before we go so yeah 800 miles shouldn't be a big deal anyways....(so much for overthinking it) Thanks.