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  1. One bad thing about these displays (although they look good) is they interfere with my Garmin Zumo 550 GPS reception (old model, yes maybe that's part of it). I will have full bars on signal meter with bike off and as soon as I turn on the GT the bars go down to 3-4 bars. Have heard others say the same.
  2. If you go to one of the sites that sells OEM parts, revzilla.com and ronayers.com are two I use. Find the master cylinder for your bike and copy the part #. Take that part # and do a search on your favorite search engine for that part and you can find what other bikes use it. 2DR-2580A-00-00 Is the part and here are some results. Looks like many bikes use that part. https://gibiru.com/results.html?q=2DR-2580A-00-00&cx=partner-pub-5956360965567042%3A8627692578&cof=FORID%3A11&ie=UTF-8
  3. These are Torx security bits. Easily had in many places, for us it is Harbor Freight or Amazon plus others. https://www.amazon.com/OEMTOOLS-25959-Security-Bit-Piece/dp/B078K5D9H4/ref=sr_1_7?crid=2E6KIWAP9V4FZ&keywords=security+bits&qid=1566114681&s=gateway&sprefix=security+bits%2Caps%2C237&sr=8-7
  4. Had Vcyclenut do mine also and was great to work with. Went over to Ft. Myers and had him do it there.
  5. I had the same issue at first. I adjusted the position of the control pods, bars and levers and that mostly cured it for me.
  6. I find that on flat Florida roads I wear out rears faster than fronts and in Carolina mountains the fronts go faster. The OEM tires on it I got about 5000 miles on them and had plenty of rubber on them, other than a bit flat in the center of the rear. Brought the bike up here and then rode another 2000 and wore out the front, while the rear still could have gone a little more. I then put on Dunlop Roadsmart 3 set. Have ridden around 4000 miles on them and front might go for one more 250 mile ride before I hit the wear bars and the back could easily go 1000 more. Point is it's mostly your riding style, types of roads surfaces, and aggressiveness of riding. By the way these are great tires and I have another set waiting in the basement to go on. They really start out very neutral and light in the steering and don't noticeably change as they wear. P.S. Spellcheck says it's tire not tyre. Besides, American English is the most popular. The Brits may have invented the language, but Americans streamlined it and made it more efficient.
  7. Can't take credit for tip. I read it here on forum some time back. Never knew it was in manual, although I did search for it.
  8. Mine was so inconsistent that I gave up on it and turned it off. It may be partially my riding style, but I've had someone else ride it, he was an ex roadracer with quickshifter experience, and he agreed it wasn't good. In case anyone needs the method for shutting it off it is; Start with bike off, hold shift lever up (fairly firmly) while turning on, hold the lever up for for about 15 seconds. QS in upper left corner will disappear. To reengage it is the same method. Sometimes had to repeat sequence several times to get it to change.
  9. I have one on my Concours and agree they are very comfortable for long hauls. I'm not sure I would like it on the Tracer though being that it is used in a different way. More aggressive riding. Let us know your thoughts when you've had some time on it.
  10. I seriously considered and would like to justify the $600 difference for the Graves, but I just couldn't do it. I'm too cheap! I like the word frugal actually.
  11. You're right! I missed the difference.
  12. The R&G model on my bike is 75mm where the turn signals mount.
  13. If they aren't being helpful then maybe take your business elsewhere. Check this one out. https://www.amazon.com/Fender-Eliminator-Yamaha-Tracer-2015-2016/dp/B072XWTL4H/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=tracer+tail+tidy&qid=1563200485&s=automotive&sr=1-4 As far as I can see it looks the same as R&G version (Chinese knockoff?). Probably doesn't come with any extra parts though.
  14. That is looking directly up from rear tire. Bolts furthest forward are 3.375 inches apart, back bolts are a little closer together (about 2.75 inches, couldn't measure accurately). Front to back bolts is about 1.5 inches. You might be able to go to the manufacturer site and download instructions which should help you decide.
  15. Mine is an R&G. It comes with a lot of extra pieces so you can choose the type of blinkers you want to install. Many extra wiring connectors and adapters included. In my opinion it is worth the extra money for ease of install. Sorry I don't have picture with the bags on, I rarely use them. Blinkers are a tight fit, but I like the look. Very neat. Tail Tidy for Yamaha Tracer 900GT '18- Tail Tidy for Yamaha Tracer 900GT '18-