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  1. I had mine done there. Very helpful and put up with me and my pickiness.
  2. If you go with a slightly taller tire please let the rest of us know your experience. As said it most likely will make it quicker to turn in but it could throw off the ABS/Traction control system because of a larger circumference. I'm not knowledgeable enough to say that it will do that, but it might. Anybody had any experience with that?
  3. I had mine flashed by Vcyclenut. I live in Ft. Laud., FL and he is in Ft. Myers so, I was able to go there and have him do a little tweaking also. He was very accommodating and helpful. I have also had dealings with 2wheeldynoworks. Bought my Yosh full exhaust from them. They were also great to deal with. Just wanted to have the flash done a little more locally in case of the extra tweaking.
  4. The previous posts saying to up tire pressure and/or change front tire are correct in that any small variable can change the nature of the situation in which you are getting the shakes. These are oscillations that build up and can be damped out in a variety of ways. Steering head bearings being one but not only thing.
  5. Had this same problem with 2 different bikes. 95 Vmax and 2001 Gold wing. The simple fix for both of those was to tighten the steering head bearings to just before the point where the tightness of bearings starts to effect the steering, as in making it sluggish or make you not be able to ride with hands off bars and steer with body weight. What is being done when I did this is to have the steering bearing act as a subtle damper. Takes a little experimenting to get it right.
  6. First off, any unwanted movement in the the dust/oil seal could allow it to leak. Secondly, it's annoying to have that "clunk'. Third, I'm no expert on this, but I would think the looseness could induce problems such as head shake and wobble at speed.
  7. I have found the source of knock/movement, at least on mine. Took the front end off today to ship out for Traxxion rebuild. While doing removal I thought I'd do a little more investigating. I had tried tightening head bearings, but that didn't do anything other than, when too tight, make the steering stiff. While front end was lifted off the ground was able to isolate where the problem is. The lower fork legs are moving in the upper aluminum tube. I could feel and see it moving around in the dust seal. The inner bushings have too much play in them allowing movement. Hoping that Traxxion will be able to fix this with thicker bushings.
  8. It can be done with a file if you don't have any type of electrical grinder. Picture is from above left. Look down next to hinge pin. Small corner needed to be ground off. While doing work double check that brakes are working without any pressure being put on them while released. Some have reported that other brands have applied pressure to brakes making them drag.
  9. I put these on mine and only had a very small modification to make to clutch perch. Had to grind a small amount of material off of mount to allow lever to full return to release position. Been on bike for 2 months now and working perfectly. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C5MQKCM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. I have also felt this knock and will check tightness of steering bearings. Don't really think it will cure it though. When front end is off the ground I can grab front wheel and, while pulling forwards and back on it, I feel a slight looseness and movement. Also, planning on getting Traxxion cartridges and having it rebuilt by them. Just a bit annoying is all so far and can't say bike handles badly.
  11. They fit fine. Easy install. You can choose what design you want on it. Mine are just like the photo you posted.
  12. I have come from, and still have, a Kawasaki Concours 1400 to the 900GT. I have also ridden an R1150RT. Both these bikes are smother, more comfortable and have better wind protection. I would say there is a very big difference in the 900GT in that it is not as comfortable and smooth as either of the other bikes, but it is a lot more fun in many ways. It is much taller and you will have the feeling of sitting up high on the bike rather than down in it like BMW. it is lighter and quicker definitely. I think it will boil down to exactly what type of riding you end up enjoying the most. I do like long cruises with some twisty roads on the Concours, but I like tight twisties more and really think that is where the 900GT will shine. If this is going to be your only ride then maybe try to get a long test ride on one some how.
  13. I went out and did the suggested turn off method and worked fine. Repeated it several times off and on to be sure and it did the trick. Took for test ride to confirm it also. Lift up hard on shift lever, turn on ignition and count to 10 or 12 seconds, release lever and QS indicator on display goes off. Thanks for info Tracerracer !
  14. Thank you!! That was what I was looking for. Figured there had to be something since there was an indicator on the display.
  15. I find that the only time it works well is less than full throttle. At full throttle it seems to have too long of a delay (ignition cutout) and feels like you are being slowed down by engine braking. I can do much better and quicker shifts using old method of very briefly letting off throttle and upshifting without clutch. That brings me to a question! I cannot find where to turn it off. Anyone know how to turn off quickshifter? Have read all I can on it and found nothing.